Æon's Journal

Finally got enough time to get back into journaling my workings… I’m working with the Qliphoth alot lately as well as with beings such as Naamah, Lilith, Lucifer, Samael, Sepheranz and Sorath.


Over. The next few days I’ll be trying to stay consistent logging my entries here but I am a traveler so It’ll have to work into my schedule.

Good to be back fam. :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart: Dark blessings!!!


I wish you the best of luck in all of your journeys


Qliphoth night 1 Lilith

Oraculum leviathan draw four of swords

I take this reading as me in a momentary pause coming out of a lazy mask wearing false self chapter in my life and sword ready I am accepting my true self and actively looking for ways now to embody it or move my vibration to match it.

I started by setting up my ritual room and casting my wards and the circle 3 times receipting

“3 times I cast this circle about, 3 times unbalance I cast it out, so the Gods may find favor in me, grant me knowledge and serenity”

Then I I call the quarter’s just because I feel empowered by tracing the pentacle in the cardinal directions chanting,

“Alash tad al lash tal ashtu, in umbris potestus est, ehie, malkith, ve gabira, ve gadula, le holam ahmen” and forming the alternative cross with my wand from the temple of ascending flames dark tower ritual.

I’ll typically hit my CBD vape on the last part in between le holam so I can exhale the smoke on "ahkmen " imagining me projecting my intention into the aether.

Then after the circle is cast and the candles and incense are lit I began chanting

“Lilith take me to your cave, open for me the gates to the nightside”

Staring into my black circular mirror in between my candles, I let it’s darkness grow and envelope me and my minds eye.

We’ll see what kind of dreams come tonight :wink:


Very interesting method. Haven’t thought of it. Food for thought.


Wow very interesting revelation last night. First I was in a dark cave full of water but vast like a giant cavern. I could feel Lilith’s presence however she would not reveal herself.

Standing on a small island in the cavern I actually had my wand with me and and as I reached for it I heard garbled breathing and weird eerie snarls from all around.

They were coming from the water. Suddenly hundreds of dark slender silhouettes began rushing towards me from the waves, gnashing and screeching.

In my mind I began reciting EAs God ritual “I am Aeon, I am a living God and nothing will stand in my f***ing way” over and over.

Knowing I had only seconds I instinctly drew my wand and aiming at the ground thought of the only thing i could… (Nuke spell)

The cave lit bright enough for me to momentarily see armies of demonic underlings in all shapes and sizes before being enveloped in a all encompassing bright light…

The dream then pans to the light diminishing and I find myself in an antique shop.

There is a small battleship figure no bigger than an inch yet so detailed and carved so perfect i was afraid to touch it.

Leaning towards the model to inspect it a water drop hits my nose. Staring up rain begins to pour and I am no longer inside but instead on the bridge of the ship somewhere in a wartorn ocean.

The ship was large and contained hundreds of guns all firing into the rainy darklit night whether to gun down WW2 aircraft, or other ships.

Something however was amiss as there was a hole where the primary Cannon should be.

Inspecting it closer I realized it wasn’t destroyed but the cannon was just never attached, Never built or never existed.

Seeing an enemy flagship we were helpless as our small 30 mm cannons were unable to pierce it’s armor.

Lacking a main cannon I watched in horror as the enemy turned their guns on us. The sound of the giant gun on the enemies deck was electrifying as I heard the turret hum and watched the barrels lower pointing directly at us.

Then someone on my right began talking to me very calmly.

She was an officer like me however she kept the brim of her hat down as not to reveal her face. All I could make out was long dark hair.

“It’s obvious isn’t it? Your ship lacks primary purpose. You have no main gun, no backbone. Funny when thinking of a battleship it’s almost like it’s naked without all those big cannons.”

“Who are you?” I asked

She replied “oh please girl you’ve seen me thousand times… Don’t you recognize me??”

Lifting there brim of her hat she gave me a devilish grinn and wink…

“I’m Lilith”


I’ll have to sort through all the info but I think it’s a good start. I’m guessing the initial cave was the cave of Lilith as it felt very very familiar but I was unable to make out any details.

The ship has to me synonymous with something. Probably a representation of my drive or will.


Seems like a lot of time and effort is going on here.

Keep the good work, mate!


Oof, feel this one. It’s partly why I keep busy, with a purpose, usually assisted by entities to guide me. Otherwise, I flounder.


Just touching base sorry ice been out folks … Will ritual again tonight!!! Just booked for time…


Awesome ritual man! I like your structure and cadence.


Vibing hard with Lilith Naamah And Lucifer…
I just want to take a second and give thnx to these 3 hardcore empowering Spirit Gods.

Just survived a dead car battery :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: trying to drive 7 hours to a shoot

Fixed dead car to live again

Resched shoot for 1000k I missed because of dead car to later that evening

Chose the wrong gas station to pump gas at as police raid the inside to catch a bunch of teenage idiots

Filmed half of rescheduled scene in Miami because I also have a client and hour and a half away who

get sideswiped by a pickup who decides to hit and run, luckily idiot did minimum damage

Client tries to haggle me hardcore and I give him no ground to stand on, somehow landing the deal on my terms (word choice :joy: thnx Lilith)

Go back to Miami to finish scene at 2 am in the f***ING morning

Drive home nearly passing out because of sleep deprivation and malnutrition (I haven’t eaten since Friday :roll_eyes: oh well at least I’ll be skinny :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: but irritability is through the roof)

Crash at home at 11am and can’t sleep because ac is flooding and shuts off.

Out of sleep meds, don’t know why they didn’t mail my prescription in time or maybe it got lost

Ready to go full Thanos on this planet of Mutant monkeys :joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

But true power is having the ability to destroy the world and choosing to exhibit patience instead am I right? :rofl:

Hail Lucifer
Hail Lilith
Hail Naamah

I no longer say WHY NE
I now say TRY ME
And I was shouting this the whole drive lol

I did what I needed to do so who cares

I completed my goals and got exactly what I wanted

in my paychecks and my work and I will never allow anything else to deter me or make me give up on my goals

I am Æon I am a living God and nothing will stand in my f***ING way.


Wow Lilith never ceases to amaze me.

So update, the first few days I experienced extreme irritability, but then (very similar to Belial energy) I realized it was because things that weren’t serving me were appearing on my radar now… I was changing, evolving, becoming more authentic.

Dreamwise I’ve had extreme future visions of partying in clubs, being celebrated and adored on my social media and religiously working on myself.

Lilith demanded I clean my ritual space as well as my house so spring cleaning was in order and a whole new clean energy is about me!!!

Heres a few showy photos but I’m really proud of how she’s empowered me lol

Hail Lilith and hail the Infernal Empire


OMG, the ritual porn here…

Your first picture with the knife with the scaled handle. That pyramid…

The pipe in the second…

Is that chain running round the skull (with the sigil of Lucifer)?

So packed, but so orderly (no simple, but appearing so)…

Any chance of some ritual porn coming?

Hail, my dude.


OMG wow :flushed:

Your Temple is absolutely phenomenal, I am both impressed beyond belief and frankly a little jealous by what I just saw.

You even have a rockstaring, kick ass floor circle. ( I fantasize about having one myself sometime soon)

Even better, sense it’s psychically clean, well maintained and though your specific placement and orientation of things I see that this is not just lifestyle furniture for you, you actually know how to use it and make it do what it do!

Not that I didn’t take you seriously as a practicioner before, I just hadn’t seen how you carried the LHP and your praxis.

I’m really impressed for real! I salute you!


Possibly… Possibly… :joy: First I need to find some warm blood flavored cornsyrup, :drooling_face::yum: u know the usual :hot_face::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Thnxxxx!!! I really appreciate it. I’ve poured my heart and soul into it and the growth and return has been exponentially life changing :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:. Dark blessings to u my friend. I wish you nothing but the best!!!

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Feeling feverish today
Was gonna take the day off but Lilith said go to work lol then go see the doctor after but she put alot of emphasis on SEE DR tho
Gonna see wuts wut afterwards :grimacing: she sounded disappointed :frowning:


Got a case of bacteremia. It’s gone into my bloodstream from a stomach infection.

Probably a test from Samael. I accept your trial if it is. Hail and welcome. May we do great things together.
Got me on antibiotics now. Should be a speedy recovery with my body type :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart: dark blessings everyone


I have an honest question (and don’t mean any offence, of course!): Why do you allow the spirits you work with to “test” you by harming you? I mean, if you met someone and you wanted to be around that person, and they gave you some kind of infection or injured you in another way, and they say “Oh, it was just a little TEST for you, to see if you are WORTHY” would you still want to be around that person? And, isn’t that actually falling into weakness itself? (Again, no offence! But a genuine question).


I’m so glad you asked.

Mostly because I work with my intuition and if it says it’s a test then my personal gnosis is it’s a test.

Belial has tested me before to see how long I’ll tolerate something before I realize it doesn’t serve me.

Lucifer has tested me before by making me go through dark times and in tern my light shines ever brighter.

My drill instructors in boot camp
My combat instructors in infantry school
And my anti terrorism Instructors in cqb school all resembled this.

And in tern I grow

They are the dark water that fuels my leaves, the nector from which my flowers bloom and poison which destroys all my weeds that are of my own growth hindering me and slowing me.