Love Healing Candle Spell πŸ•―πŸ’•

Love Healing Candle Spell

My partner and I performed this spell today (waxing crescent moon in Libra) after a series of heated misunderstandings and arguments. It is my own spell.

First, clean your space! This is important. And clean it together. Bust out the vacuum and wipes. Take out the dishes and the trash. Put away the clothes. I dumped some energy cleansing room spray into my diffuser.

Next, you will need two candles. Ideally, one black and one white.

The Black Candle

Drop banishing oil into both of your hands and charge the candle together. Fill it with the negative patterns, cycles of misunderstanding, and painful memories. Let it leave your bodies and enter the candle. Tell them that you are banishing them, together.

Each of you take turns carving whatever it is that needs to be banished. Carved downwards. Light the candle together.

The White Candle

Drop a healing or a love oil into your hands and charge the candle together. We used Love Healing & Uncrossing Oil. Fill the candle with memories of times you resolved conflicts before they got out of hand, and of how you want your relationship to be.

Take turns carving the candle upwards, inviting love and healing into your relationship. Light the candle together.


Cleanse ida and pingala with visualization and breathwork. Hug and cuddle and make love. Take a cleansing bath or shower together.

I followed this with a more full-on angelic banishing, protection, and attachment removal rituals from Ben Woodcroft’s Angelic Protection Magick. I smoked the room out with benzoin for good measure.

It’s working really well :blush::two_hearts:


Yay!! :confetti_ball:


Update: still holding up. Obviously it helps if you have the kind of partner that is willing to do this with you, but I think the spell holds its own.