Hand of D.U.M.E. (Legal Retribution)

Hand of D.U.M.E.

I have used this spell one time, with great success. Powerful people in my field who were abusing said power lost their jobs. It is a modification of the classic “D.U.M.E.” spell.

This spell would ideally be cast on a Saturday during the hour of Venus, or on a Friday during the hour of Saturn. Saturday during the hour of Saturn or Mars, or Tuesday during the hour of Saturn or Mars or Venus, or Friday during the hour of Mars would be good as well.

I have a special candlabra for this; you don’t need it. If you select a special candlabra, consecrate it. Consecrate and charge your oils as well.

Step 1. Carve Candles:

Finger 1 : Misery unto (targets)
Finger 2 : Legal woes unto (targets)
Finger 3 : Bondage unto (targets)
Finger 4 : Exile unto (targets)

Use visualisation and your voice to pour your intent into each candle. Add sigils as you wish, modify as you please.

Step 2. Anoint Candles:

Anoint each “finger”, continuing to employ words of power and visualization:

Finger 1 : D.U.M.E. Oil
Finger 2 : Hammer of Belial Oil
Finger 3 : Binding Oil
Finger 4 : Banishing Oil

Note: Hammer of Belial is an oil from Belladonna’s Botanicals. You can substitute it with any justice oil.

Step 3. Candle Rite:

Light each candle, employing even more in-depth visualization and longer speeches (spells) for each. You can picture energy coming from my 3rd eye into the candles.

When I worked this, three planets were transiting Scorpio, so I channeled that energy into the rite. Use whatever transits are ongoing to your advantage.

Step 4. Closing:

Conjure the 4 winds and bid them to spread your will to the corners of the universe.


Folk Witchcraft: A Guide to Lore, Land, & the Familiar Spirit (Roger J. Horne).



Oh I like your version here. A hoodoo version of D.u.m.e. Was what I used with my first working with Abaddon.


Cheers :slight_smile:

I evoked Belial and King Paimon on the side for this one. I’m glad it got resolved.

Diving right in then :joy:


Oh yeah. It was nuts, but I thought I had to have something else, I couldn’t figure out what to do and in the long run it was rough but I got my results. I still remember Abaddon in my dreams after doing it…

Are you sure you want complete and total removal?

I was flabbergasted, because the only one could know that’s what I was asking for was Abaddon but he looked like a lady I recognized and didn’t know…

In the end he gave me a date, and said there was some paper work that had to be taken care of first- and well that ended up being true, but I got my result!


This a good looking spell!


Thanks! Tonight’s involved half of a dead mouse and a jar of vinegar, and was not so good looking :sweat_smile: