Arcane Herbalism Masterlist

Magickal Herbalism Masterlist

A list (in progress) of magickal botanical recipes.

Herbal Properties & Correspondences

@Czar’s Herb Data Sheet
Herbal Correspondences for the Classical Planets
Herbal Correspondences for the Zodiac Signs
Chinese Herbology Correspondances
Herbs & Resins for Divination and Psychic Awareness
Herbs & Resins for Money, Wealth, and Success
Herbs & Resins for Purification, Uncrossing, and Exorcism

Incense, Powder & Salt Recipes

The Great Incense Cheat Sheet
Hexing, Crossing & Cursing Recipes
Binding, Controlling & Compelling Recipes
Uncrossing, Twisting & Protection Recipes
Wealth, Luck & Prosperity Recipes

Magickal Oil Recipes

Baneful Oil Recipes
Home Oil Recipes
Love, Sex & Attraction Oil Recipes
Moon Phase Oil Recipes
Oils of Art (Planetary)
Vampyric Oil Recipes

Ars Goetia Blends


Tea Blends

Astral Projection Tea
Beauty Sleep Tea
Cramp (Warm Qi) Tea
Love / Lust Drawing Tea
Lucid Dreaming Tea
Menstrual Pain Tea
Show Me the Money Tea
Sleep Tea
Study Tea

Tinctures & Elixers

Evil Eye Tincture

Vinegars & Waters

Four Thieves Vinegar
Mythopoeia’s Four Thieves Vinegar
Rose Water
Yin Yang Water

Room Sprays

Banishing & Cleansing Spray
Energy Cleansing Room Spray

Lotions, Balms & Salves

Lavender & Mandrake Body Butter


Lovey Dovey Dragon Drink
Opiate Addiction Milkshake


“This kitchen magic is not to be despised on account of its seeming simplicity. In each case the ingredients are strongly associated with the mythic themes of the study; they range from magnets and iron to various herbs, olive oil and so on. This magical involvement with substances and senses reifies the mythic language; time is transcended, through experiential praxis the magician is united with the ancestors and gods of the tradition.”

~Jake Stratton-Kent (Geosophia)

“I have from time to time been able to advise people on spells that have failed, or to witness ritual work that doesn’t manifest successfully. This is almost always due to a failing of understanding the role of one of these three layers. For instance, I have seen several Pagan and ceremonial rituals raise quite a lot of Level 2 energy aimed for a specific purpose, which is just sort of released at the end of the rite hoping it will hit its target. If these folks instead channeled it into a material object such as a talisman or powder that could be given to or planted near the target, it would give the energy a path to run along. Similarly, I have seen people take meticulous care with the mixing of a proper oil or mojo bag, but not make any real effort to pray fervently or channel any energy into it, and so end up with spiritually “dead” materials.”

~ Jason Miller (Sorcerer’s Secrets)


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How much incense do you need? Seriously, I very rarely use it; perhaps because being steeped in ceremonial, ritualistic teachings I rejected both the baby and the bathwater when I discovered workable Magick. I’m also deeply ashamed of the fact that I’m also a lazy cheapskate addicted to shortcuts.

‘The reason why my Magick didn’t work was because I had to get up at 3:30am to give myself time for a coffee and smoke, plus a toilet break, then a quick freshen up before I evoked at 4:00am, but I used the incorrect incense and halfway through I realised that my candles were the wrong colour.

‘Relying, as I do, upon my Wand and Dagger, I’d forgotten my Chalice – in the cold darkness. And I couldn’t break my protective circle because only a cat can with impunity. Moreover, Arthur Edward Waite almost stated once…’

I also continue to stress scavenging and experimenting with your own, local, natural incense – like tree bark, leaves, flowers, herbs, etc., because that’s how it was originally done, and you learn a lot in the process. For example, get yourself a cheap, handheld spaghetti press (I got mine online, a really cheap, nasty but functional Chinese one), seal the end with a little aluminium, then learn how to press your own incense into hard coins so pieces can be broken off when needed.

Hope that helps.