Chicken Heart Breakup Spell 💔

Chicken Heart Breakup Spell

“The decay of the hearts can in fact represent “rot” in the relationship, the bond between two people going sour and foul thus bringing it to an end. Because the thread is made of cotton, it too should eventually decompose, ending their attachment…Toxic relationships are very hard to end, especially for the people trapped inside them. These types of relationships are much like an addiction, and just as powerful. You may have to perform this spell more than once if that is the case.”

~ Kate Freuler

:point_right: Most of this text is pulled straight from Freuler’s book (ref at end). If you like it, consider purchasing her book.


  • 2 Chicken Hearts (substitution: 2 Artichoke Hearts)
  • Black Plate
  • Red Cotton Thread
  • Death Oil

Step One: Charge

Put the two hearts side by side on a black plate on your altar during the dark moon. Choose which heart represents each person. One at a time, charge each heart with the energy of the person it represents. Hold it in your hand, and imagine their face, affectation, and voice clearly in your mind.
Send that image into the heart; imagine it beating in sync with the individual’s heart.

Repeat this with the other heart, charging it with the essence of the other person.

Step Two: Link

Next, wind the red thread all around both hearts, binding them together tightly. As you wind the thread, think about their relationship and their bond: how they interact together, their arguments and problems, and what it is that keeps them so unhealthily attached.

Step Three: Unwind

Place the bound hearts back on the plate and put 3 drops of death oil onto them. Imagine the death oil snuffing the life out of the bond. Spend some time thinking about the hearts, imagining the couple as broken up. Do not concern yourself with how this will come about; think instead of the outcome.

Step Four: Incant

These are the hearts of (name) and (name).
As these hearts rot, so shall their bond decay,
Setting them both free.
As I will it, so mote it be.

Step Five: Disposal

Bury the charm in the ground.

Ref: Of Blood and Bones: Working with Shadow Magick of the Dark Moon (Kate Freuler)