Shadownomicon Work Through (2020)

I originally did this work through of D.H. Thorne’s The Shadownomicon starting July 2020. I’ve posted most of it in the past, in other places, but with starting anew comes consolidating this grimoire.

I still continue to work with the Shadow People and Legion (both of them I’ve found), but in lesser amounts than the work through here.

Read on and see the gritty path I took, using evocation, keeping open shadow portals, and coming out the other side.


(Current note - with all grimoires, I read them through first, then re-read pertinent sections. I use intuition, not emotion, to determine if this should be done. Here, I couldn’t stop thinking about it and the eye was calling me)

I have come to the conclusion I will work through this grimoire. But there are thing I won’t be doing or altering from the beginning.

I’m not sanctifying the candle, only cleansing (of the manufacturing process).

I’m not using the tourmaline or selenite (for protection).

I’m not using salt.

The portal will be inside my ritual space.

Not using the circle, just using my pace like (respectful) evocations.

Incense for the triangle points. 3 sticks. No wasted candles.

I will use the wand to direct the ritual space, so nothing exists outside of it (boundary).

For clarity - I decided to not use any of the protection mechanisms from the book. This wasn’t a brazen choice. On the one hand, I had Hecate pushing me to do this work, while also saying I should go without the “protective” measures the book recommends. I had been evoking for a year at this point, with rituals or similar happening every few days at least, if not daily.


Wrote the consecration yesterday after mentally cleansing the book via energy. Removed remnants until it felt clean and clear.

Lord Abaddon came to my book dedication. As I stared into the emblem of the Eye of Legion, I heard him say, “Yes…”

I cleansed and dedicated the book and I sunk into the ritual to empower the book. I did make some additions to the curse (of this grimoire), to not extend to children or my own child especially. Adults should be smart enough to stop reading when warned. If not, well, that’s their problem and they should know what to do.

Although Belial led me to start this path and Hecate (I knew her better) nudged me to finally do it, it is Abaddon that stands here at the end of my ritual.

Me: “My Lord, just so I can officially write this down…”

Abaddon: “You do not have to join Legion, due to the conflicts this would place upon you other obligations. This is assuming you make it that far.” (He chuckled at this last part. He knows he’s thrown the gauntlet).

I nodded. He nodded and left.

I’ve been feeling the presence of the shadow people since that night one showed up and left.

(note, this was a separate event, but related. I didn’t believe in shadow people, really, until one showed up in my bedroom as I was going to bed. Immediately afterwards, Belial showed up to tell me I had found my next path/area of work).

I bought the book and as soon as I saw the Eye of Legion, I felt drawn to it. I felt a chord of some kind strike within me. As I read through it, I tried to pretend that I should still walk away from it, that I still had some sort of choice. I suppose I did.

Between Beliel’s “request”, my curiosity at seeing one, and feeling the pull from Abaddon, I suppose the alternative was to turn to the “Light” Side, but that’s still just as full of ego and gatekeepers. Where’s the fun in that?



I performed the ritual for the vampiric stone. I had to use several breaths to extinguish it (lung issues since Iraq). I had to forcibly cut the connection I made to it when holding it to become part of the stone. Wrapped it in a black cotton cloth, which was a sheet a one point. No need to get fancy at this point.


I will do the Offering of Darkness, The Communion Ritual, the Offering Invocation, and the Initiation with Legion rituals tonight. Full moon’s in 2 days, but Abaddon’s anxious (?) to get going with this. He came as I was writing down the rituals into the front part of the grimoire.

Rituals complete.

Everything went well though the severing of the Veil. I felt like I could’ve done a better job visualizing the cuts, but without “knowing” what to expect on the other side, I don’t know that I would’ve seen anything different. It is supposed to be perfect darkness.

When I got to the offering intonation, I charged the stone with some negative emotions on the spot. When I got to the spot where it says to leave the candle burning if the offering was okay, I expected it to go out.

When I continued to the Invocation of Legion, I was halfway through when I heard, “Extinguish the candle.”

I paused. I heard it again. I knew it wasn’t Abaddon. It was from an entity I’ve never worked with before and whose (energetic) signature was odd, more like an amalgamation , than a singular entity. This was Legion, but it didn’t come through the Veil (note - the cut in the veil, part of the procedure).

