Baneful Tarot & Candle Spell

Simple Baneful Tarot & Candle Spell

This spell is best preformed on a Saturday. Tuesday is second best. Ideally preformed on a dark or waxing moon, in the hour of Saturn. Hour of Mars is also fine. Bonus points if the moon is in Scorpio, Capricorn, or Aries.

Select a candle, preferable black but use what you have and your own creativity. I used white.

Prepare the candle by dropping magical oil on your hands, rubbing them together, holding the candle in your hands, and charging it with intention / energy / words / visualisation. If possible, anoint it with a baneful oil such as “Dark Arts” or “Bat’s Blood”. I used “Commanding Oil”.

Carve any sigils / hypersigils / bind runes / etc. that you wish into the candle or words. Be sure to include the target’s name and what you want to happen to them. Since this is a baneful spell, carve downwards.

Surround the candle with the following tarot cards:

  • The Tower
  • Eight of Swords
  • Nine of Swords
  • Ten of Swords

Light the wick and visualize your intention flowing into the candle and your will working itself. Recite the following words of intention:

The Tower to shake and break you
8 of Swords to bind and paralyze you
9 of Swords to haunt and terrorize you
10 of Swords to end you

Continue to pour intent and energy into the candle as it burns. If you are really angry, you can “seethe” into the candle. Consecrate the flame as a gateway to your target and vent your rage into it. Use this to dominate them.

You can also use the flame to light a petition. I chose to bring in Glasya-Labolas and Flauros, but its not necessary.



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