Death Oil: Banishing, Cursing, Cord-Cutting, Curse-Breaking

Death Oil

This is another recipe from Of Blood and Bones by Kate Freuler. It is not used to magically mürder your enemies, so much as for banishing / cursing / endings. It is meant to be used to symbolically kill something. I have not made it.

  • Dead insects
  • Animal bones
  • Graveyard dirt OR Fallow dirt
  • Dead leaves / plants / sticks
  • An object used to kill something

I would add fallen and dried pine needles / yew leaves collected on a dark moon. And maybe deadly nightshade, poison hemlock, or black henbane oil. Or all three.

This could be used as a heavy-duty cord-cutting oil. I’d let it gestate from one dark moon to the next, in the hour of Saturn or the Moon.


What I will use:

  • Dead Spider
  • Dead Fly
  • Dead Butterfly
  • Animal Bone Dust
  • Graveyard Dirt (Salem witch trial judges’ graves)
  • Dead Pine Needles
  • Dead Yew Leaves
  • Poison Hemlock Oil
  • Deadly Nightshade Oil
  • Black Henbane Oil
  • Blackthorn
  • Obsidian

I don’t have an object used to kill something. If I get one later, I’ll add it in.

Edit: apparently my fiance had to kill a baby mouse after dissecting the mom in a bio course and pulling it out of her tummy (:sob::sob::sob:) and still has it preserved in ethanol. I’ll add a few drops of the ethanol.

Edit: I think this would work for curse-breaking as well :thinking:


rough :sob::sob:
I‘m eating right now and it made me feel nauseous.


It’s uncomfortable for sure. He was like, oh you need something for a death oil? Would this help? And whips out a dead mouse baby he told me killed by putting it on ice after cutting it out of its mother. For science. He’s a gentle and loving person.

I appreciate it but yeah, not so nice.


Was able to time this so it started in the hour of the Moon and ended in the hour of Saturn. Beautiful. Looking forward to seeing what she can do.


Try and think of the killing of it as mercy Myth. With its mother dead there’d be no way for it to get mothers mouse milk (baby animals excluding calves and humans don’t do well on cows milk or human baby formulas). It’s sad but hopefully it was quick.

At least with mercy killing It’s a better end then it could have had if he hadn’t mercy killed it.

From what I’ve learned (from animal documentaries, vet shows and reading), it’s nearly impossible to nurse baby mice by hand and they often die from the consequences of people trying to nurse them.

If you ask details I’ll tell what I learned about it (it might be better for your emotions if you don’t learn it) but if you don’t ask let it suffice to say it was mercy and trying to keep it alive it probably would have died anyway and died in a worse manner then your bf used to free it’s spirit.

Edit add: just noticed my reply is a bit late :person_shrugging: but it still that it was probably better off being mercy killed.


I’ve mercy killed animals before and would’ve done it to that poor mouse for this same reason. I still remember them and this was because it was out of mercy.

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Lol, I’m gonna use my own hands cause when I was 7yo I used to kill pigeons (I’m incredibly sorry for that)


Fuck… lol. :sob:

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Some of us have done things like this. It doesn’t define us as people, but may cause other (better) behaviors as adults. I didn’t torture people in Iraq, even though I could have.

I brought a batch of baby mice back to their mother, who killed all of them. I killed some birds and things. But I am nothing like that now. Better then than now.