Belial's Ash and Rust Curse

This is a simple but VERY effective candle curse dictated to me by King Belial a little while back. I’ve just seen the results come in and even I’m surprised and how effective this was. The best parts is that you can use pretty much whatever else you have on hand as long as you have a few candles. I used cheap tealight candles, but you can use any kind of candle, including coloured candles should you wish to. You may need to adjust the ritual/materials slightly for your purposes. A word to the wise, I’ve seen this have devastating effect, so please be sure in what you’re doing.


  • 3 candles.
  • Incense ash
  • Rust
  • Anything you have on hand that’s disgusting (I used urine, rotten food, stagnant water, hot pepper powder amongst other things. The more and the more vile the better as you want the rotten, decaying putrid energy of those things).
  • A sharp pencil/small blade for carving
    Offerings to Belial (should you choose to invoke him. I personally did, but this part is up to you. However, I do recommend it)


Collect your items for the ritual and set them out in front of you on your workspace. Centre yourself and prepare however you would normally prepare before going into ritual. If you are invoking/evoking King Belial, this is when you would do so in your chosen manner.

This ritual requires you focus on the negative emotions caused to you by the target. Take the candle and your carving implement and focus on the negative feelings you have towards this person as you carve their full name (if you know it, if not, as much as you know even if it’s just a nickname. But the more you know the better of course.) into the candle and push that emotion into the candle, thus charging it with the emotion. Then, focus on a particular wrongdoing committed by the person and associated emotions. Then, carve this wrong doing into the candle. Carve as many specific wrongdoings as you can think of into the candle until you run out of room and/or cannot think of anymore, charging the candle with the attached emotions as you carve.

When you are done, set the candle down in front of you. Should you wish to layer the curse, repeat this process on another two candles and set those in front of you. Then, take your items of disgust, starting with the ash, then rust then whatever else you have and rub them over your candles. Focusing on what you would like to happen to the target. Picture their life turning to ashes and rust, that their life will be filled with calamity and despair. Charge the candle with the negative energy associated to you with each of the diagusting things you coat that candle with. Repeat on other candles if you are using them.

Once this is done, set your annointed with horrible stuff candle/s in front of you. Focus on that all those negative thoughts and feelings are now in those candles. Clear your mind and centre yourself again if needed. Then, repeat the following:

“This candle carved with hurt and anger now represents my triumph.
May the life of (target’s name) be reduced the ashes and rust coating this candle. May they feel the sting of their actions and the wrath of Belial”

Light the candle and allow it to burn away. When the candle is out say “it is done” and dispose of candle remains as necessary.

If you have carved and coated other candles, they are to be burnt 7 days apart from each other. I chose to do two a week apart and saved one for when I started to see results. I plan to burn the final one today just to deliver a final blow to the target.

Please feel free to adjust this curse as you need to. The great part is that the items you need can be anything you have around the house that is disgusting or holds negative connotations you want to charge the candle with. You can use any candle colour you like to add energy to the curse too. I only had white tea light candles, but thwy were effective enough.

Hope this helps people.