Baneful Magick - Sexual Dysfunction Spell

So I wanted to post a spell I not necessarily made up myself, but tweaked to make it my own. It worked well for me. It’s an erectile dysfunction spell, but it may also cause issues with urination, as that happened to my target. He claimed he had issues getting it up, he couldn’t pee and when he did, it felt like he was “pissing glass”.

So mission accomplished.

It took about 3 weeks or so for the effects to kick in, but your results may vary.


  1. Cucumber or eggplant.
  2. Red pepper flakes or powder - to make them burn
  3. Small sheet of aluminum foil
  4. Coffee - to speed up the work
  5. Black pepper, poppy seeds - baneful work & for confusion respectively
  6. Dark arts oil
  7. Graveyard dirt (if you can’t get it, it’s ok)
  8. Nails
  9. Ziplock bag (big enough to hold the cucumber/eggplant)
  10. Vinegar (enough to fill the bag)
  11. Black candles (even better if one is a penis candle or male figure candle)
  12. Black fabric from the target’s clothing or I use black electrical tape.
  13. Large jar

I use a cucumber so I’ll use that as the example but if you’re using an eggplant, the same applies.

Cut open the cucumber, but make sure not to cut it in half. Scoop out the inside so it’s hollow. Set it aside.

Dress the clack candle with dark arts oil or dark oil of your choice. I’m a bit sadistic, so I take it a step further and stick nails in the head if it’s a figure candle, to confuse the target, and in the groin, to feel pain. Set it aside. I light one of the black candles and begin.

Write the target’s name and date of birth on the aluminum foil (if you have it, or you can include a picture of him. Take the coffee grounds, cover the name/pic and take the foil, making sure the coffee grounds fully cover everything, and fold it AWAY from you. While folding, say whatever incantation you feel is necessary. I always chant “so and so can’t get an erection” something simple.

Take the folded aluminum foil and set it aside. Take the hollowed out cucumber along with two nails and stick them in each end, imagining this is the target’s penis and the nails going in represent pain in the tip and the anus. (Sadistic :smiling_imp:) imagine the pain the target feels when you put the nails in the cucumber.

Take the pepper flakes or powder, dark arts oil, black pepper, poppy seeds and graveyard dirt and put them inside the cucumber. As you do it, say out loud what you want to happen, for example, as you put the chili powder or flakes in, say “Target feels intense pain in his groin, it feels like his loins are on fire every time he pees” As you put the poppy seeds in, “You’re confused, you don’t know why you can’t get an erection.”

Etc., make it your own. Use your own words.

As you put all the ingredients in, dig deep and see it happening to the target, feel it happening to them, dump all of your anger and hatred into this spell.

Take the aluminum foil and place it in the cucumber. Take some nails (if they’re long enough) and close the opening of the cucumber. Take the black fabric or electrical tape and wrap it around the cucumber to keep it closed. Wrap it AWAY from you. This traps their sexual energy. Tie it and put it in the ziplock bag. Fill the bag with vinegar and close it.

I usually put the whole concoction in a large mason jar , put the rest of the vinegar in, and have the candle burn on top.

Light the male figure or penis candle. At this point, you can call on a spirit or work without one. While the candle burns, contemplate again how this spell will affect your target, see it happening, will it to happen. Sometimes I work with a spirit, call them, tell them what I want to happen, and set the jar on their sigil. I worked with Andras and offered him some red pepper flakes. He did a wonderful job on the target.

After the candle burns out, I put the jar in a dark place, like in a garage, where it will get no light and forget about it. You can also bury it or throw it away. However you choose to dispose of it.

It seems like a lot to do, but once you’re into it, it isn’t a whole lot. I’ve been told by the target they’ve been having issues getting erections, they have issues peeing, and feel pain in their groin.

Remember to cleanse and banish when done, and I mean cleanse and banish…this is some dark, dirty, conniving, get back, and you don’t want that mess lingering.


I failed to include this can be done for a woman as well. I substituted the cucumber for a hollowed out rotten apple for a woman target. Same steps as above but tweak for a woman (female candle or vagina candle) some people say a lemon can be used as well. Just go with your intuition and what feels right for you. The male told me sex with the female after the spell was done (he was unaware) “was disgusting” she could never get into it and he hated it.


Nice job! :grin:


Things like THIS are why I don’t want to piss you off, Navy Bean Horse Queen, Ma’am.

Thanks for sharing.


Welp… guys, remember that I use this idiom of “punch him/them/me in the dick”? Well, yeah, don’t punch me in the dick!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


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Thank you for sharing this!!


Does this need to be rotten?


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Traditionally no, naturally I am not sure here.

I’ve usually seen this type of work with cucumbers and the male member being used in cases of infidelity, so that could be partially why- I don’t know if ever seen anyone but all you bad assed mages use sexual dysfunction as punishment for anything else lol…

Anyways I’ve seen renditions of this in several different folk magic paths, and usually they begin with a fresh one, and advise you pick one that reminds you in shape and size of the targets.

Regardless of how you use it, be it freezing it or burying it or otherwise, the cucumber naturally breaks down over time.

In the freezer it turns to like slime, but roughly holds shape, I am sure you are familiar with the decomposition of vegetables…

But basically the breaking down of the cucumber represents the breaking down of their sexual organs. I’ve seen other vegetables/ fruits used for females in the same manner.

I have seen djinn rituals that did this, and others that were also only meant to be a short term thing, but properly employed this way (Mrs. Beans method or many of folk magic ways) can actually be used to spur a long term, lifelong problem.


@Keteriya explained it perfectly.


I got gifted a mouse’s tail; gonna shove it into this spell soon (disease, ruin) with a few modifications based on what I have available. Thanks for sharing this!


No problem at all @Mythopoeia, I’m so interested in your spin on this spell. Please share when once you have everything put together.


Will do! :slight_smile:


Just finished up.

I had to switch out several things; the a-hole isn’t worth buying new ingredients for. But it’s a great opportunity to experiment.


  1. Aging yellow squash
  2. Cayenne powder
  3. Aluminium foil
  4. Fresh ginger
  5. Black peppercorns
  6. Datura oil (confusion)
  7. Fly Agaric oil (confusion)
  8. D.U.M.E. oil
  9. Nails
  10. Broken glass
  11. Mouse tail (disease, ruin, limp)
  12. Black candle
  13. Red bondage tape

I skipped the jar and vinegar, because he is not worth that much vinegar.

I had a hard time using a nail to “seal it back up”, so I just threw the rest of the nails inside.

I did this in the nighttime hour of Mars in ritual with Hekate and the Fates. I banished and smoked the room out with frankincense when I finished, threw out the squash, and showered with Epsom salt.

I set the candle in front of a (locked and warded) mirror. I’ll seethe into it when I feel like it.

If I hear back about results (hopefully it will get back to me), I will post :+1:


I can’t wait to read about your results :smiling_imp: