TOM's free tarot readings (and more)

I said:

Hi TOMers

We’ve decided to allow free readings for the time being. The 90 day rule will be in full effect in the next future, after the community is older than 90 days.

This thread will be closed after the threshold has been reached. At that point, all approved users will be allowed to open their own threads.

Shall we begin?

But now things have changed

Anyone who has been a contributing* member of the forum for a minimum period of 90 days can offer free readings. Anyone who does this for practice and is inexperienced, please, notify that to the people getting the readings.

Once this thread is filled, we will start another, but please, allow staff members to do so. And again, anyone can still start a new thread to do it, if for whatever reason they feel is needed.

And yes, any member with an account can ask for readings once they’re offered.

*: By contributing member we mean people who posts often and has had conversations around this parts.


Hello :wave:

I’m doing 4 (free, of course) readings. They’ll be posted here, not in PMs (if you have something ‘sensitive,’ then post your name here so people know a spot is taken and send a PM).


  1. Ask a question. “General” is NOT a question.
  2. If you ask about when or how someone/thing is going to die, I will mute you for eternity.


  1. If I already have you muted, then I will not be able to read for you.

Me :raised_hand:

What am I not aware of, or not doing, that I should be aware of / doing? If that is too vague, I can specify more.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


What am I getting right about my path?


I’ve been interested in the Hindu deities lately and I’d like to know… Should I try path working with them now? If yes, are there English language books on path working with them? If the cards say I shouldn’t try path working with them now, do the cards have suggestions on what I need to do to get ready to do so in the future?

Feel free to answer only 1 of those 3, if it’s a 1 question reading (I couldn’t decide which was the most important question to ask tonight)

I’m asking because I don’t know if path working with them is a thing if it says yes there’s books I’ll know I’ll eventually find the right book or books to do so and if no I’ll know I’m on my own figuring it out. I’m aware a reading can’t tell me the names of specifuc books I just would like to know if any exist before I go looking for a needle in a haystack. It’d be good to know that at least the needle is in the haystack if you know what I mean.


Evidently I’m unable to see one of these requests. Which means that @Mythopoeia @CosmicTofu and @Kish I’ll have your readings up soon, @Anaretta I’ll post yours soon too!

Edit: Removed an available spot.


@Laurel_Spider I’m planning to start a new online job that requires a lot of mental strength and charisma to bring me money cause I’m facing a terrible illness that require urgent medical attention.
I just want to know if I going to get the money that I need if I keep that job :person_shrugging:t2:


@Laurel_Spider @Rasper09 had the 4th question I think his question was just above mine.


@Laurel_Spider This is what he wrote above me

Add: does it show up for you when I quoted it?


I will do 3 free Circle Reading.


@Arianna , can I get one of these? They sound pretty awesome (although I’m not sure on the details of how they work)!


Here I posted an example and breif explination of the break down.


So your first


I’d love one! :laughing:


I had one years ago and it was good.

Can we try again to see what has changed?




@Arianna 's circle readings is one of the most useful spirit-y experiences I had. It cleared up a bunch of questions I had. I’d recommend em :metal:t4:


Aww thanks :blush:


Looks i have my 3 then.

@ReyCuervo are we required to post the readings here?

Please give me a little time on each reading. I have to get in a relaxed zone to do them. And sometimes thats easier said than done.

I will do them in the order they were requested.

Also Note: I will work on my readings tomorrow (Saturday and Sunday)



There are two things that you should be aware of, or not doing, at this time: Strength and the 10 of Swords.

Strength is surrounded by the King of Wands, the 3 of Cups, and the 7 of Wands. You don’t need to be “stronger,” you just need to recognize your strength and bring it to the forefront in your workings and current situations. Balance between knowing and using your power and being egotistical about it, the ego is not evil but it can lead people into dangerous situations when not tempered.

Perhaps there’s a situation where you are close to another person that requires your strength. Given the other set of cards, this may be about someone that has left your life (recently). The 7 of Wands is all about gains and victory, especially those that come after a trying time.

You have strength, you need to remember why it is there and bring it the forefront of your being. It doesn’t need to be created or felt at all times, but when it comes to (your) power, your close relationships, and things you are trying to “win” or gain, it should be remembered and honored.

The 10 of Swords alongside Death and the 6 of Wands, is another key thing that wants your attention. The 10 of Swords, something you are unaware of and should be aware of or engaging in. Death supports this by showing that there is a change that needs to come about, something that needs to be grieved/mourned and moved on from. The 10 of Swords might be something you are avoiding, or something that is dragging you down without your consent.

Death lets you know that it needs to be moved on from, something new/different needs to take its place. The 6 of Wands adds to this situation that when you have paid mind to the 10 of Swords’ situation (truly engaged with it), and when you have left it behind, then you will find a victory full of magick and likely with some joy. Don’t let the 10 of Swords and it’s Death aspect consume you, instead they need to be travelled through. (I’m not sure what the situation here is, I wasn’t given info on it, but I hope you understand.)


You can give it in PM, but have to post here once they’re done