Me: “If I extinguish the light, I can’t read to continue with the purpose of this ritual. May I continue this part of the ritual?”


I continued up to the part where it says “If you feel safe”.

“Extinguish the candle”

I did. There was more light out than I expected, but not enough to read or take notes.

“I accept your offer”, Legion said. It wasn’t just a singular amalgamation anymore. The area began filling up with dark beings, shadow people. " How many are there?", it asked.

Me: “I don’t know, more than thirty?”

L: “Guess and stop thinking.”

M: “62”

It laughed and then it felt like the number doubled. There were so many I felt it harder to breathe. I took it as it was, alternating between light concern and analytical wonder. Admittedly, the analytical thoughts were my attempt to control fear.

“I accepted. This meeting is over.”, it said and started to leave.

I willed it back and it tried to leave again.

“I haven’t verbally atoned the agreement”, I said and could feel it was on just the other side of the portal, listening, toying with me.

“You walk away from this, I don’t accept it. You don’t get the offering I prepared for the agreement.”

He hadn’t moved from the other side, but the legion of shadow people had stopped going through the portal. There were dozens still in the area.

I immediately felt a wide range of emotions that had no cause to be there. Anger, hate, betrayal, loss, despair…each lasting a few seconds, blending together at the edges.

It’s hard to understand why, at this point, but this felt like an acceptance by Legion, not just words. I had to intone and seal the agreement. I felt like that was it’s way of intoning.

“I’m going to light the candle and read the agreement, to state it verbally (formally). You have accepted it with the addition I added?”

“I accept”

I read the agreement and stated that since Legion had accepted it, I was going to seal it with my blood. When I did this, Legion did the equivalent, which he told me in trance.

The ritual was done.

“Legion, what should my next step be?”

“Practice, that (performance) was awful.”


I dismissed the entity and asked everyone present to leave. Abaddon was silent through the ritual, but felt he was very pleased with the completion, in a sort of way that you know you’re his designs and don’t know how. He left.

(2022 note - all entities have designs. The more ‘able’ you become towards those designs, the more this becomes apparent Not that it’s bad or undesirable. Just something to be aware of. Use this to negotiate a better position over time, instead of doing something stupid)

I repaired the portal (to seal it), leaned the area up, and wrote this.

Ironically, I feel so much less of a shadow presence in the area, that it almost feels like nothing 's here. Almost. (2022- because there was in influence campaign)



“It needs work”
It does. I blew out the candle.

Legion gave me a shorter way of communicating with him. Essentially, using intent and a standing version of communicating with him. Essentially, using intent and a standing version of the ritual, without all the wording and ritual fluff. Said to use a circle or similar to contain the working. Need to use the corrupt offering stone.

(2022 note - The opening of the portal in a ritual way is good for agreements and ‘formal’ callings, but has little other value. I do not use a circle or anything to contain it now. It’s rare that they have to come into my space (ritual space). Once the bond/link has happened for a while, this becomes less necessary, but should be considered for ‘formal’ or agreements where there are restrictions put in place.)

He accepted the emotional offering from the stone and my emotional disturbances with the fireworks going off during ritual prep (Iraq Vet, 4th of July) during the ritual prep.

Contact frequency is 1x/day at least (note, for me, they had the option). If privacy isn’t available, a thinner veil communication (the shorter version) will work.

To do this, I blooded a piece of paper. He “blooded” it on his side. I added a little more and mixed them energetically before burning it.

This created a link between us. A small part of me is with Legion and a small part of Legion is with me. I was assured by Legion and Abaddon that it wouldn’t be abused.

For another donation, he offered to help my friend in Oklahoma. I was assured by Legion and Abaddon that no harm or ill effects would befall them or their children, to help with the parasite issue (and other issues) they knew of, but I’m unaware of them (it isn’t my business).

My training cycle will look like 2 weeks w/Legion and will start in on Brute (shadow archetype, in tandem). there will be a 2 week overlap like this for most (archetypes). he said I will need more tie with some. In the end, he will let me know.


Did the ritual after charging the stone a little bit.

He started by mocking me, “That was better” (because there were no words).

“What would you have me do?”



“Nothing. We will present you with things to overcome. You’ll overcome them.”

