The Black Book of Azathoth

I will be doing a sort of work through for the Black Book of Azathoth, starting within the month.


I learned the hard way to keep the first post short, so I didn’t have to scroll for five minutes to hit the Reply button…

There is a lot of good with this book. Somewhere between 1/3-1/2 is usable enough that I feel I can do something with it. On its own, the useful part is a collection of sigils, an opener ritual, and not much more.

the rest is...

full of conspiracy theories, lizard people, pretend Science, impending doom (that they had to walk back on), inch deep thought, and other nonsense.

I get that it’s tempting to bring these things in, but their attachments to this lore were barely there or not even relevant. This also fluffed the book size by 1/3-1/2, which is where the rest of the space went.

There are quite a few tools “required” for what is barely a half dozen rituals. Some I will be using.

What I will be using:
Crystal ball (black tourmaline one, 3" coming from Amazon as a test)
Black candles
A piece of Onyx as the Trapezohedron, whether it is or not.
(Maybe) Mirror of Azathoth (Don’t we already have the crystal ball?)
The Trinity of Triangles is particularly interesting to me and will be drawn out energetically. I plan on making a physical copy of it as a ritual cloth at some point.

The Wand of Nyarlathotep isn’t really used in the given rituals, not is the Goblet of Shub-Niggurath. If these become important, I will create and consecrate them.

What I won’t be using : The 2’ x 2’ glass altar that isn’t used in the book at all. Black ebony crystal ball stand. Four mirrors (one of these is for the crystal ball, so why the stand?). 3 fist sized pieces of obsidian (I will use smaller, raw pieces if I need to).

I won’t be using Sea Salt, either. The salt is used to draw out the three circles (outer is 9 feet). I want to do as many of these rituals outside as possible and don’t want to be spreading sea salt out nightly to kill off the plant life in the area. I also have an open space to the Dead, which is more important to me than following his instructions exactly. He does say you can use other things later on in the book, but this is a huge mess, when you have plans for this like I do.

Which leads me to how I will be conducting this. This is going to be a gauntlet. I’m setting myself up for some potential hurt here. Back in 2020, I did the Shadownomicon work through and it occurred to me that this would work out well in a similar fashion.

I will plan on working with each of the entities for a month each. I will reach out daily to see if I should go into ritual or not. If they say I should and respect my time in it, then I will continue in this manner.

They will be given only a few restrictions, that I expect from any spirit that comes into my space. They will not negatively impact my family or pets, nor any spirits in my space that do not provoke them. It’s implied that challenges should result in some sort of equal or greater gain, but this is unspoken.

Qayin starts with a pledge at the beginning of the book, but this doesn’t seem to be used. I will meet with some of them before I do. Because…

I’ve worked with them a bit before. Most of the rituals involved mental projections using a given sigil/symbol and interactions therein. Because of this, I don’t quite buy into Qayin’s “restrictions” on these entities, but will play his game during this work through.

While he insists everything be done on the initial day of the waxing moon, I don’t see how entities outside of this realm need be restricted to that. So, once I make my preparations and feel the call (I already feel some of their attention), I will go into ritual and begin this gauntlet. I will also maintain my daily rituals to the Maoshan, Leviathan, and the Dead.



Yog-Sothoth " I approve of this wand."

Nyarlathotep nodded.

My Death wand was accepted. It came from Oahu, the same huge Banyan tree that the Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed in at Turtle Bay.

They came because I was searching for it, in the location it was in previously. If that isn’t a calling or push (likely successful, but always with risk), I don’t know what is.

I grabbed my wand, kissed it, and started looking at what needed done.

– I felt the need for my wand. I normally use fingers. Or a twig. This wand is ‘special’, though. They want it used. That’s fine. I’ve missed it.


Took me quite a while to find it.

Felt so good. Like meeting an old friend.

So, it was found. Tonight’s call was to not Yog-Sothoth and Nyarlathotep. YS first.

I drew the triangle energetically. The entities were already, here…

Go straight to Yog-Sothoth Evocation. We’ve met. Once it gets to the pretend-language stuff on 2-3-4, stop. He doesn’t care that you can’t the nonsense. You’re looking for an intelligence that is multi-faceted and probing.

Well, there is another way. You curry favor over time. But don’t think you won’t be “food” or ‘snacks’ s @Laurel_Spider would say.


Let me be very clear here. If you’re a magician whose “power” is largely external, you better be very careful here.

If you’re new to the energetic ways, you’d better be careful here.

Enough rope to hang yourself comes to mind, if you get heavy enough.

But if you’re experienced enough, there is a sort of back-scratching agreement. The further along you are, the larger your back-scratcher.

You are “food” for for them, as they are for you. Don’t fool yourself otherwise, is my opinion, with this book and the year beforehand.

Power is the currency at play here.


Second night of the Initiation, second cut. The first was supposed to be where the new one is, but it doesn’t matter. I just don’t want them visible from my work shirts.

Nyarlathotep wanted me to grab my existing Lovecraft workings and start adding to that.

