Occult Tarot - Ari's Adventure

I got my Occult Tarot Cards today! Yay, me!

I was going over in my head how I wanted to work with them. I liked what @norse900 is doing with his cards. I like the idea of the spirits chosing an incense and have several that they can choose from. So, I think I will borrow that idea.

I thought I could draw a card from the deck and ask the spirit to come choose his/her incense and I would place the card and incense on my altar. (Burn the incense) and let the card hold a place of honor on my altar for a week.

If I feel led to add anything to my altar on their honor that week I will. If I feel there is communication desired I will find the time to do that as well.

At the end of the week I will post notes and document everything I have experienced that week.

So today is Wednesday. I can start today or wait until Sunday. I really like these cards so may just have to go Wed to Tuesday. Because I wanna jump right in. :sweat_smile:

If I do start it today it will be later tonight when I post my first card and demon.

I have to finish some work I started yesterday and do some boring house work.

I am excited though.


I like this trend :smiley:
Looking forward to reading!


Aww… thank you ! I’m excited! I haven’t really found any I truly like since my Halloween cards.




Nice twist! Be mindful of the Vassago, Pruflas mistake in the deck. @DarkGodofQlippa pointed it out to me in another forum. The Tower card. This time around, I asked which I was supposed to call.


Did this one remind you of Babel?


Sure, but not being a scholar in that area (and not believing most biblical stories), I can’t speak to the authenticity, to be honest.

But man, that would’ve been in helluva sled ride down that thing. Had a dream about it once.


Thanks for the heads up! :black_heart:


The incense to choose from, Salem’s Spell full moon, Honeysuckle, prosperity, Myrrh, white sage, Patchouli, magic broom , oh and cone incense haunted garden

These are the ones I have some I have more than one package of. I have a few stick of Hekate incense. But felt like needed to save those.


I sat and took deep breaths. Calming myself and grounding.

When I felt ready I drew a card. Andromalius.

I looked to see if there was a video with his enn. And there was so I sat and meditated on his enn and the card.

While I was meditating on his enn , it felt like was walking through a long cave or tunnel. I was saying his enn and letting my hand graze the walls of the tunnel while I walked. It felt like I was calling him too.

After I had walked a little way in, he appeared behind me, I turned to look at him. Here I am, he said.
I nodded.

I felt a strong draw to the prosperity incense and he agreed.

Are you looking for me? He asked

Yes. I was hoping to spend some time with you. I replied.

He smiled.

That is good news, He said. What can I help you with?

I was hoping you would have suggestions. I looked at him, hoping he would have a good reply .

Of course! How about we do some digging?
He asked.

Hmm… Ok.

The tunnel we are in is dark feels like coal or some dark crystal that the walls are made of. Like black diamond, or some dark gem .

Come back tomorrow and we will dig. He suggests.

Alright I will come back tomorrow night. I agreed.

I lit the prosperity incense on my altar and placed his card there as well.

This should be an interesting week.


I listened to Andromalius’ enn again tonight.
I was back in the tunnel with him, he handed me something like a pick axe and we walked a ways into the tunnel. Once we reached a certain spot, he asked, if I was ready to dig.

We used our pick axes to strike at the walls.
I asked him what what we were supposed to find?

And his reply was, I don’t know. We will know it when we find it.

We continue to to pick away. And finally I hit something. We clear it away and it’s a huge blue diamond :gem:. It’s circular. But so big I have to hold it in my arm like a school book.

I tell him I haven’t seen a blue diamond in a while. Last time I found one I was with another.

He asks, What are you going to do with it.

I tell him that I don’t know, and ask if he wants it?

He throws his hands up and says , oh no , you found it , it’s yours.

I tell him I’m not sure what I will do with it. So maybe I will just keep it in a secret place for a while.

He said that sounded like a good idea. And asked me if knew how rare they were.

I informed that I did. That the one I was with when I found the first one had told me so.

Andromalius, looks at me for minute and says it will come to you what to do with it.

I nodded in agreement.

I reassured him that I would be back tomorrow. And asked if we were digging again.

He said no, that he thought we should do some exploring.
An image popped in my head as he said it and I could see even farther in the tunnel/cave and an underground waterfall and pool of water.

I think we are to go there tomorrow.

I said my goodbyes to him and we parted ways.

Sept, 1 day 2


Andromalius day 3

I put on Andromalius’ enn with earbuds. I didn’t need it. But it keeps distractions out.

I went to where he was with ease. Just closed my eyes. We were deep under the earth. There in a black cave was good sized pool of water and waterfall. I greeted him and he instructed me to swim in the pool.

I took my clothes off and let my toes feel the water in the pool. Nice and cool, refreshing. I slipped the rest of the way into the water.
Going under the waterfall and allowing it shower me.

Andromalius, said that the water could rejuvenate me and help me. I dove down to the bottom. As dark and black as the water was I could see underneath it. I could see thing on the floor of the pool of water. It was like things found in a wishing well or fountain, coins, things considered lucky.

I saw a key. :old_key: A very pretty skeleton key that seemed to have a pearl or something on the handle side. I grabbed the key. I felt I needed it and I have a thing for keys.

I was about to rise to the surface when I saw a mirror. Like a hand held silver vanity mirror.
I grabbed it too. Then I rose to the surface.