“That’s it?”. I found this hard to believe.

“Yes. Keep charging offering to the stone daily. We will work on your problems.”

I didn’t say much of anything.

“There is one thing. This portal. You should leave it open.”

“Won’t that allow anything from the Abyss into my space? Why would I do that?”

“This one would. You forgot to set the restrictions when you created it.”

I replied that he was right and felt pretty damn foolish.

“Nothing else is coming through this one while I’m in it. Create another one. Set the restrictions to who you invite. Invite me and those I want to go through it. If there’s a problem, put it (the entity) back through the portal and/or talk to me.”

“Same agreement as when I commenced the working?”

“Yes, no changes. The agreement stands.”

“Very well. I will do this.”

"And you will progress for it (after putting in the work).

I closed the portal, sealed the veil, and closed the ritual.


Duly noted


05JUL (second ritual)
Later, I opened the portal. It’s restricted to Legion and those he allows through. It is also restricted to me (or Legion’s) pushing unwanted entities back through if there are issues.



My Grandma S decided to quite dialysis a few days ago. Having a hard time of it. Using emotion to charge the stone.

Legion did come to me earlier and say that he had no part in it, but the timing wasn’t 100% chance. The understanding I got is that this played a part in when I started my working, not that anyone involved had caused it. It range as genuine and the usual contempt or insolence was completely absent.

I was told last night that I would be learning something today. I was going to wait until nightfall, but have been pushed several times today to go outside and start. I suppose it’s night somewhere and the portal is still open.

I’ve had a couple of glasses of wine over the past hour. I think, given the wine and the video chat where I had to say goodbye, I’m not good for much more than a petition of some sort.

From the portal, I can see that this is the approach Legion is taking. I am to keep the workings of it to myself, for now…

I’ve been given permission to petition Legion to carry out an act. However, the difference is that, since I’ve begun to develop a relationship with Legion, I don’t need all of it to agree with it or even a majority. Individual spirits can agree, or not, to help. Those that agree will work fairly symbiotically (but not completely?).

Since the portal’s already open here, it would be one less thing to do.

The payment is interesting. Negative emotion is the primary fuel. They don’t care if it comes directly from me, from the stone, or both.

They’ve also suggested I could pay by sacrificing the target. I’ve been confused and conflicted about that for a few reasons.

  • If I’m some sort of “God”, isn’t my target of the same status?
  • How do I have sovereignty over them or their lives?
  • Will I not have to answer to mutual loved ones, if the targets are family/former friends/acquaintances? (At some point, will I not care?)

I’ve asked these questions several times and they, including Abaddon, think of it as some sort of academic exercise (seemingly)

I got 3 familiars from Abaddon and 3 from Legion. The 3 from Legion were to be tasked with a target I was given. There were no sigils for them, just names.


Honestly, this was two years ago and rereading it is like, “damn, that still applies”… Never know sometimes.



Legion stuck to his word on the portal restrictions thus far. While I feel the shadow people around, they aren’t as active as I suspected.

I had drained a lot of my emotion in Thursday’s goodbye ritual for my Grandma.

The following day, my wife was consumed with irrational fears about our son and the covid stuff I could see Legion’s hand in it, but, as she’s an atheist, I couldn’t explain why she was overreacting at everything that happened. He played that one well.



Ran into some difficulty with my schedule for my next being. I was told be Legion I’d be starting with Colossal in a few days.

I got sick Monday night, so he said I’d be given a few more days before starting, “unless we feel you can continue properly”. I’d been giving the best offerings I could, sometimes simply sending the nausea, headaches, and malaise into the corrupted stone. After all, are they not also offerings of pain and suffering?

Truth is, I can’ already feel Colossal in the corners, at the edges, but I’m not up for doing an evocation of consequence…

Maybe in a few days.


On my drive home from my Coronavirus test, I could feel Legion tugging at the corners of my perception, reminding me about starting my work with the Colossal shadow. Like I was going to somehow forget when I could feel its presence at times, in different parts of the house…

I started to get pissed - until I realized they could probably feed on that. I do have to admit that this path working has caused me to reexamine how I respond to emotions that they could feed on.

