Info on King Zagan

I had asked Lord Lucifer and President Glasya to come by in a dream to talk also asked Prince Seer to show up as I wanted to work with him on a thing but however King Zagan showed up and revealed his name to me,I wasn’t aware of King Zagan until the dream :sweat_smile:,I might have read it somewhere months ago but I didn’t recall the name. So I would like to know if there’s someone who has worked with him and could provide me some information about their experience :slight_smile:


For me Zagan appears like that cool dude everyone either wants to be like or date.

He has many talents like turning wine into blood.

I havent worked with him as much as some of the others, but he has always been helpful and friendly.


Thank you for the insight : )


I’ve worked with him a bit. He has an idol (a bottle of 19 Crimes wine) in my space. I feel comfortable working with him because I know how he is. I’ve worked with him in both the demonolatry point of view and…not…

I give him periodic blood offerings because the idol also acts as a portal/gateway and he has the authority to act when needed. Not a small thing to allow, especially for over a year now.

My advice is that he is NOT the person to call for minor or temporary change for your life. People are wary of him and this is partially a fear of change and wanting to stay in their comfort zone. Which means it’s a valuable thing to send against asshats that don’t like change.

He can be quite patient, but exceptionally stern if/when lessons are needed. But if you want to be “forged”, he has my recommendation at whatever level you’re willing to engage him at. Remember, big change can happen. Water to wine to water.


Thank you for the informative reply!