Spirit experiences 😈👼

So i thought it would be fun to be able to read everyone’s awesome experiences with a spirit in here so if you want please do post the experience you had with your spirit. The experience can can be nice or straight up funny or romantic etc anything you feel like is ok to share with public you can share here and maybe find some advice or extra facts of that spirit. You can pm me too if you don’t want to share it publicly but that’s all up to all of you.

Oh and I’m hoping this can help with motivating and helping others.

I hope asking for experience is not bad if it is, again please let me know.


Do you want only good and success stories/experiences or the good the bad and the ugly? (Excuse the unintentional Clint Eastwood movie reference). If you only want success stories I’m sure the topic can be reworded but if you you’ll take it all I’ll happily tell my bad one after a few have told their happier outcome ones.


I remember the first time I encountered Metatron properly. I was performing the opening rite from Demons of Magick and had been planning a ritual with a certain demon; I don’t remember whom. But Metatron slammed into me like a semi-truck. He was so present and so very fascinating. I ended up abandoning my planned ritual just so I could keep talking to Metatron.

He’s actually done that a few times since then. I’ll have something planned, then boom, Metatron shows up and I forget everything I was planning and end up only communing with him. I never mind it because I adore Metatron.

Another great experience I’ve had with Metatron is when I performed a working with him, and then later another mage agreed to help me with the same goal… and reported back to me something she had noticed about the target, which precisely matched the work I’d done with Metatron weeks or maybe even months earlier (which I hadn’t told her about). It blew my mind that she was able to describe it so accurately.

Hmm, a few other noteworthy ones… Hephaestus. He was not overly friendly or welcoming at all. In fact, the second time I called on him he was borderline hostile, and I came out of trance with a migraine. But he delivered something I asked for, something physical, extremely specific, and unequivocal, within about four or five days.

In general I have also worked out over time that talking to “angels” causes goosebumps to roll over me in waves from head to foot, and talking to “demons” causes all my of limbs to tense up like a low-level electric current is running through them.


I had an interesting experience with King Paimon. My memory is horrible so I’m not sure if I talked about it here in the forum or not. If I did, then if anyone recalls, please disregard.

Anyway, I called on King Paimon to help with two issues, both pertaining to one person. I remembered I called a different spirit that helped me with one of the issues in the past, so after a few weeks, called said spirit again to help. I guess this chapped King Paimon’s hide because for the next 2 or 3 nights, I had dreams of someone banging on drums and woke up to the sound of drums. I was unable to sleep at all. I figured out why he was angry apologized and was able to sleep without any issues moving forward. Come to find out, what I asked for was already in motion by the time I talked to the second spirit so there definitely would have been some delay or interference.


Bad, good, romantic, friendship and if you and your spirit are ok with sharing publicly even nsfw stuff whatever it may be you can share as i feel like this would motivate others to not feel left out and to help them understand.


Wow. Off topic sorry but Hm maybe it’s just me or what I’m feeling (lol i don’t trust my own senses) but i feel like we would vibe with each other i have no idea why but yea that’s what i feel.


Oh wow it does say when he comes he comes with a loud sound so it’s cool to see he can use it in different way too very interesting indeed and i guess he also taught you patience with this and tbh i need that too lol


Ok. It’s going to be a bit long.

Well, back in the day, with a desire/goal in mind and no knowledge of magick or occult stuff (because where I am back then in 2000 there were to grimoires for sale around me, this and other forums hadn’t even been thought of yet back then I had nothing to guide me and direct me on how to).

So I did the dumb shit. I took ideas from books and horror movies, and created my own attempt at making a pact.

I tried to make a pact sell my soul for you might be able to guess… for … rock and roll (so cliche’ right?).

Well I was half successful something came. I’ve since concluded it was a parasite or other low vibration entity.

I couldn’t see or hear spirits, I didn’t know what was supposed to happen I

I’ll say this, it stunk up the house bad for a week after. Maybe I should have taken the smell as a warning that something wasn’t right but I didn’t.
Might also have been good to pay attention to the fact that for a month after it came I could feel the smoke in me and smell it.

Though I couldn’t see or hear spirits I could feel it.

It started off gently enough. I’d feel a touch a caress. Then at some point it started possessing me. Still couldn’t see or hear spirits (not that I could have seen it in me, I’d have to be supermen with X-ray vision to see inside me).

Still felt it communicate that it didn’t mean harm by its caresses. Don’t take that to mean it doesn’t. In my possession that was just o ploy a trick it was not benign.
There was only 1 thing I got from it being in me and it wasn’t rock and roll. It was the ability to understand languages I’d never learned (even write and communicate in them. I’ll tell you that was no perk with what happened next.

I almost died after it had entrenched itself . It stopped being nice and bombarded me with negative emotions til I tried suicide. It wanted me dead and almost had its way. Entrenched is the right word for it it had progressed so far it was nearing a state of perfect possession nearing it. It hadn’t hit the final stage of merge but it was a hairs breadth away from it. I was feeling it’s feelings and thought and it mine (you can’t imagine how intimate that was if you’ve never experienced it (I recommend that you DON’T try).

You know they say you have times you lose time and can’t account for what happened well it’s true (definitely true when a negative entity is possessing you.

Then it became the enemy within bombed me with so much despair depression messed & it and that spirit influenced depression messed with my outer life had the boss threatening to fire me and me in danger of homelessness.

Once at work it shoved me under (into a dark place) and when it did whatever and let me surface there was a crazy lady screaming at me that I was evil. It was like I was like WTF.

About a week before it was removed from me you know in moving es how Dracula gets burnt by the Eucharist (holy blessed bread) well I felt the Eucharist feet like it was burning my mouth when I took it.

About a week after it had managed to make me try suicide I was at church (fam is Catholic) and I was walking to? From? Communion (forget which) and I felt it being pulled out of me like a cork being pulled from a bottle a suction then like the cork popping out it was gone. Something pulled it out of me. That was like a week after the Eucharist thing and after I’d tried to you know.

I attribute it being pulled out to having something to do with how I had worded the pact (basically I had said I had to keep control and if I didn’t want to do something it wouldn’t force me (ya right. Obviously it didn’t follow those conditions). So something intervened and pulled it out of me.

If it hadn’t been pulled out… well I was in to deep to help my self out I’d have probably ended up dead.

Oh and after it was out there was an instant change in me mood and more.
So that was my bad negative experience with A (one) spirit (it made me magick shy for years after for fear it could happen again).

Basically I had enough desire that my slapped together Hollywood inspired effort to part/sell my soul managed to attract a negative entity or parasite which then proceeded to trick me into thinking it was not a neg and to let it possess me so it could help me become a rock star though I was so nieve uneducated occult wise it didn’t have to work too hard to trick me I was willingly going along until it went sideways and it revealed it wasn’t what I wanted when it tried to drive me suicide and make me dead.

So lesson learnt the hard way.

Don’t use Hollywood horror movies and teen type occult horror books as inspiration for a ritual and Don’t try pacting or selling your soul to something when you don’t have any opened occult senses and don’t know what came to answer you.

In short, I learned it’s not smart to try a part/contract type magick if you don’t have the ability to see or hear spirits er verify that the one that comes in the real one not a pretender.

Oh and now that occult knowledge is available I also take this to heart learn to banish and be more careful more wary and don’t try dealing with a spirit if you haven’t the ability to discern if the spirit that comes is the one you intend to deal with.

Now there’s my BAD experience with a spirit. Hope that anyone who reads it can avoid my mistakes because they were doozies and almost ended me.

I’ve told this elsewhere but it’s the first time I’m telling it in detail here (so if it’s familiar you might have read it before elsewhere).

Add and if anyone read that and didn’t figure this out: It didn’t work. I’m NOT a rock star. All I got out of it was a life experience. So not worth going through all that.Also the language ability went bye bye with the spirit.


Always trust your senses :smiley: DMs are open if you wanna chat about Metatron or anyone else


Damm I’m sorry to hear and yea i have noticed too for some werid reason felt better after eating the holy communion (I’m not catholic kinda like orthodox but I’m not that just similar traditions) it felt like my energies were better idk why so i understand what you mean. Either way thank you for sharing the experience hopefully this helps others who get into magick.


Omg sure i would love to.


@MidnightStar thanks but… I think you misunderstood me so to clarify….

The blessed bread aka Eucharist didn’t make me feel better.

It was the removal of the entity that made me feel better.

Whatever pulled it out just coincidentally (or not?) pulled it out of me at that time (the Eucharist time at the mass). but it was having the thing out of me made me feel better not the bread.

I am adding that I know it sounded cliche that I had a negative entity (Christian’s would call a demon), and the eucharist felt like it was burning my mouth, but it really happened that way the week before the entity got pulled out of me. No BS.

So … I’m guessing that that particular part of the tall tales of exorcists and horror stories (holy objects burning evil things) is based on survivors of negative entity possessions real experiences and are definitely not tall tales, since I experienced that sensation. Note I say sensation. I wasn’t physically burnt it just felt like I was being burnt. Obviously that thing didn’t like the blessed bread and wanted me to get rid of it so it manufactured the sensation of me being burnt by it.

In any case, I am happy to say the entity never returned afterwards. Not even once, in all the last approximately 22 years since that happened :smiley:

Add: I got lucky I got helped by something when I couldn’t help myself and it was removed before the possession became perfect possession aka permanent possession unto death. Maybe a deity (God) helped maybe an angel but whatever it was I wouldn’t be here to tell what happened to me if it hadn’t intervened and pulled that thing out of me. Lucky that it was stronger than what was in me, (if I’d survived I wouldn’t be
telling because I’d be perfectly possessed aka 1 with it or subsumed/consumed and not here to tell permanently by it, and likely not care or bother to or be able to tell, and if I hadn’t survived obviously, I’d be dead and unable to tell) and that it got that thing out of me.

Side effect of all that was years of being afraid of magick and fear of having that happen again until recently though I’m still nervous of it happening again so am cautious what kind of magick I do so as to not attract things like that again

Add: It didn’t or couldn’t talk or at least didn’t talk verbally to me, so I’m guessing it was a a very low vibration entity. It communicated non verbally touch emotions that sort of stuff so I conjecture that might be a warning to someone dealing with the presence of a entity (possession or not) that it might be a low vibration negative entity (a “Neg”). So anyone dealing with spirits you might want to watch out for that as a sign you have the wrong spirit hanging around you.:person_shrugging:

My advice to anyone reading: I didn’t know better (but should have). Be sure you do know better. Don’t get yourself in the mess I did. You might not have a savior spirit come to your rescue if you do. So don’t do me do smarter then me.


I did understand maybe my wording or the way i said it came out wrong but yes the thing came out of you at that time right? So that coming out made you feel better. It’s same way i feel whenever i feel cleansed is what i said and no the communion doesn’t make me happy either just that feeling of feeling like i have my energies cleansed makes me very much happier.


Must have been the wording & I misunderstood :slight_smile: :person_shrugging::+1:
I understand and agree feeling your energies cleaned after is great.


I s’pose I’ll bite. Some smaller ones. I’m between rituals (really).

My first “pact” was back pre-9/11. This would’ve been…errr… somewhere between 1998 and 2000.

I grabbed a book on Satanism at the library (home internet wasn’t largely a thing at this point). I decided to chuck most of the “requirements”. The pact, to the best of my memory, was that I wanted to go to War, act as a Warrior, and I would live as a living reminder to that for 10 years. A pact with “Satan”.

Do I know it if was accepted? No.
Do I know if it was being listened to (at that time)? No.

2003, Day 4 of the ground war, I was in Iraq as an Infantry Fire Team Leader.

Host of medical problems later. Those problems, admittedly, led me towards the Occult in a way.

I am quite prolific with my studies and being willing to help others, so only a few more for brevity.

In a group working, there was a request (to me) about a pedo that needed…handled… On another site. There was a group working and, like me, I proposed that for my working. My favorite targets.

I could feel some headway on the target, with the different methods being used, with different spirits, all with the caveat of working together. I could feel it was working, but I wanted it to work by taking away some very specific joys, while also ruining their life. I then took it to Hecate and Tiamat, offering an additional working to help boost all of the efforts. A month or so later, I got a message the person was crippled (motorcycle accident - the goal), destitute, addicted to painkillers, and begging on the street. Job well done by the group and the God/desses.

to the person that asked me to intervene, if you read this, I remember their face, if more is needed

When transitioning from Hawaii back to the Continental US, I was allowed a 10 day house hunting trip. Technically, we travelled on Monday, got in by Tuesday morning, got exposed to Covid Tuesday morning and left our son with his best friend (the exposure), and were locked down by Thursday afternoon. By Friday, all 3 of us had it. Who knew a hotel room with no fresh air and ventillation was a breeding ground?

Anyway, we had actually agreed on a house. There were multiple bidders, as is common on the East Coast. The decision would be in 2 days. I called on Belial and left it with him and my Will. They accepted our bid, but not most of the requested fixes. Seller’s market here.

The kicker was that it had been on the market for a few weeks. The schools in this area are 8-9/10. The neighborhoods are exceptionally safe for the near-Baltimore area. Yet at the time of decision, there were only 2 being considered.

Belial and I may be somewhat rocky in certain things, but he came through there.


I have a follow up to my above post but since it’s part of the same experience and it will be a very long read if I add it and would be be a duplicate
posting if I posted it on 2 different threads (copied from 1 to the other and vice versa because there’d be the post and the copied version so. So as not to do that I linked instead) so I’m linking instead It’s post 301? 302? here (it tells how I went about the magick that went bad for me).

Add: neither post is a duplicate of the other I meant if I copied that 2 here or this to there then I’d have 2 duplicate posts.


Thanks for sharing