How to Create a Protective Charm Bag

How to Create a Protective Charm Bag

This is my personal method and is modifiable. I like to do this in ritual, but you do not need to. It is worth bringing in entities you trust and having them add their power; I like making protective items with Hekate and the Gorgons.

However you modify it, make sure that you are appealing to a higher power, raising a lot of energy, and channeling it all into your physical base with clear intent.


  • Drawstring Pouch
  • Apotropaic Charms
  • Protection Oil
  • Protective Herbs (Dried!)
  • Bay Leaves
  • Pen / Marker
  • Fire-Safe Burner
  • Charcoal Pellet
  • Lighter

I chose a bronze-colored bag because it fit within the context of my ritual. Pick a color that fits your approach; if you intend on using Fiery Wall of Protection Oil and Martial energies, use red. If you want to use Saturn, choose dark brown or black. Etc.

Step One: Cleanse

Cleanse all items! Bag, herbs, charms, oil, etc. I use energetic visualization, spoken word and hand gestures to cleanse. Use what works for you.

Step Two: Consecrate

Consecrate your bag by smoking it out with burning bay leaf or protective incense and rubbing it with a (charged) magickal protection oil. Use spoken word. You could write out your intention, delete the vowels and repetitive consonants, and make up barbarous words to recite.


  • The owner of this bag is protected.
  • Teha weni rifa sabego peda

Step Three: Create

Add DRIED protective herbs and tell them what to do as you add them. I like using rose, lavender, chamomile, rosemary, bay leaf, rue, mugwort, and wormwood. If you came up with a babarous word, write it on a bayleaf and include it. Write something on a bay leaf if not; “protection”, “shield”, a sigil, a planetary glyph, etc.

Add other charms, such as evil eye beads, gorgon heads, images of saints / angels, animal claws / teeth / quills, poems, psalms, pictures of ancestors who were soldiers, etc. Even better is to rub them with protection oil and enchant them individually. I created a small Wheel of Hekate using silver paint markers on black foam paper (cut into a circle).

If it is meant to protect an individual, as opposed to a space, be sure to include a physical link. Hair, nail clippings, a small item of theirs, a witch’s ladder of command, a photo, their sigil, etc.

Tie the bag, employing knot magick if you like. Say a word / sentence / prayer (etc) as you tie each knot.

Step Four: Charge

Once its all put together, you need to charge it. Pour energy into it (and have any entities you called up do the same). Chant, pray, recite mantras or enns or your barbarous words, visualize; whatever your method is. “Enflame thyself with prayer” and direct it into the bag. Take your time with this step!

Step Five: Consecrate (Again)

Give the final product a more formal consecration. I like to use Jason Miller’s incantation:

By Boreas, Zephyrus, Eurus, and Notos
By Phlegethon, Cocytus, Styx, and Acheron
By all the Princes and Powers of the Four Directions
I bind and consecrate this ___
That it may forever be a shield and protection
Against all manner of malevolent powers
Hateful spirits and baneful spells
By my Will and Word
So Mote it Be!

You could baptize it if you like.

Step Six: Set

Place it and say a little spell. In your car, on an altar, wherever.

If you have your own method, any further inspiration, or constructive critiques, please share below! :slight_smile:


Im going to start putting this post and others by you into practice. You write highly valuable info for beginners.

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For those those who don’t know or are unsure of the meaning copied off google



  1. supposedly having the power to avert evil influences or bad luck.

Think wolfbane, garlic, silver, crucifixes etc.

Add: figured I’d save someone the hassle of having to look it up by posting the definition here after all why not :person_shrugging: