Shadownomicon 2023-2024


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It’s been a little over 4 years since the first. It is time. I got the call.


It’s late. Write up tomorrow. I had to turn on the zoom in feature to get it to correct the lighting as little as possible. Faint magenta light.


(Entry - 23AUG23)
Having completed this in 2020, I felt it was time for another round. I still have Shadow Wand, my Corrupted Stone, and original grimoire.

I will not need the dedication breaking ritual, the sanctuary candle, or other protective items. It’s the realization that I’ve been here before, having completed it, and, having used these entities in a lot of ways since, what I should expect to face.

Absolutely isn’t something I take lightly and I do have concerns. But progress isn’t always a safe path and I don’t fear to walk in the darkness any more than I fear the light.

I made the calls and invoked (evoked, external, depending) Legion.

Upon rending the veil, tentacles came out as a greeting. I anchored the open rift to a stone I grabbed from my yard, powered the anchor and rift with blood on the stone. I set the same restrictions as before for its use (these involve Legion being responsible for entities coming through, not harming my family and pets or entities I have coming through here in my regular practice, including transients).

Legion: “Old friend.”

Me: “I admit, it is nice to feel this again (so close, so full)”.

L: “Aren’t you excited to meet me?”

M: “You represent coming to terms with pain, suffering, unpleasant things.” (He was chuckling)

L: “I do and you will see all of them.”
(I nodded. We have already spoken of the rules. He let me know that Work was “too good of fodder to not mess with, but we will not seek to get you fired (or similar)”. I was grateful, but this wasn’t a promise, just a pledge of sorts)

L: “You admit to liking the way this feels.”

M: “I do.”

L: “You have strayed from your purpose. Too far into the Light.”

M: “Others would disagree. I don’t just follow your calls.”

L: “No…but you could.”

He left.

Note from 24AUG23 -
He was speaking about the conclusion to the first work through in 2020. He is correct. I could. The option is there. Has been. No ALL of Legion is full of Shadow People. In fact, there are several groups identifying as “Legion”. I’ve met two and there were indications that since that sort of collective hive and name worked, there were more, though I’ve not met them. If all one sees are Shadow People when working with Legion, you should consider that they absolutely are not “just” Shadow People as described in the book. But that’s for your practice and experience over time.

I know some live to serve the Dark, just as some live to serve the Light, however they define those things. But I’m a vowed Taoist and seek balance.

He does have a point with the Light and straying into it. Most of my current practices are Yang-based while I wait to get the Yin aspects of the teachings presented. Some I can feel. Some have been shown in pictures and similar to me. I’m working through these programs as an initiate as much for the experience as I want to make sure I more fully understand why this base may (or may not) be needed.

He greeted me when I entered my ritual space when I got home, but the conversation of today hasn’t happened yet. I do feel the allure and miss that cold, dark blanket of their energies. He knows this - feels it, is amused by it, and this is likely a source of power for him to draw on - if I allow it.



L: “No need for a formal ritual tonight. Call the Hat Man in the next few days and start the ‘challenge’ with him.”

He left.

He could be using ‘challenge’, his emphasis, as a way to up the tension a bit. It didn’t need to be said, except to try to get a reaction.

Very well.

Today was actually really stressful at work, but manageable. Legion knew I roped myself into cooking for a potluck that wasn’t conceived of until yesterday, when I was out of the office. I fought (moderately, with consideration on both sides) with others in gov work most of the day when I refused to forward something with shaky analysis sources and my name on it (on their behalf). Happens, but my prior relationship and meeting challenges with Legion is why he gave me the day or two option.

Of course it’s still my decision. But it’s almost 2020 hours here and I have to be up in less than 8. I stayed up late to make the dedication and renewal and got significantly less sleep by the time I calmed down and my Benadryl kicked in. I think it’s important to not expect that sort of leeway, recognize I am the magician, and still be thankful for the leeway.

I could snap my fingers, force the Hat Man here, and rush the encounter, but why? It isn’t necessary and I’m not unsure of myself as a magician, my abilities, AND that I called upon them to do this again, even if nudged.

In general, Shadow People are one of those types of spirits that care less about collateral damage and, usually, longer term relationships. Hives, like Legion, can be different in that collective decisions are made, but don’t confuse that with the inability or unwillingness to act individually.

No need to bow and kiss ass when they’re decent, but recognize it. And don’t expect it to last.



The Hat Man nodded approvingly as he entered.

HM: “Good. I was wondering when you’d cal. (He sent intent questioning my courage to do so, having ‘much to risk’). Yes, we’ve come a long way.”

M: “We?”

HM: “You don’t think I’d/we’d (Legion) really let you go (for good). We still work together in your dreams.”

M: “Then why call for another round?” (He seemed irritated at this)

HM: “It’s not the same. The control is different.”

(you MUST bring up the agreement with Legion to the entity and get their agreement to abide by it. Learned lesson from the first go-around. Ask if you want details or read the first Shadownomicon work through)

M: “Do you agree to abide by the same restrictions Legion agreed to?”

HM: “I do (no hesitation).” (I nodded)

HM: “Then we will begin.”

He left.

His demeanor and mannerisms suggest he things of me as a sort of agent, something to be used and that has value. Other times in the conversation, he would flashes of trials and challenges for me, but nothing of context in it. Just the knowledge that he is going to do all sorts of things. Some I would pick up on, some not.

I didn’t set a time limit of 30 days. As I got ready to speak of it, Legion sent that I shouldn’t. I have a feeling this will be more instructive this time around.

(Note - last time, the most instructive methods came from non-shadows, like Abaddon and Belial)



The Hat Man came to me out of ritual.

HM: “I want in on that one.” (a target of mine in another thread)

M: “That is Iblis’ target for the Book of Smokeless Fire. Giving it to you would slap him in the face after I just called him out in my other work.”

HM: “Who’s in charge here?”

M: “I am. You know the target has plenty of shadows. You didn’t need to wait for me. But did.”

(He said nothing and left, but his gaze is still here.)


Catching up…


Legion: " So, Abaddon has told you you were on your own this time"

Me: “You act like that changes my point of view. I could feel it.”

L: “But was it stated?”"

M" “No.”

L: “No. This leaves you more alone than last time, doesn’t it?”

(He was trying to increase the affect that was supposed to have, the loneliness, the isolation.)

M: “Not the same as being helpless.” (He chuckled)

L: “No, it isn’t. That isn’t why I called you during this daylight stretch. You want the ritual.”

M: “It’s been hinted at.”

L: “And so it shall be. You will perform the ritual. The Buyer gets a Shadow to call, stitched to an item in this case, a trinket.”

(This was voluntary on Legion’s part, but increases his/their exposure)

M: “Yes, but there should be a protection for the purchaser or this would become a rental business I don’t have time for, nor want to encourage.”

(He found this a,using)

L: “Very well. You know there will be a price. Blood or a Shadow”

M: “How much blood?”

L: “Depends on the spirit. (I waited expectantly) No more than a page (I was shown a blooded 8.5x11 page from a previous ritual here)”

M: "I would like stipulation from you for these spirits. No child victims)

L: “Can I really ensure that? (Victim was a broad word)”

M: “No child harm”

L: “Done”

M: “I will say the shadow is freed of the binding of this happens. Which will free it to then turn on the buyer or anyone else not covered by another agreement.”

L: “Agreed”

He left.

As I typed this out, I called to him to get a verification. I also said that I would voraciously hunt any shadows that violated this or anyone I know personally because of my association with him/them.

Let me give you an example. I knew there was War in a specific region and I wanted to reduce victimization of, say. Women and children (clearly biased). Legion refused. I went on a hunt and did what I do until he agreed…

So, this hive of Legion (there are others), knows I will act. And he knows that if I smells anything like that, I will STILL act.

I know some will say there is no dealing with Legion. I could kill as many as I wish and there will still be shadows. The shadow nature will ALWAYS be there. I’ve gone on wholesale hunts.

The only time there won’t be shadows is never. You must integrate (not necessarily indulge) those aspects to reduce the them.

Before someone gets too high and mighty, can you control the Light? Light always leaves a shadow. There is no other way.

I don’t know many that can eliminate them. Not banishing, which kicks the can down the road for someone like me. Banishers really can’t deal with them long term. I seek to control the behavior and will (unequivocally) kill any involving children. I have. I will again. Legion knows this.


Things have been quiet, but active. The shadows are still getting used to in the household. It’s been some years since it was this heavily in the area, let alone without a few of the more stringent requirements - meaning more effect is likely within the household.

