The Grotto's path forward

Ah, starting over. I’ve been a bit lost for the past few days as I decided to close a door to a part of my magical practice. Yet another opened and here I am.

I expect to be doing more work with S. Connolly’s materials shortly as I continue working with the dead. I’ll be keeping separate threads for those, as the general thread will be a catch-all for the Death current in general.

I will also capture my workings for others that are more of a personal nature. Such as bringing what justice to victims that I can. Most of them are deceased and I do this as a way to help move them on, as much as doing my part to leave the world in a better place. I’m not here to save it, but I can help it and maybe help others that can’t help themselves anymore.

I will be bringing my Pele work here from the Google Drive I kept it on. There are still rituals I haven’t worked through with her yet and a lot of tying in to make it a cohesive system, instead of the largely cohesive system it is now.

I will be brining my Shadownomicon entries back into the light.

I sat down with Hecate earlier to see about what I should focus on right now and she told me to continue reading. I had been reading The Big Book of Runes and Rune Magic by Edred Thorsson, so it’s reasonable that there will be a thread about that coming. She’s also got some things up her sleeve and I could tell things were being set up in the background, though not what.

I have a list of entities I will be spending more time with in the Death current from different cultures and will write about those as they happen. I don’t have the list on me, but I still want to work more with Azrael, Erebus, Santa Muerte, … I only have an hour or two of free time at the moment, so I’ll work them in as I can.