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Ahh, finally done with the class after 4 hours this morning, drove the 5 hours home in a storm the whole way, missed being smashed into a guardrail by a semi by a warning.

Earned, my Lord Pazuzu. Now back where we both belong.


glad you’re safe bro :flushed::flushed::flushed:


Thanks, babe. I made it.
My 12 year old has been quite clingy (pleasantly so), so I opened up my book for this week… Yeah…

Instead, I showed him the reason I went to a graveyard I visited before getting to the facility. A friend of mine had a special family member’s grave within 2 hours of my driving distance.

So I drove there and did what I do, right? I won’t show that friend’s link there, but will the rest in the next day or so. I got about 50% through the graveyard before my battery was DEAD. I’ll absolutely be going back when I have a class that takes me South again.

SO much activity that my phone’s battery was dead… Lovely!

Some of them are here now, in my space. I gave them a link and let them know. But there’s still a half a graveyard.

The ironic thing was that I was re-reading about the (US) Civil War and I laid down to read about it and it was about…Winchester, Virginia! Photos later, but that’s where I went for my friend. Had no recollection of it and I’ve read this book before.

Can’t wait!


Wanted to draw some attention to an article that made it into my inbox. This is about India, but the app is useful to help others find loved ones graves. So, if you happen to go to one, consider taking some pictures and uploading them to contribute.

I recently used this to find a friends loved one’s grave when I travelled to Virginia. Those pics will be in a separate thread to keep them concise.


Well, I went to that link with Tiamat over my shoulder and she ended up choosing a selenite snake that came today.

They cut it in such a way that it shimmers nicely when moved.

Naturally, I had to smoke cleanse it and she chose a stick of “Forest” incense for this.

I called to her, got her acceptance, and then consecrated it. Afterwards, I blooded it for her to enjoy.


Little ritual with some of my new friends (and some old). Originally, this was only going to be for @Dagars , but halfway through the blooding, Ti-tor said I should blood the whole page for something @DarkGodofQlippa and I were talking about last night - a joint effort between Ti-tor and myself. I’ll take it.

As said in other threads, I blooded and lit Azrael’s candle, as Ti-tor had asked me to do last time.

The incense chosen by the group of the dead wanting to fulfill this request. Top → bottom : Jasmine, Oodh, and Camphor.

Ti-tor’s symbol from Gospel of the Ghouls

Typically, I would blood the entire ink and all the spaces in-between. But, as I neared completing that, Ti-tor suggested he look into a situation that was brought to my attention by my friend Mike. He wants the spirit involved (negatively) to…play with… He asked me to blood the whole sheet, rather than I do another just for that. I will come into play to do my part of it when he signals.

I did put a single drop of blood on each piece of incense, which is unusual for me with regards to the dead. I typically do not give them blood. When I do, as I did here, the blood is given the usage intent of it not binding me to them or them to me. I do not recommend giving blood to the dead without a lot of experience with them and some energetic chops to go with it to ensure the blood carries that intent prior to lighting the incense.

Last time, I was told to light the page with Azrael’s candle, so I defaulted to this. It is interesting to note that some of the dead didn’t want their incense lit by him (I don’t know why, one voice I recall), so I lit it with the tabletop torch.


Thank you so much man, this means a great deal to me :pray::pray::pray:


Wow that is a very interesting choice for them, oddly it very much aligns with their correspondence and while I can’t be 100 percent sure it quite likely aligns with the energy of what they’re going to do also.



Company left a few hours ago.

My dreams for the past few days were…troubled… I need my sleep, for it helps keep my weird medical things in check. Neck and neck with whatever exercise I can muster. This blood guest has Fibromyalgia, as do several other members of my family I guess. I…seem to be the only person that has managed to do so and still do things like the Taji 100, though it took over 10 years to get there for my first.

I know they’re right and I probably have it. Probably have since 2005. No, I’m no making light of it or doing the TikTok pretend horseshit. Those days where it hurts to breath still exist. It just isn’t every day, like it was then for 10 years. I only had my Will then, the Tao, and the quiet refusal to quit. But…

I could feel the disturbance in my house, in the energy fields here. They slept GREAT, slept in for the first time in years, but I was sleeping less, less restfully, and my symptoms were worse in some ways. I couldn’t break through fully.

While this would cause some to distance and shield and protect, this isn’t what’s really needed. It’s a natural response, especially with the Right Handers or close enoughs, to break off contact and try to not let the spread or “taint” continue. That’s fine. They need more experience with those energy types. Avoidance is only a solution to a standard problem when genuine experience and skill is lacking.

This…does add to my current work load. Things will get behind a little. I have to work extra the rest of the week to make today up. Then Family needs. Ritual(s) after that.

Maybe I should Isolate my approach to this problem with this Family member. Provided it is the same, the…issue…is that I had largely gotten past the hardest hurdles - without magic. No that some didn’t return and don’t (they do, all the time). I have an additional skillset now, spiritual development and the magic that went with it, to help deal with it.

Will and “the quiet refusal to quit” is an all-encompassing, eternally applicable … I don’t know what I’d call it … But it sure a shit is harder work than any real ritual path I’ve seen… Failures and all …


Being me, not willing to leave those I love in a lurch when known, … … it was time to Hot Cannon that shit. I’m tired, I have symptoms not mine affecting my (precious, needed) sleep… My household is safe physically and Occult-wise…couldn’t it wait until tomorrow? Balls, I wish…

But not on my watch, right?

No entities tonight. That’s different and upcoming. Mysterious 9th Heaven and Fox Immortal later. I took notes. There’s Family to take care of right now.

First, I knew the negative linkages wouldn’t survive a Pele’s Ward with both Hi’iaka’as and Kamohoali’is portions. I know, with some Solar (from Helios work) stuff that it would be good enough in Maryland, Delaware, Indiana, and Texas for the needed connections in this case. This is, essentially, Pele’s Fiery Dome with Hi’iaka and Kamohoali’i’s components (if you connect to those larger elements, using their signatures as draws, there you go - start experimenting)

So, that sets up the protective angle and, if you know and understand those elements through practice, that can be a great stop-gap without more needed. Here, there are…in-roads. Well, those will take a while. So, what do we do?

Establish an outer perimeter first (Pele’s Ward, which can be customized with elements as needed). This can contain things, depending on the skill, but when we’re talking about multiple states, it can get a bit chaotic and we’re talking about a several year (or more) thing.

Establish the perimeter. We’re doing this with Pele’s Ward. If you don’t have the energy to do all or most of these areas, PLEASE call on Pele or similar to help. Hi’iaka or Kamohoali’i can also be appealed to. Others can, too But all three would know if you’ve respected (or just read about) their stuff here and appealed respectfully.

Now…there’s nothing that says you can’t call forth the Magma from your position to spread forth, Earth or Sky, and use that to establish things or, say, dictate where the starting point is to to it elsewhere. If you have time, practice at Home, bring it to the World, however small/large that it at the time.

There’s nothing that says you can’t…“claim” a space and act on it. In this case, it’s my Family. You follow your compass. You can still act if you don’t have complete “ownership”. Claim, however temporarily, what you must to fulfill your Will. Controversial. I will accept what the consequences are and I’m aware that that could take place on several levels, real or not.

Ground (temp) claimed in those areas, Pele’s Ward was put up. Shit that didn’t…leave…was burned. I’m not in the mood to “collect”. I don’t collect parasites that go after people I care about unless they’re interesting or I want to…investigate. Here, to be honest, there were none, but seemed like…nodes…collecting similar. Like Magnetic bumps that attract things and settle over time to make a more consistent surface, overall.

We’ve done Pele’s Ward to enclose the ground (including the undersides, right?) and then claimed the ground to take it back in the case of a more complete infestation. This means that we have initially secured and claimed divine ownership (through ourselves). Now, it gets a little easier for the procedure.