The portal is getting used and not always for this work through. Shadows I don’t know and not focused on me are coming and going. Mostly, they stay out of the household. Most of these aren’t the really powerful or malicious ones so far, just average ones.

I don’t really know why they like using portals, tbh. There are shadows all over the place. Not around every corner or in every patch of darkness, but they can be felt frequently. My yard is now like a bus station with them coming and going, so I’m assuming it’s for a reason. I could ask and confirm stuff I know or think I know, but the real perk is that it curries favor that I care about.

But it does have an influence in the environment and the people in it. There have been odd instances at work that I almost handled…less well…than I did because I felt I should take a step back. The others in my immediate space are social assholes that don’t seem to have enough things to keep themselves busy without disturbing everyone in a hundred foot area (not kidding). You’d think I’d ask a shadow to torment them into silence, but that would be rewarding them. Instead, I called on a hag I was sent from a friend and gave her permission to feed as she pleased. This hag is attached to an item I have for…bad previous behavior. She’s enjoying the work and can feed (on them) as she pleases, so long as it fits my aims. I don’t need it to be quiet, but it was getting really ridiculous and was taking up almost as much time as their actual work. Sorry, some of us have harder jobs to do and I’m not risking hearing loss for moronic high school giggling

I knew it had to be partly Legion’s doing because I started sending my irritation, then anger, into the stone from work. It escalated so quickly that I figured out there was a link. Can’t reward that then, can I? It’s like paying Google to take away YouTube ads. You’d now be part of the problem.

Unexpectedly, I almost feel like there’s a sort of dance going on. Between me and Legion and me and the Hat Man. It’s like we’re old friends who’ve both changed so much it’s a bit awkward. That is kinda comical in a way, because the only one that’s changed a lot is myself. But there is a slow dance taking place and I know that they probably already have a good plan in place and I’m waiting to experience it.


I was having a really significant moment tonight. It was a lifetime debt, which I paid, according to the Taoist school I am following.

But I can in, at the end of of the night, to this.

My shadow wand, obtained from dropped wood in Hawaii, snapped off when nothing should have done so.

I have been careful with it and have no mundane explanation.

I had planned an update tonight, but not this.

Since it was in great shape yesterday, I’ll be sure to do my due diligence.

I have several hundred feet of raw wood that can make another. If someone wants it and I know you, let me know.


I was told last night to call the Shadow Woman. Since I wasn’t told to stop with the Hat Man, I will have some overlap, just like last time. Shadow Woman did come to say she had nothing to do with the wand snapping last night.

What’s been happening? HM has been hitting my inability to drown out sounds and using this against me at work. It’s partly because of my night maneuvers in Iraq and partly from feeling unsafe during my childhood. He’s been playing upon it for weeks now.

There were times where I literally had to leave my desk. I did speak to management about reducing the number of visitors coming by that end up with obnoxious levels of noise right next to my desk a dozen or more times a day. My job/work load demands that I stay focused and waste as little time as possible to properly analyze the material in a timely manner. It’s stressful. HM has been playing up on that, too.

I ended up getting permission for specialized headphones, since it’s related to my documented PTSD and this usually takes care of the issue and I’m not bothered by the high school horseshit.

It sounds petty and doesn’t make sense to those who can tune things out like that, but it is what it is. I’ve never been able to tune that out since Iraq, without applying insane amounts of focus and concentration - which is not sustainable for even half the day and leaves me open to burnout over time.

They’ve been turning up the pressure, for sure. Only way to come out the other side is to keep going until it’s finished.


Perfectly understandable with your PTSD. I don’t know what’s wrong with people when they can’t understand that.


Thanks. They have no qualms about employing deaf or hard of hearing people (a good thing), but have issues with noise suppressing headphones, claiming it’s a safety concern. … …


Either they’ve never used noise cancelling and think it acts like that silence chamber gimmick you can walk though at the science center and that you can’t hear anything outside of the headsets (unlikely) or they are just being intentionally obtuse and pain in the ass just because they can. Probably the latter because anyone with a brain knows they design those headphones in such a way they don’t eliminate everything and you can still hear car horns sirens etc.

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Well, regulations are regulations. If someone hadn’t been a jackass somewhere, it wouldn’t be in place, whether it ,makes sense (or is effective) or not. The Shadow People would take advantage of that just to get some darker energies from the ordeal. :joy:

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