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My first ritual on the forum. Had a family member that needed some healing help. Then a good friend wanted some help for a friend. Then another friend asked me for some help along similar lines.

White for Helios, green for Hi’iaka, red for Pele.

The incense is for Lilith, who stopped in to add support for one of the individuals.


We all need protection from time-to-time. Typically, I reach out to those I work with and see who steps forward, if I feel a different approach than my standard is needed.


I’ve done several rituals with this music as a background. Several versions. Cast away.


To be honest, these past few weeks/months, I felt like I’ve gotten away from MY path. n pursuit, and with deity guidance, towards others ends I needed to help me achieve this change in trajectory. Not on purpose.

As soon as I chose to leave my last forum, a serpent partially possessing me (as part of the process), simply asked me if I was going to continue. I said that I would and intended to…

The serpent left… It assumed it had no more value with my change (originally just a blog, not these forums, that was after). I felt like my old self again…

This does NOT mean I have turned my back on Azrael, who held a dedicated candle before and after. It meant I was less useful to that parasitic serpent. I refused when he asked to come back in. Wasn’t needed. Confirmed by Hecate and others.

But there are others, the Lwa and other Death entities that haven’t been addressed.

I DID say I would continue. And I will. I will call those other entities and continue. Azrael is smiling as I say this. I cannot continue the first part without the serpent, that abandoned me, yet will not let it back in. Why?

Because I kept my end of the agreement. He (Azrael) knows (knew?) that this would happen.

Sometimes we start on journeys we don’t want to go down. Sometimes there’s are overseeing entity that intervenes.

So, tonight, to clear the air, I was thinking of this and my path forward, reaching out to ALL of the entities involved. I was bound to that serpent entity, which left me on it’s own. I will still work with the second half of the entities, a significant amount of whom came to lend themselves to a ritual I was doing.

Azrael is still present. The Lwa indicate I should continue, as I didn’t break my agreement. May seem like a silly thing to be concerned about, but I’m not a page-flipper. I don’t make agreements without expecting to honor them. I don’t buy books to say, “that’s nice” and discard it.

I’ve reviewed many books, of very different types. It’s easy to review a book with supposed knowledge and write something convincing.

That isn’t me. I don’t write flowery anything. I experience books I’m led to tackle. I DO the work, not pretend I could. Armchairs are everywhere. Thank the God/dess you’re reading this.

I’m going to start my Lessons of the Deck thread again, soon. My old thread is gone. I will do it again. But I will be also doing the same with Angels. Lots of lessons in store, I’m sure. Again.


This was absolutely the HIGHLIGHT of my day.


So was watching my friends come around!!

Lots to come, my dude. More demonolatry bent.


The future is open wide man!


Hehe, it is. Read/reading several books to work through, too. The work doesn’t stop. But, alas, I am very human and will be going to be soon, hopefully with dreams I can’t remember.

Wake up and continue the climb…


Beautiful to be able to read your writings again and know you intend to publish more! I’ve been thinking of testing vudun waters soon, this looks like a great start to something wonderful.


I like this sigil. Looks like a cosmic meditating owl. :owl: :sparkles:


I will be offering different types of spirits trapped in corks. Some are mischievous, some are…darker and act as such.

This is part of an agreement, with Hel and Hecate. I ccan ask for a spirit of type X to do Y type things.

Nut there’s a responsibility I have to. To actually keep some spirits that are so dangerous a dabbler is fucked when they call them.

I have captured several spirita and wanted to see what one if these spirits are that should be kept and not sold.

I keep a log of the entity, the attributes, the cork, and the date.

Some may remember that I’ve been prevented by these goddesses for wanting to trap spirits to punish.

Now, I’m trapping spirits to prevent their destructive ways upon others. But I can’t sell them.

I’m gerting ready to do another of the same type.

Here’s a picture of the cork with it inside, before I added several layers of special sauce.

Power and ability, with enduring relationships, can result in great reaponsibility.


I’ve just done the second. I’ve been told to find something like the cigar boxes I have, that can be warded and store things like this.

Similar to this.

Guess that’s what goes as a supermax prison around these parts.

This will work.

They preferred it be of a natural material, like the corks, because they don’t feel they should be trapped “forever”. That’s fair, I suppose.

Frankly, I lean towards these spirits should be grateful. If they had encountered me prior, they wouldn’t exist. I don’t see much point in fighting a spirit like this more than once.

