Black Toad: Mortifying Herbs for Baneful Botanicals

Black Toad: Mortifying Herbs for Magical Powders

When making your own baneful magical powders, you can cut up and dry the brown stalks, or “dead bones”, to further embody the baneful aspects of the herbs you are using.

You can take this a step further by mortifying them. Wet the dead bones and seal them; be creative!

I would soak them over a dark moon cycle, or at least for a few days during a waning moon cycle. Then unseal and dry them.

The herbs can additionaly be blackened by heating them over a fire or in the oven at 450F. I have used my air fryer in the past, to make Rue Hexing Powder.

I have not used this for baneful magical oils, but I think it could be done :thinking:

Have fun!

Ref: The Witching Herbs by Harold Roth


This incantation could be recited prior to (or after) mortification:

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