Evil Eye Tincture: Melancholia

Evil Eye Tincture: Melancholia

Inspired by Éva Pócs’s The Evil Eye in Hungary: Belief, Ritual, Incantation and the four humours, I decided to create a Saturnian tincture from astringent herbs. This is my own recipe. It is meant to have drying and parasitic properties (thus a tincture instead of an oil).

I opted to put this together in ritual with Hekate and the Fates (focus on Atropos) on a Saturday during the hour of Saturn on the Full Moon in Pisces. I will finish the extraction on the Dark Moon, to symbolise waning energy and health.


  • Rose Petals
  • Black Tea
  • Sage
  • Mullein
  • Lady’s Mantle
  • Myrhh
  • Dragonsblood
  • Vodka

I did not have Yarrow, Blackberry Leaves, Witch Hazel, Ground Ivy, Mistletoe, Plantain, Cobwebs, or Spanish Moss on hand. I would have included them if I did. I will probably add them, in ritual, at a later date.

The tincture is currently sitting in my “underworld” in a jar covered in sigils, next to my incubating Atropos Oil. I will recite The Sick Rose by William Blake over it during the hour of Saturn (nearly) every night until then.

Shout out to @Czar for advice, information, and input :slight_smile:

Edit: intuitively, I have decided to combine the tincture with belladonna flying oil for vampiric works. I will experiment with this on the Dark Moon.


Love this! I can’t wait to hear about how it turns out with the full and dark moon and would love to make some too.
Always happy to help❣️


Consecrated, blessed, and empowered in ritual with Hekate and the Fates, with a special invocation to Atropos, on a Dark Moon in Libra. There is a sigil painted on the back of the bottle.

Hail Hekate! :old_key::snake::amphora::fire::dagger:

Hail Atropos! :scissors:
Hail Lachesis! :crystal_ball:
Hail Clotho! :seedling: