Smokeless Fire - the Norse900 Approach


At my fire the other night, I was contemplating the Book of Smokeless Fire (BoSF or BSF). I had felt Iblis’ attention when I read the first (I’ve read both).

Iblis and I had spoken, outside of ritual, earlier that evening and come to an agreement/understanding of how I will proceed.

I know Qayin (author) is a bit of an edgelord and that hasn’t called all of the entities in it, but some felt quite alive when I was looking at the sigil. Guess we’ll find out over time.


I have that book.


The second book is one I will not purchase. Read it through Amazon Kindle Unlimited. It’s mainly a bunch of callings and guided meditations. Even if it isn’t, it feels like a money grab, with little value to me. I’m not going to dedicate myself to Ibliss.

I had decided that the best way to go forward with calling all of the entities in this book was to call Iblis and use his “blessing” as an “in” with the spirits. Then, in the second book, he suggested something similar, but more like a military parade than individual callings. I’ll be doing it my way, not the parade style.

So why bring it up? Because in the BSF, he states that you have to go to really remote places to find these entities, but this already rang as false to anyone that’s worked with Djinn in the past. You will find entities in this places, but they may not be Djinn. The military parade confirmed it.

It’s important to note that Qayin is a ceremonial magician, so his methods reflect this. I will be using simplified evocation methods for mine, unless asked to do it in a different way. I don’t plan on putting them in triangles (Qayin has a fancy triangle fetish). Shouldn’t be needed. Provided they don’t act up.


Thanks, Ari. I was meaning to show where I found it.

From Myth’s thread, in the Internet Archive

Direct link


I’ve been too busy or…mysteriously too tired. I went outside tonight to start and Ibliss said “tomorrow”. It was both a declaration and a suggestion, more a declaration, that it would be better then. My instinct said the same and a tension (from not having started) released I’ve been carrying since making this thread.

Very well, tomorrow (Friday, 11MAY).

He accepted my methods (so far), the intent (of calling from the first through the last), with my environments (outdoors preferred). That saves a lot of initial conversation and we will get down to business.

One thing though. He (and the initial djinn, I assume) don’t mine regular incense, but asked for a special “incense” I managed to smuggle out of (and initially into) Hawaii. It’s literally a 6" x 4" piece of raw cedar I got from my sister’s basement. The rest was lost to ritual and the refusal to move the wood to/from Hawaii.

I will do that this time and at other special times. But I literally must grind this by hand with a file to put on an incense coal. NO ONE gets more than a teaspoon, to which he accepted.

There it is. It shall be done.


First up, incense prep.

I folded a little piece of paper from a steno pad into something resembling a water bomb base. It helps with pouring it out in a more controlled manner and folds flat to be used later.

My block of cedar and a rough file for making the incense. It only takes a small amount of time when the file is rough.

This is all I’ll typically part with in a single, smaller ritual. I may us more at my discretion, but it’s unlikely. This will get supplemented by other resins. Copal, Frankincense, and Myhhr were also used and I did ask beforehand.

Don’t forget your ventilation. I also have the far left and far right windows open for cross breezes. There’s an ancient ceiling fan that I also have going.

I had hand drawn versions of the symbols for Iblis and Mahmas. I typically do not put them in circles in situations like this (the symbols or the entities). I don’t need to concentrate anything and don’t need the protection. The target’s name is on the back of Mahmas’ symbol, for privacy reasons, but let’s just say I found out about a case where a false call to the police for human-trash trailer park clout resulted in the death of a few people and ruined lives for over a dozen. With no repercussions. In fact, they even laughed and joked around talking about it. That doesn’t work for me.

I started with the evocation of Iblis from page 183. As I did this, I focused my intent into his symbol (this is too artsy to seem like a sigil). I did this despite him already being partially in the area.

I took the same approach with the conjuring of Mahmas (pg 97), ritual on pg 178.

I substituted a few words on purpose. I am not calling Iblis “Father”, nor stating I’m his “son”. Any worship-like words were substituted for respectful ones. I don’t recall what they are right now.

I waited until it stated for him to taste my blood before pausing to blood his symbol, to be burnt afterwards. I did place a drop on some copal and add it to the coal, since Iblis was already here and I felt a good sense of ease in his presence, between us.

There is a part in the book where, after calling the djinn, you can sort of use their presence as an attunement, like an open gateway/portal/power source like I do with other things. Mahmas explicitly said that should occur another time and it was clear from my impression that this djinn and I would be working together many times. “This is an initial calling (and request) and should stay such”. Works for me.

Iblis did stop me from blooding Mahmas’ symbol. It should happen with results. So, I set it aside to store until then. I wouldn’t hesitate to call on him again even while waiting for this request to happen, but there are 71 others to call on, too.

Some thoughts.

You may want to use his trapezoidal triangle if it speaks to you. If you need to focus you senses on a smaller area, this may help achieve that. I can’t speak to whether these djinn would see it differently, but most of the entities I work with wouldn’t be offended if this were done for that reason. A triangle to concentrate isn’t quite restrictive like a triangle of constriction. Respectful intent goes a long way there.

I will likely use a coal and repeat the cedar process for the rest of these entities. The reason is that it is a more formal introduction with them. Unless rejected or the entity is an ass, I will extend that courtesy. I should have more than enough discs for that.

There are some entities that felt more strongly during my initial reading of this book. I don’t know if I will have requests for those that are only interested in pregnancy termination. I’m thinking that the combination of the calling of Iblis first and this coal-cedar demonstration will tease out some other areas where they can be used.

I can tell you quite clearly that if they felt fear, religious fear or similar, they may have not been quite so…informal…with me. Doesn’t mean they’d be jackasses, but some of the others are absolutely NOT going to treat me the same. If there were fear on top of that, it might be harder for those sort.

I had originally intended to do this outdoors on an older wooden area that used to house the jacuzzi someone once had here. There were still people out and walking around, so I opted to do it in my enclosed porch/ritual space.

I will wait for a sign before calling on the next. Wife will be out of town, so I will have time on my hands, even with the added responsibilities.


Just Wonderful, amazing work!
:clap: :clap: :clap:


Thanks. I purposefully included the approach because I felt it could be replicated by others. There are “shortcuts”, by I didn’t want to set a bad precedent. They also knew that I know them and chose not to go that route (using the evocation language, for example). It helps, I think. We’ll see with the rest.


There are certain controversies regarding the nature of these entities and many magicians avoid working with this book.

Some magicians who own this book just leave it on the shelf as a weapon of last resort and never call these djinns.

I believe you are breathing new life into this publication by turning almost impractical rituals into something accessible, practical and functional.

I am impressed with your courage and willingness to demystify the djinns listed in this book.

I will follow closely this great work of yours.

Congratulations on the initiative @norse900


Today was Munis.

Last night and tonight, when the djinn came, it was like they were only waiting for the target. Both nights, they came before the “evocation” was halfway done. They knew and accepted the targets, and wanted to leave before the recitation was completed. I thought it was a sort of fluke last night, but it happened again today.

This time, Iblis sent the intent (half asked) that they should be allowed to go if they accept. In other words, if you notice when they come in, relate the target(s) and any pertinent information, and let them accept or not. If they accept, the rest of the recitation (evocation words) doesn’t matter. Now, coupled with this is the knowledge that Iblis is the backup (the failsafe, the one who will vouch for the attempts/work). He stayed both times and this is partly why.

Payment, again, upon completion. There are 5 targets (related) in this one, so, even though it wasn’t asked for, I said I would make offerings for each. Munis wasn’t there for that, but Iblis was.

I did want to say that I will likely not be working a lot with Munis. There was not the same sort of congruence, not familiarity (but similar) as there as with Mahmas last night. Not a dig or anything negative. It just felt obvious to me that this was the case.

It’s important to understand that these entities are NOT here to be our friends. I know Qayin says a lot of darklord edgy whatever and it’s sometimes genuinely appropriate. In this case, about them not being our friends, this seems largely true. Common ground, common goal, payment. There will be outliers, potentially, but it’s good to keep this in mind.

It came to mine when Iblis asked & stated the entity agreed and should be allowed to go. It wasn’t done with malice. It was about efficiency and the entity not needing to wait for the formality, even if Iblis would (and did).


I’ve been trying to think of a suitable reply to your touching entry. I’m afraid I’m not gifted with words. So a sincere Thank You.

I don’t expect to get in over my head here, but do we ever really know? Isn’t that part of the journey?

I do not expect to find that all entities in this book will work for me the way I’d like - but don’t ever expect that. Some entities just “click” more with others and they can get more out of them. If you think of them as current (or sub-currents) of energies, then that makes a bit more sense - less resistance.

I think the key here is calling Iblis first. I think it’s an oversight (maybe deliberate, maybe a dangerous blind) to not use him as an overseer during these initial callings. Doesn’t mean you have to kiss his ass. I’m not, but one thing they ARE getting from me is a sort of public record being posted that illustrates my interactions. Good ones and bad ones are still valuable (same as publicity in a way), but if they want that sweeter magician blood…

Wrapping this into my approach (and your complements), this is a complex situation where I’ve reduced the irritants and things that can offend, presented offerings (and payments for results) to sweeten the deal, and there’s a public record that offers them a better chance to entice more to look into them.

I think that competent magicians that sweeten that deal like I have will have less trouble and more to gain, especially with publicity.

I hope that present my current early understanding and why I’m taking this approach. I hope it’s helpful. I know others will read of the negatives and only take it at “dark edgelord” (I MUST sell book) value.

But there are 70 more that can alter my opinion :rofl:


Naqiq accepted and Iblis stated that a drop of blood or two was fine.

Naqiq reminded me of a dangerous insect/entity that unfolds herself to see her full horror. She wasn’t interested in putting on a show, just showed a bit to let me know she was real, business. She was so quiet and almost reserved that I wondered, tbh. I don’t wonder now. She’s lovely and destructive.


Majid was next. Both Ibliss and Majid were present by the time I got done drawing their sigils. As I went to start the callings, Ibliss stopped me and asked why I was doing the callings if they were already here. I thought about it, shrugged, and presented my task.

Majid’s specialty is supposed to be crippling stomach pains, so I thought of someone locally that’s been a pain in my ass for the last year and who I should hear about having stomach problems. I’m normally in contact with this person daily, so that should be viewable.

Majid didn’t say anything else about his abilities and didn’t seem to want to engage in any additional dialogue. :woman_shrugging:



I was told that the target from last time would work well for this, so, I took that suggestion.

They were only here lightly pre-ritual. I did the callings, but they were getting a bit bored/impatient with the whole.

I think that if Qayin (and MW Ford) focussed on energetic skills, he’d/they’d be less wordy and more effective. Maybe that’s a blessing, idk. Whatever.

Work done on my end.


“If you were not here, I would destroy him right now.”

Had some trouble with an entity. Credit to Iblis, since the reasoning, smacks, and persuasion wasn’t working. Dissolving and reforming areas wasn’t working

I knew I would be calling two of his entities tonight, but not who.

“Another, more appropriate spirit will come”. He’s speaking of the sigils. An appropriate spirit will come.

The last one threatened my child to try to show some sort of whatever…

The point of this is to show that even if individual entities fail, Ibliss is watching and concerned. That is good.

3 entities tonight (was expecting 2).

I swept up and kept the Dittany of Crete. I also made some fresh cedar shavings.

I highly recommend a simple, clean paintbrush when things spill

But here are the ritual photos.

3 entities. Not only for my target (someone that hides behind sexuality and gender laws to harass others) but for those that now…think I’m…buzzword dar right whatever. Which no one that’s met me would ever come to.

Point is, this person has been fired for abusing these things before, at the expense of (usually) good people. If you have certain… qualifications, say, you can get fired for ridiculous things (pissing in plants in the hallway comes to mind) and then come back to continue to harass others legitimately trying to do their jobs.

So, he overstepped today when I challenged it (my language was questionable). True. Literally. But that doesn’t matter in this “feel good only” environment. When I was getting slandered across internal chat platforms, it was time to file a complaint. Unfortunately, I don’t check the right boxes on the HR block, so things needed done.

Hence 3 in one night. And the agreement that those I work with can also come to…act, within guidelines.

Iblis’ did ask me for a charged, blooded candle. Of course.

This person is trying to weaponize the policies and general good will to push their opinions and agenda, using race, gender identity, and well-meaning policies against any criticism, warranted or not. They’ve been fired from several jobs for this, abusing the same system they rely on to silence critics.

Fine silence me for a week or whatever. But I have a sibling that identifies similarly and this asshat is ruining it for people like them. They were just a loudmouth do nothing, until they decided to start slandering me on several (industry) platforms.

With my… demographic, it will get swept aside. It isn’t newsworthy and nobody gives a shit because it won’t sell.

Fine. I’ve got your number, asshole. I will wreck you, so you can’t harm anyone else. And I won’t stop until you lose the… certification…to continue lying and HR’ing your way to not only do nothing productive, but harming others just trying to do their work with impossible goals and motivation to try to reach them.

This asshat aside, I have more rituals to do for actual progression. I may have to work out a way to mentally…hinder…this person. So they can’t harm anyone else.


I know it may seem a bit counter intuitive, but this IS the type of target I would (fucking) nuke. I literally said similar to Iblis. There is a “trust” here that the thing WILL be taken care of - quickly - with a host of spirits waiting on the sides.

I don’t want to wait 1 week, but will accept 2-3. That’s for knocking this asshat out of the way. He’s a bit of a hydra using policy and political sensitivities (but not genuine work).

The way you deal with a hydra, person or spirit, is to dissolve it (and the possibilities) from within. Wiggle room leads to their further ability to act as LICE for the organizations they’re a part of.

I’ve done political things. I’ve done WAR things. But it seems I have to de-lice my areas of interest because they aren’t smart enough (or can’t) do it themselves.

Look, I’m subjected to the political restrictions too, (@UncleAl ), even as I support, uphold, and enforce them. To be fair, I reject those topics being here, but it doesn’t mean I don’t feel the “want” to explain.

But…having dispatched, I will wait. The end is certain. Just not the timing.



I am just so impressed! Beautiful stuff and well executed.



An update. I did get my hand smacked for “misusing” a collaboration tool today, but nothing else so far.

However, someone ELSE reported him for some questionable outside of work activities that fall under the “thou shalt not” governing the certification/credentialing for the occupation. There are rules you have to live by, not dissimilar to, say, like not getting a DUI and being a school bus driver.

I’m reasonably confident he’s been reported in other ways, too, for legitimately bad behavior. But I won’t say much more here.

This guy’s behavior and mental state weren’t the greatest before, but he’s barely holding it together at this point. Good, it’s a nice start. I checked in with Iblis and was about to start up my own supplemental ritual to attack other areas, but was asked by Iblis to wait until their work is done. I agreed to this, but I really wanted to start unloading on this turd. Rabid dogs need put down.

As a token of recognition, I also wanted to thank Belial for helping keep the legal aspects off of my back and greasing them to quicken his. He’s still working on it, but I did give him some blooded incense, which he hasn’t gotten in a while, with my studies taking me in other directions. Thank you, Belial. I look forward to your continued work.


Alraw’ah and Mdyan.

Alraw’ah is for torturing someone to reveal a body location.

Mdyan is helping them other three against that jackass target. There’s a long-term approach I want to take with it to help ensure they don’t come back like a hydra.

I had to light another charcoal disc. Things have been so damp these past few days that things are having trouble burning.


Quick update to this. It has begun. It was mentioned in the news the other day, and in another of my threads, that this had started again a few of the people as a whole. I look forward to watching them suffer as they have caused it to others.