Menstrual Blood Magick *do not read if blood bothers you*

There are many ways you can incorporate menstrual blood into your magick. It can be used for healing, love spells, and bindings.


There is an understanding between females in the southern states of the US that if you are with a man and you want to keep him bound to you add a little menstrual blood to his food. No it will not harm him. Its always been said to do this once a month. Interestingly, this bit of magickal advice came from women not even know for practicing magick yet this has been passed down for generations in the south. I do know women who have and their men have stayed faithful to them for years.

I have not ever physical feed someone my menstrual blood. But I have added it to love spells. You can anoint your candles with it.
It would work much the same as using your regular blood.


I took a small glass jar with a good lid. I added my menstrual blood, love rice, honey, and sugar to the jar, I wrote my targets name on a piece of paper, along with mine, and our birthdates, I added a small rose quartz stone as well. I then lit two pink candles anointed with rose quartz oil. Make sure to charge your candles with your intent and it would be beneficial to carve your names onto the candles.

Do this working during a growing or full moon. In the hour of Venus if possible.

Meditate on you candles and your desire. Allow the magick to take over the moment. Breathe easy and steady.

Before your candles burn completely down, place the lid tightly onto the jar and then use wax from your candles to seal the jar.

Allow your candles to finish burning. And you have finished a lovely love spell.


If you want to use menstrual blood for healing. The method I used was to add menstrual blood to my chalice, then I wrote the name and birthdate of the one I intended to heal on a small piece of paper and placed it into the chalice with the blood. Making sure that it was fully saturated.

You will need a small cloth or something to cover your chalice. Light a candle with a color associated with healing, or white or black. Focus your intent on healing the individual. And allow the candle to completely burn. Allow your chalice to sit on your altar over night but the next morning take it out and empty it under a tree or bush you feel drawn too. Don’t let it sit too long it will begin to sour.

Be sure to clean your chalice very well. I actually have two chalices one for things like this that dont physically drink from and another for other liquids and drinking.

The person I worked this healing on went from looking sickly and on drugs to appearing very healthy, attending the gym and getting off drugs.

So these are three ways you can utilize menstrual blood in your practice, binding, love, and healing.


You can also use menstrual blood to do other things.

I once added blood to my chalice the one that I refer to as the holy Grail since I seem to have boosted healing potential with this chalice, I added my menstrual blood and I had a ball python who has just shed. I added the shed snake skin to the chalice with the blood and found myself soul traveling to Draco. Where I had some very interesting encounters. I walked through the Qlyppoth without trying. It happened very naturally and easily. I found that this was familiar to me and knew where I was going and what I was experiencing.

The snake skin in the menstrual blood allowed a serpent being to take me there to Draco and fully experience a place there with many wonderful adventures.


This never even occured to me. Thank you!


Yeah me neither… sounds good. I wonder how that „works“ though. Maybe there is more power to it than we aknowledge it for.

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Well, it is blood the body specially adds extra nourishment to in preparation in case of pregnancy so it is special blood.The body doing that putting the extra nutrient levels into it a why some women get anemic at the time of their period unless they take in supplements.

If it’s specially made to grow a baby it shouldn’t surprise it’d be good for healing magick to (which are sort of similar to growing a baby in that the intent is to repair/grow/fix something right.

Also not surprising all that extra oomph the body puts in it makes it powerful in magick use generallya


I know what period blood is, haha…. but as a person with re-occurring illness it never came to my mind to use it for healing, you know.
I‘ve used it in different rituals for different reasons with varying success. Some of my patrons really like it too as an offering.


This makes sense. Not very woman is deeply connected to this though and we carry many traumas and injuries in our wombs (on a different note - that we also „feed“). There is also death energy. I will look further into this.

Big thanks to Arianna for bringing this topic up.:black_heart:


I used to consume it with my tongue, from the source. Loved it when I could get it. As a vegetarian it really gave me a physical boost for some days, as the boost dies off. Love the iron flavour, smell, the look and feel. But, it wasn’t all that plentiful because of fucked up women who somehow feel it’s dirty and no one should consume it.
Ditto their piss and shit. I’m the one consuming it so why care?

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