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Just thought I’d say,I’m not like the spokesperson for Prince Orobas or anything, but as you know we talk quite a bit,and he thinks it’s be alright if I were to tell you he really appreciates the fact you could listen through these circumstances and your gratitude towards his message was quite pleasing to him.

Brighter days ahead


A few candles to help a few cats. One is for a user at another site, whose is in need of help again. Mars007.

The other is for @Czar, though they said it only needed looked in on, really.

The third is for one of mine that’s acting up.

Hi’iaka and Helios.


Thank you for your help again! Kitty and I appreciate it :heavy_heart_exclamation:
I’m going to follow up with some protection magick on kitty and seal portals.
Thanks again!


This is for Juno and Hermes, for some help they’ve given me.


I finally did it. I called on her Motherly aspects and, as I do, placed it where she requested. There usually is NOT a forward facing blood trail on my female idols. This is partially for photographic sensitivities.


Finally kicked this part off. I’d thought about doing it, but the timing didn’t feel right.

The technique I’m trying out isn’t complicated compared to learning energetic workings that make it possible. It’s like I’m reaching out to the fabric, grabbing hold of part of it to get it to listen, sending what I want done as a combination of words, visuals, and intent. Then, once I can feel the message imprint, I release what I grabbed.

It did just occur to me that this technique could be used to influence people. I don’t know where that thought came from, but would make sense. I don’t know how “clean” it would be and may incur some backlash without wiping off your fingerprints (just a theory).


Latest ritual acquisition! Catching some rain with Santa Muerte’s offering glass (at her request).

I used to use Dragon’s Blood as ground cover at a place about 20 years ago. Really liked it and it helped bring some green to the empty spaces. Here, with both, I plan on planting them in long planters (to fill in) and letting them get the afternoon/evening sun that the 9 windows in my ritual space lets in. I still have the “money tree” the last owners left with us and the orchids. I’m sure they’ll all get along.


Lol, smudged my glasses and went to.clean them. THEN I saw the blood spots from my last ritual…


Back where he belongs.

Hail Pazuzu!


You going into the ride share or food delivery biz? jk.

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For a friend in the hospital.


Lots of multi-recipient rituals today. Energetic, so that makes photographing them difficult.

But today was about renewal and rejuvenation. Of using Leviathan’s healing waters to help those in need. I also did his Bounty of the Sea ritual, which carries things to people and similar.

I do try to stay balanced and this is reflected in my practice. Yesterday, I was using energies to bring down organizations and the relationships that keep them together. Today, I’m nourishing and bolstering good fortune.

This dichotomy is who I am, yet, it isn’t a dichotomy. Too much Light requires Darkness to matter, just as too much Darkness is indistinguishable without Light. It’s largely a head nodding, “That’s nice” experience for some, but has relevance in practice.

Waaaay back in the day, when I was several years younger than 18, I realized that I would exhibit “both sides of the envelope”. And those sides would be pressed (pushing the edges of the envelope). Looking back, it was a remarkable unintentional foresight that not only encapsulates then, but now, still. Coupled with that is the knowledge (intuitive) that I will tumble and fall until I come back to Center to regain “myself”.

I don’t know why, but I felt I should share that.


I don’t know who this is for. Several, but a few more than most. Led by an Angel, but with Necromantic oil added, after I blooded and charged it.

Some Dittany of Crete added afterwards. Applied with Iblis’ cedar shaving paper, with his acceptance.

This Angel is one of Lucifer’s daughters and most know if my antagonistic relationship with him. This is unusual for her and I started it without knowing she was involved.

Iblis’ asked to keep the remnants, which are unused. Fair .

Protection, intervention, love, and help. All I was asked to charge it with.


@anon75849095 this IS the same incense from that temple, so long ago, blessed at that Buddhist temple.

3 sticks. The Right for my Son. The Middle for…something else (unknown to me). The Left for you.

I blooded each

This is precious incense to me. But for you @anon75849095 , this is a message, a holistic one, for we know what message was passed. I am not the messenger. But something was accepted along the lines so many years ago. I can reach out and release that restriction, but the blockage, more a hesitation, is yours. You KNOW I don’t relay.

I still don’t know the middle but sure as hell hope it’s valuable.


Well I’m honored, than you, I appreciate that a great a deal an will give this ample contemplation that translates into right action I hope


Things are…not hung up. But you knew that already. You’re more than competent. A releasing, while acknowledging the past?

Sorry man, it’s really unusual for me to use that specific thing.


Dude I was told, by my third teacher before he passed when I said “dude, I am so fucked, what slam I going to do? Is there hope for me, when all is said done? I could be Michael AA and it wouldn’t matter a damn bit at this point”

Hd said “things isn’t going to go as bad as you think it is, this is a small matter, where you going is so much more important than where you’ve been, yes there is hope for you”

This message says much the same to me in different wording, the main blockage here in this situation is actually me, my fears, my anxieties, my dread of a bleak long grey time. This hesitation keeps me from going with the flow. I can’t guarantee I’ll act on this immediately but when the time comes it will help me find the courage I need to make the decision to end this and move on.

Thank you @norse900 ,

Gratitude and deep respect



It’s been a while. A lot more later.

I essentially sent out an issue or two (difficult) to those I work with. These spirits responded. I’ve already done some of my own workings for this towards specific points.

I think it’s important to show you’ve done some serious work before calling them in cases like this where it’s a hard, dispersed target and the entities can provide nuance in areas that are hard for use to… conceptualize or verbalize when the shit hits the fan.

That said, there are two other “groups” I will be engaging with. Also with my own workings.

This is what I got ready before making dinner and have been reaching out for agreements/negotiations.

I know there are some persistent asshats out there. I’m not nearly as pretty and don’t foster pretend friendships that are.



You really impress me! I feel ashamed.
See how you make me hate myself?

However, and it’s just a thought, I use a lancet from the local pharmacy and the chewed end of a safety match (spit). I dip chewed-end in my fresh finger blood and use this as my ink. This takes time, allowing visualisation/vocalisation of your Will to Be!

Finally, I respect your dedication as a Hero of Our Path!
There are too many poseurs - but you supply pictures.



LOVE it when an asshat is about to get theirs.

Probably pissed off the wrong magician one day.