Today, Legion came again, as I was laying in bed, resting from whatever virus this is. This time, he wasn’t asking for a full ritual, which I’m not about to do, but said he’d settle for a verbal declaration (with intent). I had charged the stone earlier with the misery of being really ill. Guess he wanted to move this along.

I could feel both of them just behind the portal, listening.

"Colossal, I know you hear me. It’s time to begin our working together in your aspect of the shadow.

I will feed your stone as best I can, with my current condition. You may take from the stone as you please during this partnership, but you will not take (direct offerings) from me, my family, or my pets.

You will not harass or interact with my family or pets…

Agree to abide by this or don’t bother coming around"

I felt a sort of agreement from Colossal. Legion gave his agreement.

“So it begins.”

No idea what the rush is to get this started. I just hope I don’t get so worked up that I have a harder time recovering from this.



Colossal hasn’t been showing up much in daily activity. He lurks around the edges and is not omnipresent. If her were to get really charged up, he may present that way, though. He’s an ambush artist and fearful of direct confrontation. So, when I feel him, I call him out.

I’ve made a point to not feed him so much with irritation from my daily commute.

Since I haven’t been getting tested as much, I got some instruction. Part of this had to do with their energy type. It’s not quite negative. More like Dark.

They seem to be more of a specialized type of being that prefers singular energy sources, similar to a succubus.

I feel like I’m on the cusp of understanding it, but it’s just out of reach.

Legion showed me how to deal with “Rogue” shadows. First, it should be asked to join Legion.

  • If it agrees, then in Legion’s name or with his authority, command it to leave and not come back.
  • or siphon off the energy, purify it, and disperse or absorb it.

(2022 note - the benefit of having an entity join a hive like this is that you can negotiate with the hive, rather than a thousand (plus) individual entities. Having clout with the group gives you better negotiating power. The flipside is that you’re making it stronger.

However, I went on a purge earlier this year of every shadow person I came across because they refused to help prevent certain activities in parts of the world I was focusing on that involve my favorite targets - rapists and pedos. It was open season and I was merciless, though I didn’t evoke them. Just natural shadows. the neighborhood was a shadow person ghost town, as was all of the nearby neighborhoods on my commute. This has been negotiated and no longer in place. )

There were also lessons on sacrificing others, their emotions, etc… This was in the context of pedos, rapists…


I had closed the portal for Hurricane Douglas, that fucking disappointment. I opened it back up yesterday and the energy got weird.

3 shadows came into my room and demanded to be fed.

“If you want an offering from the stone, you’re going to have to do something benficial for me.”

Without saying anything or gesturing, they acknowledged/agreed and left. No idea.

I went outside to feed the stone and could feel Legion waiting on the edge of the portal. I went through the memories of the day and fed the stone. As I was doing it, those three jackasses come back and start taking from it as I’m feeding it.

After knocking them back and breaking their connections to the stone, we set a new rule that no one’s entitled to the energy in that stone while it’s in my hands and/or being fed.

That night, I had near-continuous nightmares until around 2am. Al involving women. It’s clear I’m to call the Shadow Woman (tonight on 01AUG20).



I called forth the Shadow Woman and and it has started. I could feel her near me as I was writing the invocation down onto the paper for the ritual.

As I began the general invocation, I could feel her building up behind me to my left. This only had effects on this back left side. I started getting chills and had a sort of tingling sensation running up only the left side of my spine. The hair on my neck only stood up on the left side, too. This has never happened before.

I said her invocation and as soon as I was done, the sensations got stronger.

“You know I’m already here”, she said, as I finished up the equivalent to her enn.

“I know what you really want…I do.” She said this in a way that conveyed a combination of regular conversation with sultry undertones.

I could feel her lean closer (how?) and it was obvious that she attempting to exert some serious influence over my reactions and, through them, my thoughts.

I collected my thoughts and realized I hadn’t yet given her the same restrictions I had done with Colossal. She, in turn, had already started trying to influence things to her favor.

“There are some conditions.”

“What? Oh, you’ve been playing with Colossal. He definitely needs them.” She shifted behind me more, but stayed near my left, center back. The physical effects continued.

I read out the conditions, which were almost identical to Colossal’s. She agreed, but was clearly ‘disappointed’.

