Evocation worked!?!?

Heeeyy lovely​:heart_eyes: Ive recently joined the forum and.but before that i was trying to evoke shit for like 3 weeks or so. I feel all glossed up cuz…tell me why i think ive actually contacted the bad demon bitch LILITH​:scream::heart::speak_no_evil: i can’t hear her​:frowning_with_open_mouth: but i can like see her.If yall feeln what im tryna say

Anybody can confirm this?!?!!!:blush:

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Hi @love_byte1 :wave:t5: can you give us a little more detail about what you experienced? If it indeed was Lilith, how did you go about trying to contact her, or did the spirit come to you?

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I really just chanted her enn and looked at a sigil of hers. Ive heard that theres a little triangle thingy with candles and like words to say to spirit.But that didnt feel natural.

So yeah💞

Shes sitting open legged on a rock in a volcano rock place.long black hair and horns that point sideways.

Shes givin Queen Dagmar ooff disenchantment vibes🥵

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That’s the thing with magick, you have to do what feels comfortable. Many people have their own ways to call on spirits, and not all of them are the same. Once I feel comfortable with a spirit, be them angel, demon etc, I don’t use any sigils or seals or anything, I do what feels comfortable for me and it works for me.

I’ve only called on her once and this was a while back so I don’t remember the specifics of what I called her for. I just remember hearing her voice and her coming through for me. I’m the opposite, I can hear, I just have a hard time physically manifesting spirits, if other than signs through smoke or flame, but I’m ok with that.

I’m sure someone will chime in with their thoughts, I’m sorry I don’t have too much experience with Lilith.

Have you tried divination, such as a reading? Members are always offering them for free in the reading thread if you can’t do one yourself. You have to check frequently because the spots fill up fast.