King Paimon, what was your experience with this spirit?!


My experiences with him have been positive so far.

My senses are still pretty underdeveloped, so I m working with him to strengthen them currently. He knows my setbacks right now and isnt pushing me that much…for now. I know that will change once I open up more, and that’s fine. Ive tried to petition him in the past, and had minor success, but that was due to me either not wording them right, or not making a strong enough contact. I hear hes good with mind manipulation, finances, and public standing.

His energy when I can spot it feels very calming. I love being around it.

He’s the one entity I work with the most and feel most drawn to. His altar in my room is something I’m very proud of. Almost every day I try to make contact with him. Most of the time it’s just through simple meditation, but lately Ive been trying to invoke and evoke.

All in all a fantastic spirit for beginners like me and I recommend him to anyone.


Amazing. He has never come to me in dreams like other goetia have, but he has ways delivered and gone above and beyond my expectations. Every single time. Hail King Paimon! :fire::crown:


Nice! what methods or source are you folks using? If you dont mind me asking… wondering if demons of magick from gallery of magick good.


Petition spells and evocation; I’m not a ceremonial magician, so my method of evocation is a bit looser. I use his sigil, chant his enn, light incense, enter trance, and call three times. I use a magic circle and a triangle of manifestation (but not the compelling kind).


Same as @Mythopoeia

I light candles, incense, and say his enn with his sigil out. Nothing really fancy. I dont use a triangle though. When I feel trance hit I just do whatever it is my goal is that night. Other times, if Im deadass tired from work or whatever, I will simply start a meditation and mentally invite him to join me if he wants. The king is pretty chill when it comes to calling him. If he wants to show, he will. Oh and I normally try to leave an offering out for him. Whether it be food, drink, or just dedicating a candle, or incense to him. He likes sweet things I’ve found, so my go to is chocolate or flavored teas.


There’s a book called The Book of King Paimon by Zag Darklight. It has the most info on Paimon, including the lesser known angels and djinn under his command. I definitely recommend it :ok_hand:t4:


Yep, I have it on my kindle. :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree it’s a fantasic book for anyone interested in King Paimon.


Where do I even begin, King Paimon has played a vital role regarding who and where I am today. He helped me with my mental health, he helped me with studies and various other things. Working with King Paimon is one of my most blessed experience. It is eye opening and humbling, and I seek his counsel even now. He is simply incredible.


I worked exclusively with King Paimon for several months. The traditional description & that of an author always rubbed me the wrong way. The whole “call me KING” deal seemed more like an author not getting that their overblown ego’s energy will be matched…

King Paimon is hard to put into words. Experientially, I disagree with nearly all attributions.
As a therapist-advisor, I got a gentle Venusian vibe. One that guided your attention to Connections. As in, your connections to XYZ.
As a magician, he showed the value of walking your own path. Practically, this means opting for a lesser known book instead of something popular. Gems in the shadows and all that…

I’ll just tell you. Paimon has demons, angels, and djinn. Everyone knows him as a demon. Who knows Paimon as an Angel? Djinn?
He tends to like Sunflowers & Roses. Especially if you let em dry. Any art thing done for him is appreciated. I used a hot glue gun and wood squares to make a cube altar for him.
Anywhos if you read most of that you’re on a good track


He’s helped me out tremendously.

If it weren’t for him I would still be working a dead end job where I was under appreciated and overworked. I worked there for 7 yrs. Don’t ask me to stop working on an important quality assurance report that’s due the next day just to make copies of something trivial, then stand there and watch me do it. I’m worth more than that. You could have made the damn copies. I put in my two weeks right after that, left and haven’t looked back. The initial plan was to find another job but after being turned down for a job King Paimon told me to apply and interview for, it was then where I finally was able to see my worth and realize i didn’t want or have to work anymore. Mentally, I’m just not able to handle it. I’ve been able to stay home with my kids and take care of my mental health.

With his help I’ve also been able to buy a home for my kids and it was everything I described. He’s helped influence people to make decisions that would positively affect me, and he’s just been wonderful.

The only thing is he got pissed at me for being impatient and going to another spirit for help. There was a sense of urgency and it’s not that I didn’t trust him to get the job done, I just was impatient and wasn’t thinking. I was moving too fast. I should have known better…later that night after I called on the different spirit, I woke up to what sounded like a drumline in my bedroom, twice in one hour, then when I finally went back to sleep, I had a dream of someone sitting in the dark beating drums. :flushed::exploding_head:

I apologized, offered his favorite (from me) offerings, and things are good now. No more beating drums.

He’s such a great spirit, I’ve learned a lot from him, learned a lot about him and look forward to working with him again.


Ill def be checking out for that book thanks for the reca and thanks all for your exp. and further enrouge others to write some experiences helps the noobies out :smile::+1:


Thats an intense way of waking up and getting someones attention :flushed:


The first time we met he was loud and flashy. Freaked me out for a moment because I was new-er to evocation at the time. That said, he has always been kind and helpful. Always led me down a stable and wonderful path. King Paimon is amazing, he’s helped me out with legalities and been generally supportive in other moments as well.

I see him as associated with desert snakes and sands. Dressed every inch the King. Tall, imposing, never-condescending though, and drenched in power.


First thing I asked didn’t manifest. He has been quite good with everything else after that


He was pissed!! I never had that kind of reaction out of him before.


Have any of you guys exeperience poltergeist phenomena working with King Paimon?

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