A Walk in the Qliphoth

I am technically not doing the self-initiation yet, that’s for January, BUT I’ve had the Qliphoth bleeding through in my life since a little while now. It’s been what, a month or two now. So I thought I would record it all before I really start (mostly some Qliphothic dreams I get).

Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic, by Thomas Karlsson was the first book I’ve read on the subject, and a few days ago I bought Tree of Qliphoth, by Asenath Mason, that I started reading. They are both really interesting, and I might try to look for more books about it when I’m done with the one from Asenath Mason.

This was two dreams I got, a bit after I started reading the first book. I didn’t record everything honestly, but there is some in my dream journal.

Also, it’s now a bit more calm, but I’ve had a lot of drama going on around me, but not directed towards me. Drama with my family (my aunt), and two more with some friends. In all three of them, I was just spectating pretty much, so I was wondering if it wasn’t the cause :thinking:


good luck :muscle:


Best of luck.


Goodluck @Mei I recently completed my Qliphoth initiation and I’ll tell you this, my life was turned upside down.

BUT I’m a better man for it now.

Goodluck and loads of shadow work and you’ll come out alive and sane.


@Onyo @Jk999 @Kindraathe

Thank you guys :slight_smile: I actually can’t wait to get started, but I told myself I would start in January :joy:


We SALUTE you @Mei :muscle:


Good luck Mei, enjoy the ride :sunglasses:


Alright, let’s begin. I originally wanted to do this yesterday, but I was so tired from my day of work (6 am to 6 pm), I decided I would do it the next day. And so today is the day.

I am using The Rites of Acharayim by VK for this one, starting simple. If I go again in the future, will try something different.

Day 1 Nahemoth Recitation done !

My forehead was pulsating like crazy after I was done, and I did feel a small change in the air.
Also for some reason, after the recitation I was thinking about a dream I had a few months ago, it’s probably written down somewhere in a journal but kinda lazy to find it again (I only have a small part of it in my phone). In this dream there was a huge black door in some high up red mountain. I also saw that gate in a meditation at some point around that time.
Always wondered what it was, but it was probably the gate of one of the spheres, looking back now. I actually had a lot of dreams before that were Qliphothic in nature, but I never realized it until recently.

Let’s see what the night will bring me.


Very cool @Mei I’m proud you decided to do it. I wish you well in this endeavor.

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Heck yeah! Congratulations on starting this work! Go Mei, Go!


Night 1 Nahemoth

Holy shit, so much things happened, and never had that many dreams I think.

In the first one, there was caterpillars in my house, only two from what I can remember. They had little hairs all over them (the ones that makes you itch like crazy), and were mostly just black, with a bit of red.

Had another one right after I think, but can’t remember a single thing from it.

In the third dream, I was in front of my house. My neighbour, with who I used to play when we were little, came to say hi to me. Kinda funny, cause I haven’t seen him in years.
He told me he was going in the south of France for the week-end. I ended up going with him for some reason, with my mom, cousin and sister too I think. I remember sitting on the back seats of his car, on the right side. For some reason, I only had a tower with me (to go to the beach maybe lmao), and my phone.
I can’t recall very well what happened after that.

In another dream, or I think it was one, I was flying above something… I’m really not sure what it was, it “felt” like it was a portal for like another world/plane of existence. It was purple.

… Wait, there is more !

Now I don’t know if those were dreams, they really didnt feel like it, but I also didn’t feel myself leave my body.

It actually lasted for SO long, I can’t remember everything that happened, but I ended up in a place with a man, he was the one who brought me there. It was pretty dark. We were walking in that “building”, crossing a few people. At some point there was a… woman (?) flying, going after someone, and the man with me said it was a harpy, chasing people away who were not invited… or something like that. People who were not meant to be here.
The man with me looked big and muscular, and actually really nice and patient. I ended up having sex with him at some point, in which he took his time with me, and let me take the initiatives. Hm hm :smirk:

I “woke up” a bit after, but instantly went back. I wanted to go back with that man, so I tried to make a portal to go to him. That’s something I had never successfully done before, but I had tried multiple times. I could not see the portal that I made, but I could sense it was there, so I just crossed it. Everything went black for a second, and then I was back in his bedroom where he had brought me before.

Not sure what happened after, other than the fact that he entered the room and was happily surprised to see me there. I think I went back in some weird ass dreams right after.

Amazing first night, I don’t know if that will continue to be the case lmao


Day 2 Nahemoth Recitation done !

Nothing to say for today, let’s see what the night will bring.


Night 2 Nahemoth

Couldn’t remember anything sadly, was too exhausted from my day.

But before going to sleep I think I got a visit from Naamah herself. Either her or another spirit, I don’t know. I had a vision a bit after of a white and a black candle next to each other, that’s all.


Day 3 Nahemoth Recitation done !

I felt pretty good today, full of energy, compared to yesterday, where I felt so tired and had a terrible headache. It was like someone was literally stepping on my forehead. Terrible sensation.

Time to go sleep.


Night 3 Nahemoth

Nothing I could remember again for tonight, no surprise here since I had a full day of work.


Day 4 Nahemoth Recitation done !

Ah please give me some nice dreams that I will remember for tonight, I will even take nightmares and fucked up dreams at this point :rofl:


Night 4 Nahemoth

Nothing I could remember again. I barely remembered something right when I woke up this morning, but it just vanished instantly.


Day 5 Nahemoth recitation done !

So far I’m getting a lot of visions, saw the head of a dragon watching me yesterday while I was relaxing in my bath, and I just feel watched overall.


Ouch :confounded: maybe the work is being done on your subconscious?


@Dagars actually you’re exactly correct. Much of this takes place subconsciously.