Insane tarot accuracy

Hello. So I’ve met a friend who is able to divinate using tarot really well. We’ve done 2 readings for two seperate people as a way of gaining confirmation, both of them were shocked at the accuracy. This is just a result and inspiration for those getting into tarot.

My friend is no stranger to tarot, though. He’s been practicing and studying it for years and he’s reached his full potential and developed a good intuition.


Very cool. Care to share the details on what exactly constituted great accuracy?


Sure. The first person asked for a past, present and potential future reading.
My tarot reader read that in the past he suffered from a lot of external pressure for a gift he had. I asked the person and he confirmed that he was a gifted prophet, and the church would exploit him for it, and every time he would get it wrong they would lock him up in a prayer room for days.

The present reading suggested that he was a mentor, or being mentored. I again checked in with him and he said he is a mentor of many people, and he’s mentored by many teachers and he has a main teacher.

The future card suggested that he will achieve wealth and success.

Practice goes a long way for sure. Another quality of a good reader is asking the right questions. Each reader is different and their decks equally different. We both may have the same deck, but the way they communicate with both of us individually will be different. It is important to be attuned to your deck as well, which seems to be the case here :purple_heart: