Witch’s jar

Does anyone have a good recipe for a witch’s jar. I’ve been looking around but I’ve yet to find a recipe I like. I’d like something nasty and potent. Thanks guys!


I recently used a dead mouse, broken glass, vodka, D.U.M.E. oil, poison hemlock oil, and belladonna oil. I might have thrown in henbane oil; not sure.

This was for drowning them in their addictions, insighting paranoia, and getting them to ruin their own lives.

Edit: I wrote their names on pieces of paper, used visualisation/spoken word as I cut them into slips and anointed them in oil, then put them in the jar.

I kept it for about a week, shaking it every day with a healthy measure of “fuck you”, before throwing them in trash far away from my home.


I remember now. Not henbane; datura.


This sounds awesome definitely pinning this recipe! Right now I’m looking for a good protection recipe. My old jar was my first one I’ve made and it’s not as potent as I need it to be.


Are you looking for general protection, protection from spirits, or protection from a specific human / spirit?


I’m looking for protection on all fronts. Spiritual, physical and general, if that’s even possible :sweat_smile:.


If you are looking for baneful protection specifically, maybe try layering instead of making a mega nasty witch bottle.

  1. Make a witch bottle
  2. Make a mirror box or pendant
  3. Seal your mirrors, doors, and windows
  4. Use oils like fiery wall of protection and return to sender
  5. Use powders like witches salt and hoodoo powder
  6. Create a servitor to protect your home
  7. Work on an energy shield the reflects attacks
  8. Set up an altar to a guardian deity / spirit. Consider enlivening a statue of them and working a protection candle.
  9. Employ household protection talismans like iron horseshoes and the Wheel of Hekate
  10. Enchant a door mat / door wreath to repel unwanted company and protect your space
  11. Wash your floor with protective floor wash
  12. Set up spirit traps
  13. Ward your space and your person
  14. Bring in protective plant allies, like rosemary and aloe
  15. Create an astral blade and anchor it in a real blade
  16. Create an energetic body double
  17. Enchant jewelry with strong protection and use it ONLY when you feel you really need it.
  18. Enchant milder daily protection jewelry.
  19. Connect with your ancestors, set up an altar to them, and ask them to guard your space and fuck with your attackers - especially if there are any soldiers / police / magicians you can call on. Not all ancestors are blood ancestors; there are many kinds of lineages.
  20. Fumigate regularly. Banish occasionally. Cord cut as needed.
  21. Take habitual spiritual cleansing baths
  22. Cleanse your subtle bodies daily with breathwork