She shifted tactics and started asking along similar lines as when she had started. This time, it was about how I’d be interested in situation X or Y and I was getting images of things from the past.

She made a mistake at this point. She moved around to sit on my leg, but I felt nothing. The influence work she had started began dissipating slightly, enough that she recovered for another go.

She whispered to me and I’m feeling myself getting more and more tired, mentally and physically, exacerbated by a poor night’s sleep and several hours of hiking earlier.

She leans in so close to my face it felt like there was only an inch or two between us. “Kiss me.”

Something inside me became wary and before I can open my mouth to say anything, I hear, “Don’t.”

A single word of warning. And I was smart enough to listen instead of asking her anything about it. (I was going to ask about the consequences and why she would want one).

I stopped to ask who it was and Abaddon came forward.

She dropped character and screamed for a second, but picked right back up where she left off.

I’m exceptionally tired at this point. I ended the ritual.

Abaddon then explained that direct feeding isn’t recommended, but that with practitioners that can actually do something about any ties to shadow people, it’s less of a problem.

She never asked me to blow out the candle.


My (2022 former) succubus has a hard time with the Shadow Woman. She’s concerned for me and I spent some extra time with her today. (2022 - she wasn’t a fuck puppet).

She came by as I was mentally preparing and gave me a kiss. I thanked her and sent her on her way. As soon as she was gone, the Shadow Woman said, “Good, now we can finally be together.” I had her pause as I wrote this down. She has been trying to get me into communication with her for a few hours.

“Turn out (off) the light”, she demanded, irritated that I’ve made her wait.

I turned the light off.

“There, that’s better.” She came up behind me, in the center of my back, but the tingling wasn’t there. Instead, I could feel her anger pressing lightly on most of my middle back.

Her anger was also evident in her voice, “Why did you make me wait?”

“To be sure we wouldn’t be interrupted. Do I not owe you that much respect? We would’ve been interrupted several times”

“And you made me wait.”

“Would you rather we be interrupted? I can make that happen.”

She was seething at this point and it was rubbing off on me a little. I could feel my irritation rising, so I took a deeper breath than normal and let it out a little slower.

“I could ruin you, you know… I could ruin it.” I saw pictures of my family and, specifically, my wife. “I could have taken it all away.” Here, I saw everything I had worked for - my job, my family, my health… There were also impressions of losing my pride, my self-esteem, … things I value emotionally.

“Then I suppose I will have to work a little harder to get some of them back.”

She started moving towards my front, starting to act sultry again, but there wasn’t the same build up as last night.

“Maybe I was a little harsh. I think you owe me an apology.”

“I don’t believe I do. I told you when I would call upon you, after acknowledging your presence. You chose to stick around. I’m not going to apologize.”

She moved to the front of me and pointed a finger in my face, “You Will.”

A little anger flared up as I grew tired of dealing with her. “Why did you want to meet with me? What’s the purpose?”

“Do I need one?”, she fired back, sounding like she couldn’t believe I had asked it.

“What’s the purpose? I’m willing to call on you, but I’m not here to waste my time. What do you want?”

“You’ll see.” She left.



Legion isn’t keeping the Shadow Woman in check. Last night, after my succubus came to lay with me before bed, Shadow Woman and others ringed the bedroom several times (thick). Some fighting ensued whenever I turned my attention back to being with her. Last night’s nightmares were the worst yet. I had to bring her inside of me to get them to stop.

Lilith came to scoop her up and whisk her off to safety.

After thinking it over throughout the day, I’m going to forcibly evoke Legion and the Shadow Woman.

I’ve taped the incense holders into a triangle. I’ve sealed up the open portal. They will be called into this triangle.

I’ve spoken with Belial and Abaddon this evening. Belial was amused, but seems a bit proud. I asked about the amusement and he spoke of te difference between when I started and now. (2022 - never really clear).

Legion and Shadow Woman were coerced (due to the troubles) into accepting my succubus as a part of my Family. Part of the issue is that Legion knew Shadow Woman collected all of the other shadows las night and let it happen.

(2022 - general banishing workings weren’t working properly and other mitigations methods were under-performing. This is partially due to persistent methods they can deploy to withstand these things (without giving away what’s happening). The methods work, but a persistent, powerful one (or many) can use these. Simply shadow people, by far the most likely, are not able. They aren’t developed enough).

