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Just thought I’d say,I’m not like the spokesperson for Prince Orobas or anything, but as you know we talk quite a bit,and he thinks it’s be alright if I were to tell you he really appreciates the fact you could listen through these circumstances and your gratitude towards his message was quite pleasing to him.

Brighter days ahead


A few candles to help a few cats. One is for a user at another site, whose is in need of help again. Mars007.

The other is for @Czar, though they said it only needed looked in on, really.

The third is for one of mine that’s acting up.

Hi’iaka and Helios.


Thank you for your help again! Kitty and I appreciate it :heavy_heart_exclamation:
I’m going to follow up with some protection magick on kitty and seal portals.
Thanks again!


This is for Juno and Hermes, for some help they’ve given me.


I finally did it. I called on her Motherly aspects and, as I do, placed it where she requested. There usually is NOT a forward facing blood trail on my female idols. This is partially for photographic sensitivities.


Finally kicked this part off. I’d thought about doing it, but the timing didn’t feel right.

The technique I’m trying out isn’t complicated compared to learning energetic workings that make it possible. It’s like I’m reaching out to the fabric, grabbing hold of part of it to get it to listen, sending what I want done as a combination of words, visuals, and intent. Then, once I can feel the message imprint, I release what I grabbed.

It did just occur to me that this technique could be used to influence people. I don’t know where that thought came from, but would make sense. I don’t know how “clean” it would be and may incur some backlash without wiping off your fingerprints (just a theory).


Latest ritual acquisition! Catching some rain with Santa Muerte’s offering glass (at her request).

I used to use Dragon’s Blood as ground cover at a place about 20 years ago. Really liked it and it helped bring some green to the empty spaces. Here, with both, I plan on planting them in long planters (to fill in) and letting them get the afternoon/evening sun that the 9 windows in my ritual space lets in. I still have the “money tree” the last owners left with us and the orchids. I’m sure they’ll all get along.