Ny: “I accept you, but finish the initiation. I will give you my dark mark that you may carry it through the world in your wake. (Though I hate you (note - mankind in general))”

I nodded and bent my head. I felt some sort of blackness creep into then around my rib cage. It wasn’t dangerous to me.

Ny: “Carry me on yout breath as you move amongst the worldlings. No, it is not a danger to your family (or your pets). It is not a poison, but…enlightenment.”

Me: “And won’t this harm my chances of getting better overseas assignments?”

Ny: “We all must make sacrifices for what we really want.”

I didn’t like it, but didn’t want to turn down the gift.

Ny: “(He nodded) Then I will help with that. You have your first task.”

He then left. I closed the triangle, dispersed the circle, and called it good.

I decided to place my Yog-Sothoth idol in the center of the energetic triangle. This time.


Here’s an example of some of my previous work.


The last mark is there. It was the marking that was important, not the blood. The first night’s blood streamed down my arm. Several running streams, so I left it in the Blood Letting thread (this is the invitation thread)

Leviathan made an appearance, because I was refusing to say I was dedicated to them, as I am dedicated to him in a similar way the wording was suggesting. He smoothed it with me, they (Yog-Sothoth and Nyarlathotep) accepted.

Ny: “There, I have accepted you.”

Me: “You did. I thank Leviathan for the wording advice.”

Ny: “The agreement is worthwhile (for both and he’d make sure it was to them). No, you will create a black triangle inside the circle and empower it with my energy. You do not need to call Yog-Sothoth, but as a courtesy (with me, when calling me). I would.”

Ny: “Tomorrow, only one circle, not three. The Trinity of Triangles should be cast in the air. Yog-Sothoth will already be aware through your idol”

He left.

Me: “Yes, Lord Nyarlathotep.”

The incense they requested at the end of the ritual. I’m leaving/empowering the circles, triangles, etc. until it is out.



I forgot to do the triangle inside the single circle, but did the single circle. I made sure it didn’t overlap with other dedicated spaces here. I did draw and open the Trinity of Triangles as displayed on the cover of the book.

I pulled his energy into the circle and even though I could feel him watching, recited the Evocation of Nyarlathotep.

I already saw I would be using a candle. He ended up having me pull the surrounding energy into my wand with the intent of sending it into the candle.

The then bid me to light it. I asked if it needed blooding and he said it would be accepted, but not required. (for this demonstration). No intent, no spoken words, nothing.

For how long and how many times? “Until I say so.”

He has told me to put the candle out already and largely left. He did say that this is partly to spread his energy into a space, to store it in a usable form (candle, intent and whatnot later), and partly just because he said so.

I took a photo later to demonstrate. This candle has not been charged.


(I’ve also seen that this candle could be used as a slow curse, if one wanted to. Super charge it and leave it to melt/degrade away over time at a location)

Nyarlathotep: “You already know what to do.”

I took the pooled power and will it into the remaining candle from yesterday, which I had lit before calling him.

He then injected (more like an attunement) me with more of that black energy (of Science and Wonder, black with Reason that borders on Madness).

Ny: “No, you will not fall to that, I think (madness). Sup all you want (on it, even outside of ritual), but heed my call if I tell you to stop (or the madness would be my own fault). While the science of magick can easily cause men to madness, reversing it is much harder.”

He asked for my hands afterwards and I hesitated. I didn’t know what he wanted. I raised it to where he was standing. He took a little of me and put it inside of him and gave the same in return. It isn’t permanent or anchored in. but I could see that it would help me in the meanwhile.

Why did he do that? Well, a lot of reasons. One I knew then was that it would help with the connection. I can focus on it and feel him/his attention when I do so. It won’t replace the daily call to check in, but it will allow for easier communication and interactions when not in ritual, say, when I’m looking at my computer screen in a crowded place and don’t want to draw attention by casting a circle, casting a triangle, drawing the Trinity of Triangles, then drawing and opening his sigil to speak…

Faster Attunement is another thing that can happen. It’s more like having a mobile anchor item in my presence.

It also, theoretically, expands his presence to those who haven’t called him.

I’ll do my best to mark down when I notice these things in my daily life, so I can give concrete examples here.


I’ve been calling Nyarlathotep and checking in daily with him. He’s been having me charge and light that candle, mainly. Today, though, he wanted me to “bathe” in his energy.

As I did so, he had me call Yog-Sothoth, who said it was time to call the Haunter of the Dark. I was a little surprised, since was expecting to be working with Nyarlathotep for a month. But I’m not going to complain.

I did feel that I should call the Haunter in actual darkness. I may have time tonight. I need to call on Ibliss and one of the Djinns, too. Busy time.


Nyarlathotep came to me, even though I really wasn’t in the mood. Because there is “gain” to be had in my somewhat black mood, on both sides, supposedly.

I opened the circle, the triangle, Nyarlathotep’s sigils, the Trinity of Triangles, and, finally, the Haunter’s sigil. opening each after tracing them into either the air (ToT) or the opened floor (NY, Haunt).

