Void Talk Path Workings

So begins… this day of August 12, 2022
A new home, a new journal, a new hope… oh wait that’s star wars…

back story, Foolish me thinking that i could just write a name down and ask for a favor… it requires work, it requiers energy, and getting to know who your working with.

But you know, i think i’m going to stick around for a while.

HH, i’ll be back


A friendly word of advice I was told once by spirits I respect. Stop worrying about destinations and enjoy the journey, live in the now.

Glad you’re here bro!


I need to chill, my major issue, i am with great company!

Thank you brother


Day two… well just to catch everyone up

In the beginning, i discovered back in febuary of 2020 before the outbreak that magick was real


Well like E.A. and Norse, and a few others on similar paths. I come from a mormon background, no i do not have magic underware, or go on a mission.

But been inactive senses the age of 23, 2003, maybe even before.

But in march of 2020, an image drew my attention.

Today August 13 2022, i got up at dawn at 6:30 am, got dressed, and stepped outside with a small tea leaf candle recited the mantra for the rite of the impregnable, and again.

After returning inside sat down to do a chakra tune up meditation, and passed out. Now i will be doing a guided meditation on meeting your spirit guide.


The fucking synchronicity, I was literally just driving home 30 minutes ago from Walmart. Looking out my car windows in amazement for all the beauty around me. It got me thinking how I never took the time to notice it all before. I actually stopped and pulled over to get some scenic views.



Lastnight’s guided meditation was intense, using this meditation: MEET YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES (Guided Meditation) 528Hz - YouTube, i used before to meet Vassago elier.

I saw a beautiful young lady, the outline of her body golden as yellow sunlight poured behind he. She lowered something that infront of her allowing me to see her, as she stood naked before me. Smilling ear to ear. she stood untill the meditation was over, but i wasn’t able to hear anything except the words of the narrator.

Continuing with my personal history… i’ve been trapped in a cage of my own making, like the 8 of swords, i can escape at any time, but blinded. I am blinded by my own lack of faith in my abilities.
Florida, a pretty place to visit but i’m tiered of living here, and planning to return to Las Vegas, NV, my home town. I am saving money to move back.
Living here with my over bearing JCI wife for the past 5 years, making my life hell. No candles, insense makes her sick, my dark imagery frighten her.

Beloved Patron, Prince Vassago.
I prase the great Prince Vassago, i respect and honor him, he has my gratitude. Thank you prince Vassago!

Escape to the astral, i am currently building an astral temple where i can continue my studies, craft and work with the spirits.

Hail Prince Vassago


Awe memories… not to long ago, i recall a story about how Belial sent me a teacher, thanks to the help of Ket, Angelb, norse, and ReyCorevo. “You guys are awesome”

Also, something funny…


8/17 I was helped by a speaker from King Paimon, who informed me to do more meditations with my patron, Prince Vassago asking question, and writing down how i felt, and weather or not i heard

me: are you their
PV: yes

Me: will i ever return to vegas
PV: silence, but felt a confident yes

Me: will i ever win gambeling
PV: yes

Me: are you helping me with my clairs
PV: yes

The after the question, continuing to listen to his enn, i took several breaths in, each time, i magined Vassago’s energy flowing into my Chakra, and added the Zeal chakra for good measure.

Those who, and have, above that ye are able, rise: vhvs gg ymf f suu vhvs


Oh Fonk, i’m not sure, i should post this… but early this morning, still dark out, i sat on a bench, keep an eye out for the security guard, and hurried…

Removing a small insenses holder, ceder insenses, and a blue candle, i set to work…

Found a beer can, and cut it in half, one side as a candle holder, the other side to hold my offerings.

I always carry a small notepad on me snd pen, and quickly jotted it out my petitions.

I ran the candle through the smoke, then held it between my hands by my heart, saturating it with my heart chakra energy, also saying this was for Vassago.

Writing, Vassago, i ask you to aid me in XxX contest, before burning the paper, placing it into the bottom portion of the cut beer can.

Second note, I wrote a petition out to my ancestors to please help remove all blocks in aid of XxX contest. Burning it as well.

I lit and offered Vassago a cigarette as I went to dump the ashes into the nearby lake.

I managed to through the evidence away, leaving behind the nearly burned out stick of inscense to finish, never looking back.

Hail my belove patron, Prince Vassago.


Guess i lost… nothing else, today been a hecktic day, so ho hummm…


That’s like MacGuyver improvising. Awesome bro!


Thanks, someone once told me it was street magic, useing elements, weather there discarded junk or other implements found in the area to perform you workings.

Though i lost, i know the spirits were there trying to give me an edge.


Totally agree. Some may want to wait for the “perfect” time (with imperfect measurements). Kick that off when you feel you should.

It may not be the “witching hour” in your area, but does the rest of the Universe actually care? Likely not…


I like that, makes me think of the narvana song “come as you are”

How are you brother?


Tired (regular life), but good. Still pressing forward. All right, maybe at a walk, but forward. Tou?


Good good, even if it’s baby steps, same here, excited to start a new job, and may get my ass to my home town, 6 of Swords


Hopefully pointed away? I’m an idiot with the tarot, my dude.


Oh, 6 of swords deplics a family huddled on a boat pulling into new lands away from old baggage.

it’s also Belial’s tarot card.

may symbolize Transition, change, rite of passage, releasing baggage. leaving trouble behind


Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve last made a journal entry, so far my life has been kind of a living hell with my wife now working days, no longer being able to do rituals at night. I have attempted to make several astral temples Within Myself and been doing lots of meditation as well as working on my chakras.

I’ve also been doing the 33-day protection right as listed in the book of magical protection by Damien brand.

Here’s a question for you if thoughts are prayers and words are spells then what are written words?