The Hand of Glory 🕯️✋

The Hand of Glory

“The hand of glory is a very old spell that originally was said to work the following way. The left hand was cut from a hanged man’s corpse during the night, then dried and cured. The cured hand was slathered with the rendered fat of the hanged man to make it flammable like a candle. The hand was placed fingers up in a holder. It was believed that when this charm was placed next to the intended victim and each of the five fingertips lit like candles, it would render the targeted person completely immobile and motionless. The following spell is meant to render someone’s power immobile. This will not be a physical immobility, but rather the spell will stop their actions and power over you or others.”

~ Kate Freuler

I have slightly modified this spell from Of Blood and Bones. I might try it out tonight, for the blood moon. The original spell is meant to be cast on a dark moon.


  • Black taper candle
  • Animal paw bones that you don’t mind burning (one or several)
    *substitution: a stick that has a shape similar to a hand or a cardboard cutout of a hand
  • Banishing Oil, or Death Oil
  • Photo or sigil of the targeted person(s)
  • Lighter or matches
  • Charcoal disk
  • Fireproof dish

Step One: Ritual Space

Set up a ritual spaced in accordance with your own practice. Make sure you have all materials with you. You could prepare for the work with a spell such as the Hekatean Phylactery. I will probably call Hekate and the Fates; call whoever you like, or don’t call upon anything at all.

Step Two: Candle Magick

Cleanse your candle; you can use visualization, spoken word, mantra, mudra, etc. Anoint and consecrate it with your oil (I will use Atropos Oil, and surround it with witch’s salt). Charge your candle, and if you have called upon an entity, ask them to charge it as well. Light your candle once you have cleansed, consecrated, and charged it.

Step Three: Faunal Remains

Hold the bones (or whatever you are using) in your hand and breathe on them gently to bring them to life energetically. Imagine you are holding the hand of a hanged man. Massage your oil into each of the bones. This replicates the act of putting tallow or rendered fat on the hand. It also carries the essence of death itself, imbuing the bones with the absence of life and movement.

Step Four: Target

Place the photo of the person next to your fireproof vessel and light your charcoal disk. Put the disk in the fireproof dish. One by one, place the bones on the charcoal disk and watch them burn. Imagine the smoke is rising from them carrying the power of death and stillness, drifting through the air to find the intended person, stopping them cold in their actions. Do this with each bone. Imagine the person becoming powerless as the smoke surrounds them.

If you’re using a bone that is too large to fit on the charcoal disk, you can light it on fire with the lighter and let it burn in the dish. You may have to relight it several times during the process depending on how dry it is.

Step Five: Close

When the bones are done burning, let the candle burn all the way out and extinguish the charcoal disk. Close the circle. You can keep the ashes of this spell to add to protective witch’s salt or for use in future curses. Keep in mind that bones smell bad when they burn, so you may want to do this spell outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.

Artist: Alice Durose

Ref: Of Blood and Bones: Working with Shadow Magick of the Dark Moon (Kate Freuler)


I ended up trying it out in ritual with Hekate and the Fates. I used a paper hand with a sigil drawn on, tearing off the paper fingers and burning them on a charcoal tablet in a little cauldron (outside).

Hail Hekate! Hail Clotho! Hail Lachesis! Hail Atropos!


I enjoyed this one. If I come across an animal paw, I just may experiment with it!


That’s the thing though- I don’t want to burn bones that cool! I have a claw from a two-headed bat and I am NOT setting that shit on fire.


Fingers are relative, in my opinion. I wouldn’t hesitate to use something from a roadkill deer or similar. Might be hard if I come across a snake or similar, though :rofl:


If you come across a snake save its vertebrae for me please :sob:


I know! One of those foxes made off with the one from last year… If I find one, I’ll say it’s Lego pieces.


It occured to me that I have a silicone palmistry mold; I’m going to try and repurpose the wax from the hand of glory spell I did last night (and from other baneful candle spells) to make a candle shaped like a hand.

If it works, I should be able to carve a name / sigil into it, put pins into the certain mounds and lines, and do a simplified version of the spell above.


Awesome :sunglasses:


The problem here, is that the hand of glory is not supposed to represent the target. But, the PGM is full of “my enemy did this to you (not me!), go get them!”. For general immobility, the mounds of Saturn and passive Mars should be afflicted; but I wouldn’t want to immobilize the hand itself, if it is doing the work! I’m not sure yet how to approach it.

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