New project, The war in heaven and the fall of the angels

I’m going to do an evocation divination project where I evoke several spirits that allegedly give true answers about divine secrets.

I will come up with 7 to 10 questions for them and basically interview them and record their answers, them we can compare their answers and see if we can deduce anything of substance.

Spirit roster Marbas

I’ll do one a week on Sundays starting this week.

This will be a crystal ball evocation to document any images they see fit to transmit.

Next post I’ll decide the questions.


Very cool! I’m looking forward to hearing what they have to say.


I’ve had them lead me on some spectacular wild goose chases before too. Some of what I’ve heard before I lack context to put what was said into perspective…at best at worst I thought I knew what was being said but had my head totally in my ass.

I’m going to try to craft some questions that might…evoke some secrets out of them. . we’ll see anyway.


You need to include spirits from other paradigms or you are less likely to find genuine answers. These are all Goetics and if they started as thoughtforms/egregores, they will largely respond to their understanding of their programming/creation myth, rather than real truth, because that is their base point and colors how they perceive the world.


@DarkGodofQlippa maybe you could ask the Fates or the Norns?


I think it will broaden the scope on this too much that the overall picture may lose coherency and clarity. It’s like If we asked Kali.or Shiva for their take on it, it’s probably going to be real different than an infernal perspective.

The idea behind this study is not actually trying to “prove” one creation myth over another pantheons, that would be like me saying I’ve got a million dollars in the bank , and since I said it you have to believe me. Lol, no, the goal here is to take spirits of a diverse background and different character,( and no my friend I do not believe they began as the robotic egregores of a certain tribes psycho spiritual fantasies. Although…I will say that is fascinating to ponder, makes you wonder how far that extends. Are ALL of the entities that we work with regularly, did they get willed into existence by our thoughts and after a long enough time took on a life of their own?

The Goetia for all it’s strangeness and inconsistencies as a classification of spirits has a diverse population, about 30% are fallen angels, there are fallen Nature spirits ( Furfur) , and Marbas …and I know not everyone is gonna agree but my suspicion is he’s not from a JCI pantheon is like Bael would be a fallen God, you’ve got a djinn in here maybe ( Paimon) , so as we know the Goetia isn’t just angels and demons deal, there are several types here and it will be interesting to see what they what they say.

@norse900 this would be an interesting project to expand on though I agree and if this takes off at it could have a Greek study, it could have indian pantheon study, mesopotamian.

What I intend to do here is look for discrepancies ( of which it is likely their name is legion :wink:) but also consistencies too.

I don’t expect to actually find the “truth” here. This idea came from never exploring this side of the goetics listed abilities. Could be fun with I’m definitely not going to take their words as gospel.


Format spirit will be evoked specifically asked to tell the truth as it understands it in ways we can understand ( hopefully). The spirit will have to place its hand on my sword and swear to this truth on pain of Shem constraint.

Spirit will be served incense and liquor.

The following questions will be asked.

1: How long ago were you born, willed into existence or created?

2: describe the circumstances of your coming into existence.

3: Tell us about the creation of the world in ways we can understand. I e astral, etheric, mental physical

4: Tell some things about yourself most men do not know

5: tell us of the creation of the uni/multiverse as w know it.

6: Tell us about God, the supreme being of the universe.

7: tell us about your relationship with it, both in past and present tense.

8: Tell us why was the universe created?

9: why was mankind created?

10: was there a war in the heavens between a supreme being and rebel messengers ( ang el= greek messenger of elohim)?

11: what was your role if there was in fact war?

12: What is your lot and fate to be in the coming of time.?

13: what is mankind most ignorant of that would benefit him to know.

14: how do other “gods” work within this cosmology?

15: Tell us of other races such as the djinn that also exist…

16: tell us of being cast down and or Falling from grace.

17: does mass human belief shape the Gods and spirits somewhat? If so how and to what extent.

18: are there any correspondences for you youd like us to know?

  1. Any special sigils to contact you?

20: anything you wish to say in closing?

Spirit will be thanked, publicly praised and dismissed.

I will interview the spirit and post the videos of his answers. It will follow this format though.

We can all examine these from different angles after we have a few.

Id like to do haures first.

Something says hes got a story to tell…


Man this is amazing, let us know when you done the q&a.