Your experiences with King Vine

Hello everyone so i just finished up with my first evocation and i went with vine. What were your guys experiences?
Sheesh hands are still a bit shaky and light headed😆


I worked with king Vine extensively on a RV military project ( not saying more due to the politics rule). He is awesome, ( King Vine) that is a real King of the goetia. Gentle but firm, strong, magnanimous. He has always treated me well.

He did tell me frankly I was calling him too often at 3x a month and asked me to dial it back which I did.

Excellent spirit though.


I’ve only met King Vine once. Here is my experience with him.
During the enn chants I got a feeling I was not alone and was being watched. After the conjuration I saw a man with the face of a lion in my crystal ball, and he shifted to a lion faced man.
He was real quiet, Let me talk. Real down to business so to speak. He accepted my request and told me I could work with him in the future. As far as offerings he asked me for Franck incense and a yellow candle.
Keep up the good work! You should journal your evocations….it helps a lot. Write down your feelings before during and after the ritual. Write down the thoughts you got while in ritual most of the time they are answers! But most of all have fun, but be respectful also!


Yea i definately felt the gentle so much so it wasnt till after the fact that i felt how strong of a presence i was in… but that serious vibe was there as well hoping to learn much and not over do it hahaha :sweat_smile:


Thanks, didnt think about the yellow candle raking note of that and the journaling aswell its crazy cause once he arrived i forgot about evrrything else i had wrotten to ask hahaha


That happens sometimes, specially when it’s a new entity you’re meeting, I know I had a a great deal of questions for Emperor Lucifer when I first met him, but yeah I forgot them. So journal journal journal! Keep up the good work!


That’s totally normal and happens to me too. I’ve done hundreds of evocations and that golden moment you know the spirit is with you overpowers basically everything else. I’ve forgotten whole pieces of the ceremony. It’s cool bro.