Blood & Vinegar Revenge Spell 🩸🫙

Blood & Vinegar Revenge Spell

“This spell is to get revenge on someone who has wronged you. In many ways, revenge spells are like reversal spells. You will gather up all the malevolence behind their actions toward you and send it right back at them with extra force. This will hopefully cause something worse to befall them than what they’ve done to you.”

~ Kate Freuler

:point_right: Most of this text is pulled straight from Freuler’s book (ref at end). If you like it, consider purchasing her book.


  • 3 thorns cut from a plant
  • Small dish
  • Sterile lancet
  • Jar with a tight lid
  • 1 cup vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon ashes from a fire, incense, or another source

Step One: Ritual Space

Gather your items at your altar. Cast a circle and invoke deity if you wish.

Step Two: Ritual Blood-Letting

Place the thorns in the dish. Think about how the person has wronged you, and allow your anger or other negative feelings to build. Envision the person experiencing the same pain they have inflicted on you, whatever that may be.


When these feelings are at their peak, use the lancet to prick your finger and put several drops of your blood onto the thorns. This release of blood is carrying all the pain and torment they’ve caused out of your own heart, through your blood and into the thorns.

Step Three: Jar Spell

Put the thorns in the jar. Fill the jar with vinegar and then add the ashes. Tightly cap the lid, and then shake it and watch the chaos you’ve created inside the jar: sharp thorns swirling around in burning vinegar, with ashes making a cloudy veil throughout to obscure their vision and protect you from their radar.


Step Four: Disposal

If possible, you should dump the mixture onto their property, outside their home, or outside their place of work. If this isn’t possible, you can dump it into a sewer grate or river that flows in the direction of where they reside.

As you walk away, take note of the lightness your heart feels now that you’ve removed the anger and vengeance and sent it back to where it belongs. Wash and recycle the jar.

Ref: Of Blood and Bones: Working with Shadow Magick of the Dark Moon (Kate Freuler)


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