We connect to and pull down the Sun (or call on Helios or on Apollo ) to call down that Divine energy to burn out and/or displace the energy we want to remove. Now, we’ve done it over our area and the surrounding environment, because most of those people, religious or not, aren’t capable of doing so. Step on their supposed “sovereignty” a bit and also do them a favor without interrupting their weekend to preach to them about stuff they don’t want to hear about (especially from then on for the next year or so).

Look, you’re going to be stepping on all sorts of pretend sovereignty any time you cast something. I don’t care how justified. We do it when we cut people off in traffic or grad the last X at the store. Better to start dealing with that now, if it’s an issue (and it was for me for a bit). Just acknowledge it and ask it minimized, if dealing with an entity (or don’t).

Back to task. Using your intuition, burn the area our of whatever dark, negative (parasitic) energies that shouldn’t be there. If they have skills and it was intentional, they can deal with that and it makes them look better. Likely not and the infestation is more like a clogged drain. Claiming the space and flooding the area (including the area around it, in case it isn’t just localized) is taking care of the clog.

Hell, Daylight savings nonsense just happened… I gotta get to bed. Sorry, all.

Here’s the list I started while listening. I suggest an adblock to get rid of the nonsense.

Notes… err…clean up, monitoring, and increasing the help. We all know how to fuck up the bad.


Those that have followed my stuff for a while, know I keep a list of targets. In an unusual move, I’ve removed one. I don’t just blindly target people and then, however long later, that are never evaluated again.

In this case, I was keeping up with a living victim. I’ve checked about every 6 months and she seems like she’s in a place where she’s good, has moved on, no longer fears those things she once did. I started following a good while before she became…more known…and an outspoken advocate. She has also moved on. There’s a nice hyphen in her name now. She isn’t fighting alone.

My gut says she’s in a good place and I shouldn’t interfere.

But that isn’t me, since I can sense her attacker, who WILL get out, is still an issue. I sat and thought about how to approach when I had a nice, lovely army of the dead outside my space, waiting for permission.

Ruin him as you see fit. If there are obstacles, come to me and I will personally handle those.


Getting back to this.

The next phase is to use a Yin-focussed entity to help remove the over-emphasis of negative energy in both the people and environments they live in. I’d heard from other practitioners that the two entities I was thinking of cannot share altars (?), so, I will call on the Fox Immortal first. My relative is no longer travelling, so there shoumd be fewer putaide influences at this point. Besides me, of course :rofl:

I’d negotiated the “payment” with a representative of the Fox Immortal prior, so it’s time to.put it into action. Later, I will make my daily offering to her. This is in addition.

First, I was told that Mugwort and Chamomile teas would be appreciated. Cake. A red candle. Two incenses I had that I use exclusively for the Fox Immortal. Cake.

Hail the Fox Immortal!

Lighter side next, but likely tomorrow. This isn’t “just” for my relative that came to see me. The Fox messenger insisted the wording included me and the rest if the family. Personal problems (with family) are not a reason for me to push back when that language is asked for in my petition, especially in real-time. … They likely will never know. Not sure I would want them to.

As Hu Xian sees fit. Hail.


OMG it’s Norse900! Spirits bow down, right?

No. I found a deer bone in my neighbor’s yard. Same neighbor I got my shelves and tables from for my ritual space. Guess they bagged some deer in the family. I found a bone drug out by scavengers.

But the deer behind it wasn’t having it. Didn’t want anything to do with it. Came forward immediately, even. Did it want released from the bone? No. All right.

Could I force it? Of course. But why? I tossed the bone in the trash. Do I understand it? No, especially the severance from the bones part. But their choice is their choice. There’s no safety or harassment issue on my end. Rest in peace.



This is some stuff man, I’ll be honest I barely comprehend this. And you’re navigating this like a smooth operator.

Wow dude that, that’s some next level shit.


