How to Make Witch's Salt

How to Make Witch’s Salt

This recipe is from Of Blood and Bones by Kate Freuler.

  • 5 tbls salt
  • 1 tbls powdered herbs of your choice
  • Handful of ritual ash
  • Your burned hair or fingernails

The author suggests sprinkling it in your window sills / doorways and around your house, using it as hot foot powder, incorporating it into hexes / curses / crossing spells, using it in banishing spells, using it to clean your home, and adding it to oils / candles / incenses / room sprays.

She does not give any further instructions. I would cleanse and charge all ingredients in advance, and make a ritual / spell out of combining them. I plan on using black salt, powdered dragonsblood resin, mugwort, and paprika to make this and adding it to a baneful protection oil I am making.


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