Harvest your Enemies with Brutal Scythe Ritual *Baneful Ritual *

This ritual is for when you have many enemies as in a large group or forces.

Tools you will need 2 scythes (you could replace with swords or knifes though I use scythes)

A candle

Oil to anoint your scythe’s , I use Azazels hell fire. You could use oil of your choice though I would use something dedicated to a specific deity or dark arts or similar.
I also used oils for Abaddon, Amaymon and Belial.

A small cauldron or something you can burn paper in.

Paper and pen


This is best done outside so that you have room to move around.

You are going to write the name of your targets on the paper. You can list individual names or the name of the group example: Suzi Blues Coven of Cupcake Creators. (Not a real group, if there is it is total coincidence)

Once you have the paper ready and every thing laid out close together, cast a circle. It is important to be inside a circle.

By this point be sure to have already anointed your scythes. I like to anoint mine a few days ahead of time.

Light your candle and meditate on your distractive thoughts. Focus on what your end goal is.

If you used oil for Abaddon, Amaymon, Belial and Azazel Invision them rising up out of the ground like the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

If you used a different deity/deities do the same but with their image.

Place the brimstone and the paper in the small cauldron burn the paper in the cauldron with the wormwood. You need to be outside to burn the wormwood, and be careful of inhaling it. You could wear a mask.

Once your paper is burning and you have your deities ready to ride out and attack, take up your scythes and cut through the air. Invision that your cutting your enemies down. They are your harvest. The reaping.

Keep doing this until the paper is all burned away. See your spirits ride out to carry out your attacks with you.

When you feel the work has taken hold bring your focus back to the candle. Calm your emotions and ground.

This ritual is great to do when you are in a rage. And you cannot hold your anger back. Use all of that anger to boost your work.

Once finished thank the deities you called fourth and release them. Open your circle and cleanse the area.

Dispose of the ashes of the burned paper off property.

This ritual is to harvest or reap your enemies. To bring down several targets at once. Cut them down, reap them.

Hince the use of the scythes.

I like to work this ritual with Abaddon, Amaymon, Belial and Azazel, envision them coming up out of the ground like the apocalypse four horsemen ready to do a reaping of souls.

But you can adjust the imagery to fit your tastes.

Do this ritual outside. Dont burn brimstone in a closed in area.