Black Candle Banishing Spell

Black Candle Banishing Spell

This is Dorothy Morrison’s simple candle spell to get rid of unwanted persons. This is not the same as banishing spirits from your space. If possible, preform during a Waning or Dark Moon, ideally in the hour of Saturn. If you like this spell, please consider buying her book (reference at end).


  • Black Candle
  • Patchouli Oil (or Banishing Oil)
  • Stylus

Step One: Mark

Cleanse the candle. Use your stylus (pencil, pen, awl, knife, etc) to mark the candle into three equal portions. Starting from the bottom, write the target’s name in each section. Consecrate the candle and anoint it with Patchouli Oil, or a banishing oil (such as Death Oil). I would recommend charging it before moving to the next step, but Morrison does not say to do so (or to cleanse).

Step Two: Cast

Burn one section of the candle a day for three days, while incanting:

Go away! Far away!
Close to me, you cannot stay!
Run away! Far away!
Pack your things and leave today!

Ref: Utterly Wicked: Curses, Hexes & Other Unsavory Notions (Dorothy Morrison)