Very cool very cool


An interesting dilemma. Taliban Members Fed Up With Office Work, Ready to Quiet Quit taliban-afghanistan-office-work-quiet-quit/

Remove the space for the article.

My brother and I were just talking about this the other day. Obviously with some differences, but I can relate to everything they’re complaining about. Kinda go through that when you come back from War and realize most of the “real” world doesn’t matter.

But you have to live in it. Quite the snag.


Oof, heard the phrase “watching over you” and, being me, it reminded me of a song, but I couldn’t remember the band name… Took days to remember it, but going through my lists. Of course, I don’t have this song in my list of purchased songs, but when does that stop my brain from going into overdrive?

Can’t speak for the pictures. It came up in my Youtube list and I figured I better pay tribute - mostly for my sake.


(from another thread, but I felt it would detract from the specific question, even if it could solve a dozen others. Thus, it is out of context.

This is an attempt to use excessive emotion to access additional power. The problem is that if excessive emotion is the only way to get there, you’re a bit hampered as one ages, matures, and does the appropriate shadow work.

Same with excessive verbal “word salad” in ritual. They’re trying the same thing, but attempting to use some visual imagery with it.

Emotion isn’t the direct energy for the working - it’s a side source. With humans, it can be a more of a direct source that just words without personal, deep meaning, but comes at the cost of “needing” it when you won’t have access before middle age…well, with maturity, that is.

Who has a personal deep connection to, say, Wealth, that doesn’t have it? It’s a WANT (which is the typical emotion, mine included sometimes). So, we try to get over that hurdle with imagery and words. You don’t. So, call upon the CONCEPT of Wealth - with or without spirits - and BRING IT TO YOU.

If you rely on excessive emotion, I would look at whether it’s a trickle or a future flood. No Prosperity Gospel needed. Just You, the Universe, your experience grabbing/molding/pulling it. Spirits to help, but NOT to cause (that you and your ability).

One of the measures of being beyond “Adept” level is you looking to cause things and the spirits coming to offer help. Set that expectation in yourself, and in them.

I didn’t. I was this part they’ll help with, this part I will do on my own. It may not happen every time, but when they come to YOU to help with something, it’s exceptionally empowering. Consider it and, whether you feel ready or not ( I sure as fuck didn’t), accept it and start that process.

If you need to, accept is as a way of honoring their trust in you. Do it as they suggest you do so or when you feel it necessary. It should be a “I WILL do this” and they sign up to help. Accept it. Use it. Become YOU.


And before I forget, I want to give some credit to this dude. Nice acoustic version.


I woke up to some nightmares and I realized inside the nightmare itself that something was afoot. I woke up and realized a spirit had been behind it all. Pretty unusual thing for me. Nightmares are somewhat common, given the PTSD, but less so than before. The spirit part, well, that’s a good way to get the wrong kind of attention.

I could still feel the signature after waking and as I came to, I promised it I would collect it for me purposes. And two hours later, before leaving for work, I met that promise.

He (it) seemed resigned almost, like it was expecting it from the beginning. That’s the oddest part. Guess I have a dream wrecker on my hands now.

I was reflecting over this on my daily grounding walk at work and came upon another signature, very similar. It, too, was expecting this to happen, but it seems more open to negotiation. Haven’t done that yet, though.

Oh and if you do something like this, be sure to cut the connection (if any) to the controlling/master/overlord spirit. We don’t need a back channel into our spaces, right? It’s also an opportunity to see if the controlling spirit wants it back. There was a distant post on here about Murmur and a spirit from him coming and got corked. Similar thing with the connection.


Doing an unpublished ritual with Leviathan. The initial component was me channeling swampy/stagnant water for decaying purposes. Covering the sigil I was given.

Second part it largely a partial continuation of the first. Candle and incense added.

@Veil you may like this pic a bit

Both blooded.

Candle’s quite short after dropping the wax onto the paper. The paper acts as a secondary wick when lit.