If it hadn’t been so brazenly disrespectful and the attach hadn’t been coordinate with Colossal, I may have let it slide.

I will likely close the portal tonight or, well, I don’t know. Abaddon wouldn’t weigh in. Belial said I would know what to do.

I’m not sure what to do.

I called down the whit pillar of the cosmos and the red column from below to claim my ritual space. I typically don’t do this in my regular rituals. I drew a circle around the outside of the triangle and drew it into a sphere, to contain the portal I would be opening.

I then went through the Veil Cutting ritual and opened a portal inside the sphere.

“Legion and Shadow Woman. Come forth to the portal. You will answer for this past day’s actions.”

They came to the portal’s edge and didn’t try to come out. They didn’t appreciate the candle I had lit and had placed outside their sphere.

“We’ve done nothing wrong to answer for.”

“Legion, you have control over the portal I had opened. No one was allowed through without you approval. You allowed all of them through and said nothing as Shadow Woman and Colossal organized a mass gathering and attack in my living space. You see nothing wrong with attacker her while she was with me?”

Shadow Woman started giving impressions about being “sorry”, for “misunderstanding” the intent of the rules, etc…

Legion said nothing.

“Is that it?”, I asked and waited for a response that didn’t come.

“Very Well. I’m closing your portal. You’ll have to expend the energy to get here now. That will be all.”

I closed the portal and fully repaired the area. I then did the same to the standing portal, which I closed, but didn’t fully seal.

When I finished, there were only a few shadow people waiting to harass me. Much easier than the dozens from last night.

I can’t dumpy my work in this area. I DID agree to it and I will see it through. That doesn’t mean I have to keep the portal open.

2022 note. Maybe earlier this year, I called on Legion to try to negotiate fewer…crimes… dealing with conflict in a part of the world. Legion disagreed. I wasn’t asking for a cessation of shadows feeding - that would be impossible. I asked to limit some of the worst sorts of behavior from being encouraged by Legion (all of the groups). Legion refused.

It became Open Season on any Shadow I came across. I don’t just banish or push them away. I can dissolve and absorb them. Open Season. Eventually, an agreement was reached, with what I asked for. Why? Because all I had to do was forcibly evoke them, however many, and use them (with modifications) for my workings). Dissolving scores and absorbing them as I went through Baltimore on my way to the Zoo can be done. And more.

Eventually, with a crisp and clear area surrounding where I live, Legion came to negotiate. I was thankful. I cannot condone any crimes, but I can try to prevent the worst due to encouragement from the shadows.


I slept so damn well last night… I woke up with the realization that while once facet of the Shadow Woman is called the “damsel in distress”, that role had been reversed. The damsel had been my succubus (2022 - there was an incident when she went after the Shadow Woman no listed here). I sat and thought about this for a bit, off and on, during the day, without coming to any sort of conclusion.

The house was quiet last night and continued through today.

When I was on my walk, I could feel the Shadow Woman draw up behind me. She had come alone. “You left rather abruptly last night”, she said, as if there hadn’t been any issues in the past few days.

“It seemed appropriate.”

“how’s your damsel-in-distress?”

“Haven’t seen you around today.”

“You locked the house up.”

I didn’t say anything, but kept walking.

“You’re wondering why you have to deal with some of them more than once.”

She was right. There are some shadow people that I remove and they come right back immediately. Others, it only takes once. The situations had been moving fast enough that I didn’t have the time to take everything in to identify any type of cause or solution.

“You’re only doing it on one level.”. She left without saying anything else.

It was obvious, from the lack of manipulation, that she had been sent with the message by someone that could enforce a “no drama” meeting.

(It was Abaddon).

Later that night, as I was in bed (and not being bothered), Abaddon asked me to reopen the portal. I wasn’t happy.

in return, he gave me a right arm armor of sorts that can kill shadow people. It can be used in other ways, but I haven’t tested this. (2022 - if one takes an energetic approach to magic, there are similar means. With this, one adopts this ‘armor’ astrally, to then act on the shadow or other targets).

I did ask why he would give me this info and ability,to be knowingly used against them, including shadows in his legions. “If I need more, I’ll make them.”