[CLOSED] 3 Free Readings~ True Black / Goetia: Tarot in Darkness

Testing out my new Tarot deck/combo of Tarot decks.

Three places only. Any question – either one (1) question or a comparative question (“should I do X or Y”?).

Specific is better than general, but I can probably do general as well.

No DMs, public only. Please give feedback.

First in, best dressed :wink:


I shall take one then, because reading for myself is always a pain.
Pazuzu have been hanging out lately around me, I’m pretty sure of it but I could be wrong. I would like to know what his intentions are with me, like what does he wants.

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4 cups — apathy, stagnating aggressiveness
Queen cups — emotional understanding, ambition (x2)
Ace coins — practical source, body
Ipos — power, vigour unbound
Gusion — balance and healing, flowing

No question, what you’re doing right now is the right thing, and you should keep doing it. You had parasites and now you’re getting rid of them, and you will be much better off without them. In short: what you are doing is helping.

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I would like onee

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what is your question lovely? x


I would like to know if down the line in the future I can go into teaching?

Is teaching better, or practice?

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Ty @Veil very insightful and in line with what I’m experiencing.

I’m experiencing bouts of fever and bodily aches and pains I wonder if it’s connected to that…

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Am late again :laughing::persevere:

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6 wands — victory, finish line, celebration, news and negotiations, balanced purpose
5 swords — conflict, selfishness, immorality, victory or defeat, intuitive lightness
moon — intuition, fear, illusion, darkness, power, feminine mysteries, unconscious faculties
chariot — success, control, ambition after struggle, harnessing the power of entities, decisive advance, focused drive
Barbatos — regret and romance, iron-willed communication
Vual — merriment, pondered resolution
Haures — rules & consequences, impartial vision
Vine — masculine clarity, relentless tenacity

It seems like he wants to challenge you with something so that you can come out stronger. I am going to speak purely from intuition (and the cards) and say that he sees you as a person divided in half, and he wants you to bring both halves together, feminine/masculine, yin/yang. There’s a particular problem he wants to assist you with, which might be associated with school, work, or legal issues? Or maybe just a problem with another person. He wants you to be a whole person, and harden your resolve so you can speak to others clearly and communicate your needs without feeling guilt. He wants to strengthen you.

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Sounds pretty accurate to me, mostly the “challenge you”, I’ve been running in some… issues, shall I say.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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3 swords — heartache, painful accuracy, unresolved grievance
3 swords — indecision, stalemate, trial and choice, ambivalent nature
8 cups — fantasy, daydreams, turning away, stubborn dedication
(fell out) moon — intuition, illusion, feminine mysteries, unconscious faculties
judgment — decision, reckoning, reward or punishment, clarity, intermediating guidance
Dantalion — spiritual mystery, skilfull learning (trad. 9 cups)
Ipos — power, vigour unbound (trad 5 cups)
Gamigin — practical understanding, dynamic wisdom (trad 5 pent)

Mmm… do you like the field you’re working in, or studying for? The cards seem to point you in the direction of academic practice rather than teaching, but there’s also a big ? question mark here, which begs the question… are you happy in where you are headed, career-wise? Currently, practice seems better than teaching.