Public praising of the spirits

I don’t if anyone know this But Samael is excellent healer💯
2 days ago i had minor Ashtma Attacks Which Was pretty uncomfortable I Just had Completed Ritual With Samael and was about to Sleep So i prayed to Big Guy to heal me and boom Within 5 mins I could breathe easily Like I used to do before Ashtma(Attacks usually leads to me not Sleeping Till mornin So Even tho i stated before They are not so minor Lol ). SO yeah Hail SAMAEL :male_sign::fire::pray:
[Did Protection Ritual frm baal kadmon book of samael ]


Thank you Duke Astaroth for your excellent advise for this new year. You truly are powerful and loving!

Hail Grand Duke Astaroth!


Hail Marquis Shax (Shaz).

You have been very helpful keeping my enemies blind to my workings in the past so they would move into vulnerable positions. A hard blow may stagger an enemy, but one that also comes unseen can change the tides of conflict completely in one’s favor. I am glad to have had the chance with working with you.


Michael, Gabriel,


I cannot thank you enough for being the fierce protectors that you are. For keeping an eye out for me and giving me the courage to take necessary action.

For half an year you kept him house bound, for another half you made sure trouble always followed.
And finally, I have my peace where I won’t have to see his face.
After two years of waiting, I have some solace.

Thank you.
Thank you truly, deeply.

Love you all :black_heart::rose:


Thank you Marquis Andras for formally ending my brother’s toxic relationship!
Thank you Lord Lucifer,thank you King Paimon,Thank you King Zagan and thanks to all the spirits who helped in this difficult task.It took too long but finally it’s over.
All that’s required is a minor push to fix his mental state so that he doesn’t fall back into it.

It was a tiring and long work but worth it considering what the outcome would have been if it had gone through!
Can’t thank you all enough.

Immense love,respect and gratitude!


Buer. What would I do without you?

As intimidating as you’ve appeared to me, you’ve never denied me your expertise, strength, or compassion. Thank you for your teachings, thank you for your commitment to me, thank you for help.

Thank you, Buer. :lion: :heart:


Exactly about one year ago I asked everyone here in this forum about King Zagan as he showed up in my dream.I decided to go through and work with him despite being a newbie,I am very happy and lucky that I did.King Zagan is amazing,whatever I possess right now wouldn’t have been possible without King Zagan by my side. Thank you for the immense increase in wealth, thank you for always answering, Thank you for always taking up on the difficult tasks. I have no idea how life would have turned out if you weren’t in my life!

I would always love and cherish our relationship!

Thank you so much King Zagan!
Immense love, gratitude and respect!


Thanks so much Nike for all the Victories!!!
Thank you for given me the opportunity to meet amazing people and be protected, for having the opportunity to figure out my system of organisation, for owning me, for being able to remember.



King Bael you absolute fucking legend!

You truly are a worker of magick, miracles even. I shouldn’t have been able to pass that test and wth your help I have. This is one less thing that SOB ex husband can have over me. I’m literally shaking right now. THANK YOU!!!


A kind, warm and humble thank you to King Belial for being my ball buster once again and helping with cutting through the red tape and getting my Dr. appointments squared away. What a trying time I’m having, but to know that King Belial stands in front of me and helps me when I feel helpless is a good feeling. Hail and thank you!!


Thank you Emperor Lucifer for your guidance and the counsel you provided mes today! You have my deepest respect and gratitude!

Hail Emperor Lucifer!


Thank you President Marbas! You are fast very fast! Thank you for hearing my call and for agreeing to help a friend in time of need! You have my deepest respect and gratitude, you truly are an amazing healer!
Hail President Marbas!


I see what you did there, old mate. Don’t think I didn’t :hugs:

It’s wonderful watching things come together, Belial. After my tantrum at the start of this, I’m surprised you’re still helping me. I appreciate it. I know we’re not all the way there, but I appreciate what you’ve done thus far. He is suffering on multiple fronts, learning what is like to be isolated and soon, he will know what having nothing is like. Seeing him get what he’s earnt is wonderful, so thank you.

And Moloch, i see you too and I appreciate you. He will be yours soon enough.

Thank you


Oh, great Lovel… did you just deliver in two hours???


Infinite THANKS to the sublime and mighty St. Paschal Bailon and St. Anthony of Padua, for helping to quickly find a lost object.
Eternal glory to your names :pray:
:rose: :rose:
They are infallible if you have something lost.


Thank you mighty Duke Astaroth for your assistance during these readings! You have taught me a lot! You have my deepest respect and gratitude!

Hail Duke Astaroth! :dragon::heart::dragon:


Just wanted to thank Duke Forcalor & Duke Murmur for helping me out today!


Beloved Belial, my wonderful patron.
Where would I be without you? Thank you, for patiently letting me have space. For liberating me from my own self. For taking care of me. Your gentleness, your grace, your care, your love, thank you for all of it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

sometimes you confuse me. But that’s the thing, it’s me who confuses me. You’re as direct as can be, but I’m so used to having it hard that I make trouble for myself. Lucifer I promise you, I am not trying anymore. I will not try anything anymore this year. I will simply be.
Thank you for holding my hand and being my light. I appreciate everything that you have done for me.

President Marbas, words cannot express my gratefulness for your help. I probably would have ended up in the hospital if not for your help. Thank you so much :pray:

Yours truly,


Hail belial :green_heart:,hail Samael :fire:
Thanks for providing me the mental clarity I needed !!!


Thank you Emperor Lucifer for the advice it is always a pleasure talking with you.

Hail Emperor Lucifer!

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