Continuing education - Whatcha Reading?

I’ll start. I think it’s really Important that we not get comfortable. The world is moving forward. We need to be moving forward too or we’re actually falling behind. In this spirit I regularly try to pick up new skills to compliment and expand on my knowledge and abilities.

I’m reading the “nightside of Eden” Kenneth Grant

I’ll be honest I’m fucking lost. I understand about 30% of this and the shitty part is this is an area of magic I have a decent foundation in. Fascinating book I’m gonna keep with It.

Let’s have some accountability here and if yoú post on a book you post when you’ve finished it.



I wanted to ask if anyone had read Hecate’s Fountain. I’m so curious about Kenneth Grant!

Could you elaborate a bit more about Nightside of Eden?


I’m 45 pages in and we’re talking qlippoth and the tree of life and the gematria correspondences between the two


Botanical curses and poisons


That’s so main character like DC poison Ivy!


After discussions of Akhkharu: Vampyre Magick, I decided to give it another read to see if I can find anything interesting.

Magical Knowledge Book II and III by Josephine McCarthy

Book of the Fallen: Satanic Theory, Ethics, and Practice by Martin McGreggor


Digging into this trilogy as well :slight_smile:
Did you work through the first book?


Are you thinking genius, or nonsense?


Isn’t there a little genius in every nonsense and a little nonsense in genius?

Add: regardless it’ll be interesting to hear about what his take away is on it now so I’m sorta following this thread for that.


Oh it’s genius, for sure, I’m just not a genius so the light is a little too bright me. My eyes are adjusting. Hecate’s fountain is on my to do list also.


And the filthy grimiore by Jareth Tempest

But I just started reading it.


You need to understand that not everyone agrees with this material (or any) and a more complete picture is only possible from round-robin reading of things that sometimes conflict.

Edit - no everyone agrees with Grant, I should say. In this area, there are a LOT of suppositions and you’re trusting the author. Because the actual material for this are is almost non-existent, for actual scholars. But scholar are not usually practitioners and the same is said in reverse moreso. They lack the academic rigor.

Most of Michael W. Ford’s works are ridiculed by actual scholars, for example.


The books I’m reading right now involve Demonolatry (Kasdeya), an Islamic grimoire that is partially translated, and trying to read books on New Age stuff when I know I could show up and wreck their show (because I will read and consider thing from people I disagree with).

That last bit, stay out of my way, kindly, or your plastic, fluffy world will result in napalm once I light a fire and spread it like wildfire…

Too fluffy?


That Kasdeya sounds way cool.


First four weeks are attunements and prep for the rest.

If you’re experienced in evocation, my opinion, the elemental circle can be “helped” to come quickly.

But the mainstay is the work. Most of these entities are about upheaval in non-trivial ways. Yes, they have a “week”, but it isn’t limited that week. You’re inviting them in, then asking them to upheave things, sometimes multiple times.

Can this be beneficial? Of course. For someone like me, that has worked to a stable life that is projected to be longer-term, it’s a risk.

BUT we aren’t just bobbers floating in the waves here. Make the upheaval. Make the waves that ruin the day or week or month.

Because we will arise from the sand, one or more fingers raised, ready to do better than before!

And that’s the point of progress. Kadesya is another form of…refinement…of hardship… In this case, it isn’t psychological or emotion unless the entities decide that is needed.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t somewhat reserved or concerned about what Zagan (Zagam) and Lucifuge Rofocale will…change…

But I will rise from the ashes and anything else…needs reforged…

Is that not a similar approach to the Sephiroth/Qlippoth, in the end?


Absolutely right man. That verbage and delivery you reminded me of Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man

Qlippoth will definitely cause upheaval.

You know what that’s an awesome word" Upheaval" you just figured out what my next essay will be about.

I’m with you man I’ve got alot to lose so upheaval doesn’t sound great. But also on the other hand I’ve had times where I didn’t have a thing. So I shouldn’t be scared of that.

This is veering of topic Abit but Im vibing on this now. Think I’ll go write something about it.


The truth is that the texts put into ACTION and (suffered through) into experience is what makes transformation, yes?

Yes, yes, I know that some dumbass shroom guru with better verbage would have a thousand followers…

But we’re about applied things here. Well, more than not. I can present you a series of sigils that will lead you to become a dragon lord feared by the dead and (weak) living if you just submit to my exercise plan, weekly check-in, and 10 billion recurring payments of 2 trillion Norse900 Coin (not a real thing) accepted).


Perfectly said.

Here’s the kicker

Nothing except putting it into action AND suffering through it is enough to cause the transformation.

Right on!


I’m going to make a new topic now on upheaval. That’s a brilliant direction for this to go.


I did read through the first one about a week or so ago. I’m about halfway through the second one. She has an interesting way of thinking.