Blood & Corn Curse 🩸🌽

Blood & Corn Curse

“For this working, we will focus on the negative beliefs around menstrual blood, the same beliefs that made people in times past so utterly terrified of it. We can bring the spirit of that into hexing or cursing someone in a terrible way. Menstrual blood is, after all, dead cells that your body is expelling, and it does contain death energy. This spell draws on the belief that menstrual blood could kill entire crops of grain. You’re going to destroy a whole crop of bad behavior.”

~ Kate Freuler

:point_right: Most of this text is pulled straight from Freuler’s book (ref at end). If you like it, consider purchasing her book.


  • Knife
  • Ear of Corn
  • Menstrual Blood
  • Fire Starter
  • Black Candle

Step One: Ritual Space

Gather your items at your altar. Cast a circle and invoke deity if you wish.

Step Two: Fetish

Using the knife, remove kernels of the corn from the cob in the shape of the person’s initials. The more anger and wrath you feel, the better, as you violently cut their initials out of the vegetable. If you feel like calling them mean names and curse words while you work, by all means do so.

Step Three: Charge

Hold the corn cob in your hands and think about exactly what they’ve done that makes you angry and vengeful. Imagine them doing the very thing that irks you most, calling up the feeling in your heart. Send the hateful feeling from your heart, down your arms, through your hands, and into the corn. The corn now holds the energy of their wrongdoing.

Step Four: Blood

Now hold the container of blood in your hands and see it the way so many people in the past did: as diseased, dead cells carrying death, as a substance that can decimate entire fields of crops. See this substance as death, terror, and plague—a curse unto itself, for that is what it’s often called.

Cover the corn with blood as much as possible, especially in the initials. Get it in between the kernels, destroying every single one, and see now the person becoming sickened to their very soul. Draw upon the repulsive reputation of the blood and imbue the person with that feeling. Pour illness, death and repugnance all over them and all they touch.

Step Five: Seal

Now light your black candle and drip wax onto the corn cob, sealing it completely, encasing the noxious curse. As the wax hardens, the curse takes physical form.

Step Six: Disposal

Bury, compost, or dispose of all the materials except the knife, which you can thoroughly wash and reuse. The terror and repulsion you’ve released on your enemy will manifest in the person’s life, not necessarily as a physical illness but in some other way that stops their behavior.

Ref: Of Blood and Bones: Working with Shadow Magick of the Dark Moon (Kate Freuler)


Wow! That was an intense read and the whole time I was considering who might be a good “test subject.” This is the perfect reason to buy some veggies.

@Mythopoeia you really post some awesome things, I hope some day I’m half as well read and versed as you are in these types of things. Thanks for the ritual!! I’m definitely going to check the author out. Your directions are always so easy to follow, I should take notes mine always come out horribly confusing.


@Laurel_Spider you made me blush! :smiling_face:

Thank you for the kind words! I feel the same way about your energy work skills. You are an adept, it is inspiring :sparkles:

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