But these are sent to me and they haven’t attacked mine.

I’ll cleanse and prepare this container tomorrow. Then do my seals and wardings upon it. I’ll move it to a location in the house that won’t get traffic or be exposed to the elements.

I wanted to say something like, “Suffer well”, but they aren’t. They’re trapped, in limbo, suspended. So.that others don’t suffer because of them. I could buy 1000 corks and fill them all with these types. That’s not what I was asked to do. I will trap some, when prompted, but that’s all.


This makes me think of both the movie house of a thousand corpses… but house of a thousand corks…es. Lol

And then that movie 13th ghost were the dead uncle had trapped ghosts in boxes within his house. Imagine some unlucky purchaser of your old house with a old root cellar filled with corks. Next comes a ghost hunters episode… sorry I’ve derailed I’ll shhh lol


Hehe, it’ll drive up the value for my kid, so, I’m game…


Interesting subject

In Jewish mythology, a dybbuk (/ˈdɪbək/; Yiddish: דיבוק, from the Hebrew verb דָּבַק‎ dāḇaq meaning ‘adhere’ or ‘cling’) is a malicious possessing spirit believed to be the dislocated soul of a dead person. It supposedly leaves the host body once it has accomplished its goal, sometimes after being exorcised.[1][2][3]

There is alot of history around the concept of a Dybbuk box. This is a wine cabinet or drawer that contains this kind of spirit and anyone who claims ownership of it suffers merciless misfortune or death :skull_and_crossbones:.

I remembered the story and then googled it for you guys here.


I was watching an episode about it and said, “Why the hell can’t I do something like that?” (the restrictions I had were per agreement with Hel, specifically). Well, they both came later to me and said they would overlook the practice and supply spirits (if asked), if I would keep the more dangerous sort away from the public.


Yeah it’s not really different from what I do, but most of mine aren’t out right baneful applications either.

Something wants me to empower people, but not to make my nastier work available publicly. I Suppose, that the fact that not everyone’s got discernment about when it’s appropriate to act and when it’s not, is likely the culprit.

Idk. I don’t do as much baneful work, but I’m sure not scared to when it feels right. The rest of the time it’s somebody else’s job or not the right time lol.


Makes sense. The other part is that as long as these spirits are bound to corks, even the moderate ones, they aren’t out harassing people. Hell, one of them attacked a dead lady (suicide) that I’d helped as she came over to say hi. Yeah, he’s (it’s) in a cork.

I told my wife last night that I would also be doing the flipside for beneficial means, but wanted a better item than a cork and they wouldn’t be bound. It would just be a sort of means to bring their energy into a space for beneficial purposes.


Fumigating the box.

I swept out the dust and dead bugs from the box and then sat down to neutralize it energetically. It then occurred to me that I should use incense smoke to also do it. I did a quick once-over energetically and got the rest of the stuff ready.

Copal, Myhhr, and Frankincense.

I then made sure to pass each part of the box over the incense several times while declaring it free of past energies and memories. I also pushed this intent into ut at the same time.

Now that tje fumigation was done, I turned a little desk fan on to pull the smoke mostly out of the area, using an open window. Your lungs will thank you.

I know some people like to seal rooms up and choke on the smoke until the lack of oxygen makes them have mystical experiences. I seem capable enough to have them without that. That’s a dangerous game to play with your life. But you do you.

With the smoke being vented, I sat down and place both hands on the box. I reached into the box (as a whole) mentally and energetically to give it its task of holding and keeping these entities and their energies locked safely away from the outside world. As I did so, Hel and Hecate came to also place their energies into it.

I bound the top half of the box to the lower half box and specifically indicated that the bindings and protections are still there when it is opened (to add another cork, for example) and made the binding pliable enough by demonstrating with intent.

Finally, I grabbed some painter’s tape to tape each side together.

I then put it away in an accessible area where only I typically go.


Had a friend that was having some trouble with Beelzebub and didn’t know why. Turns out it may have been a past life agreement, but the punishment was being dished out without explanation.

I’m not a fair weather friend, so called up Beelzebub a little bit ago to try to shed some light onto the subject. I didn’t find out why, but things got a little heated as the exchange continued.

Eventually, Ba’al stepped in to mediate between us, as things were not going well. We came to an agreement that there should be some communication between the parties as to what was expected and how it could be upheld. I’m not privy to that at this point.

To honor my end of the rest of the agreement on my end, I lit some candles.