I then directed my gaze to the polished tourmaline ball to use for scrying. It was still light out and I was expecting it to be dark. Nyarlathotep’s black candle was behind it, as I saw it should be. I would’ve waited until tomorrow for a better night, when it was dark. That wasn’t what was asked.

Ny: “You can see him without the crystal (tourmaline ball). Why do you do so with?”

I stopped sensing there, which was harder to me than using sentience (he was in the area before the ritual, but faintly).

Ny: “You noticed your nightmares last night?”

I did. They were a rarity. Lasted all night long and picked back up when I went to sleep, even if I got up and walked around for several minutes. They also weren’t about the War at all and I had taken my usual cocktail of Chamomile, Benadryl, and Magnesium Citrate, at the regular times and doses.

Ny: “Then you know, and knew, the he (the Haunter) was present. So, you see, you DID summon him at night (last night).”

He trailed off, laughing. The Haunter stared at me, I stared at him, both gaining knowledge of the other.

But the knowledge he gained was going to be used against me. I could see that it wasn’t personal or evil, or anything. As an analyst that looks at both sides, he was doing the same. I DO know it will be used against me. I have some faith that it will be for my betterment, to a larger extent - but not all. Let’s be reasonable.


Dark dreams once again. I still remember many parts of them from last night. The strange part, for me, was that I could be conscious at several points in each scene, also knowing the other parts of me were conscious of each other’s awareness of them and their state.

At one point, I was watching a car full of people drive through a highway barrier into a really deep, professional pool. From standing 20 feet away from the car, I was also knowing the passengers reactions in real-time, while knowing I was in a dream. Further up and to the right, I was also there, experiencing all of those things happening to my other view point, while also seeing the scene from that angle. Both points of “me” knew of the other and were watching things from both points as they happened. Both knew I was dreaming and aware. Both of their awarenesses of the two points were unique to those points.

That happened from around midnight that to 3 am, when I woke up for an hour. Scene after scene, with most have two or more points of presence and inter-connected views/awarenesses.

I also knew that he Haunter was responsible and could feel him orchestrating from higher up in the session.

Really bizarre, by also really cool, in a way. I also woke up with the knowledge that I should contact him again tonight, but I think that’s to get a larger dose of its energy.


I am exhausted. Combination of work, craptastic sleep for several nights, working out, and the spirits I’ve been working with in this current. Mainly the combination.

As I went to open the daily ritual (after all of the other smaller ones), I was told to open the circle, triangle, ToT, and leave the sigils. All 3 of the spirits were there. I bathed in their collective energies for a minute or two and got to the work.

In another thread, I asked about some management that needed handled. I was given assurances, individually, to protect my friend and her loved one. Stress from change will happen, but I spent some time going over things.

What people sometimes forget is that when someone works through and with a current/book/etc. It’s a chance to shine and/or convey messages for others later or right now. Variety of means, but successful experiences can be preferred. Or not.

Here, they accepted because it fits their publicity interests to do so. No time frame given. But it will be reported when stuff happens - or doesn’t.

Here’s the payment they accepted. It was specifically asked for by Yog-Sothoth, but more as a confirmation of my wanting it to occur. They (any of the three) weren’t drooling over it or anything.

Side note - I expect to bounce back tomorrow or Friday, with sleep. Just got through some heavy, hard analytical stuff at work. I’m largely not concerned.


I’ve never talked to anyone else who’s worked with this current. Very cool…


My earlier stuff was mostly working with and getting past the different…levels of egregores. The Tyson deck wasn’t bad, by beyond my feeble divination (learning) attempts. I’ve largely stayed away from Qabalistic decks for my own reasons.

But the cards were useful representations for the entities. Both for petitions and starting to get past the several layers of egregores I found. I got pulled other ways, but, normally having issues with dreams, I was using sigil-like symbols to mentally project through them to discover more. Got pulled elsewhere.

This is my first time with the Haunter. I had met, but not really interacted with Nyarlathotep. Yog-Sothoth feels spot-on, but only gets lip service here, really.


I’m not sure what you mean by the Tyson deck, could you briefly elaborate, please?

It’s not something I’ve worked with extensively, but I do have some experience in that realm. Mostly working with those two and Shub’Nigguroth. Those were some of the greatest visions and worst headaches I ever had. Haha, probably because I had no idea what I was doing. I just went in headfirst guided by past experience in other currents and intuition.

It’d be nice to actually have something of a guideline, other than instincts…

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I see, now. You’re referring to the Donald Tyson tarot deck. My bad, I had a long day. Haha

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Just woke up, so I’m glad you weren’t waiting on me for an answer. :rofl:

The imagery is pretty good. I can’t speak to how accurate it is, since the descriptions were always vague with Lovecraft. I also haven’t read anything else that other writers have added that may have contributed to the imagery.

Yog-Sothoth reminds me of Hermaeus Mora from Skyrim, which is why I got that resin idol with the tentacles from Etsy.

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Haha, no worries!

Yes! Haha, me too!

I’m not sure how strong your clairities are, but it would be interesting to potentially combine our efforts to see what we could come up with - as far as visual representstions go - if we put our efforts together…

Anyway, just an idea!

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