I sat my new things down beside Andromalius, and he looked at them. Nice they will be useful to you. Yes I think so.

He helped pull me out of the water and took off his dark hooded cloak and wrapped it around me. I told h he didn’t have too, but it was nice.

I sat down on a big rock, shivering a bit trying to get warm with his cloak.

He said, here would you like some bread and wine? Swimming can make you hungry.

I looked at the bread and wine and back to him. Bread and wine? I asked.

Yes, aren’t you hungry?

Bread and wine is…

I looked confused. Some wheels we turning in my head.

I got here very easily ,. And your giving me bread and wine…

Did you invoke me?

What if I did? He asked. You have the ability to move between the veils easily. I know I’m not the first, he stated.


But now, am I working with you or are you working with me, I asked.

How about both he said.

But gifts and offerings, there is generally a request. I noted.

I know what you can do, he replied.

Yes, but it’s not a simple thing. I said.

Oh, I know. I know. I just hope that you would consider… He trailed off.

I would if I could find the one. That’s the hard part.

Well, if I were there I could help you better and your cause. He spoke looking straight into my eyes.

I know that too. And I know you have been loyal. But, I cannot promise what I’m not sure of. But I will keep an eye out for you.

Excellent, he replied.

Will you be visiting me tomorrow?

Yes, we have only done 3 days and I’m shooting for 7.

Is there something you need help with, my lady?

Yes, I want to make a new temple. Not like the others. Not like others I’ve had. Different and new. Will you help me?

Of course I will . … you can tell me your plans tomorrow. He spoke.

Wonderful, I will see you tomorrow. I told him. And we parted ways.

Until tomorrow.


Sept 2, 2022
Day 4 with Andromalius

I found him at the underground pool. I had no issuses getting there. Just close my eyes.

I gave him a hug. And we sat on some big rocks to talk. I brought him a folder with my ideas for the temple.

He looked at them thought they were good.

I told him I wanted it built with the sacred flame in the center. He agreed.

He asked me, will you be asking the others to help build the temple as well.

The others? I thought about it for minute. Should I ? I hadn’t really thought that far into it. But maybe i should.

I looked at him, but then wouldnt i be like Solomon, getting demons to build my temple?

Well, answer me this , my lady, did they help Solomon build it for Solomon, or did thdy help build it for the Queen, who resided inside. He winked at me.

Thats something that was never told for all the male egos.

But he had a ring, and all that.

Andromalius, laughed.

No, he had the Queen. Nothing else mattered.

Ok then. I will ask for their help as I work with them.

Good, he replied. Can we start right away? I asked. I felt a since of urgency, I hadnt before.

Right away. It will be as you ask.

Good I felt relieved. I want the blue diamond to be in the temple as well. With its own place.

Of course. Any other requests?

No not right now anyway. Thank you.


I need to go for now.

I will see again tomorrow. Day 5.

Until tomorrow, then.

We parted ways.


Day 5

Working with Andromalius.

I show up around the underground pool of water. That seems to be out meeting spot.

We just sit down and I ask what’s on the agenda for today?

He says, those items you found in the water, what were they? And what do you use them for?

Let’s see, the key , used to unlock things, doors.
The mirror used for scrying, seeing or can be a portal.

Andromalius smiles, yes so the key and mirror can be used together. The key can unlock the door/portal.

I see. Interesting.

Why don’t you try it. He suggested.

I held the key in my left hand and the mirror with my right . … I touched the key to the mirror and the glass started me rippled like water, to move and wriggle.

Then from the center of the mirror it was like it pulled back and opened. I could see another world inside. It looked different with flowers and trees I do not recall seeing.

I didn’t see people but a beautiful place of plant life. I wanted to see more of this lovely place. So I placed my hand through the mirror and it went, I kept on until my whole self was inside.

It was seeing a Jurassic time but with plants. Huge plants and flowers.

I closed my eyes and took a few breaths. There must be a reason I’m here. I need to find it.

I looked up and saw a beautiful flower with red and white leaves. I picked one of the blooming flowers and took it back with me through the portal. I know what it’s for.

Andromalius, was still sitting there waiting for me.

Found something useful? He questioned

Yes I did.

Ok now the blue diamond, do you know what it’s for ?

Some of the things yes. Someone once told me the one possesses a blue diamond can travel anywhere. But I seem to do that anyway.

Maybe look into it’s other uses as well.

I nodded. Good idea. There should be more to it.

We took our leave of each other, knowing that I will return tomorrow, for day 6.


I have felt myself pulled back to the Occult tarot all day.

So I decided to give them a shuffle and ask, who is trying to speak to me?

I got Foras.

Interesting that Andromalius and Foras deal with returning items and finding treasure :thinking:

But Foras also teaches logic, ethics, the value of herbs and stones. Since right now I have an ongoing thread about crystals and while working with Andromalius I found the blue diamond. Maybe, he’s trying to help.

Oh can also make one invisible.

Perhaps today I will seek Foras, and see what he has to say.


Finally day 6

I find Andromalius, in our usual meeting place. I apologize for skipping a few days but he understands. I also liked the incense that I burned on my altar this morning for him.

I ask him what’s going on with ritual that I have been able to see. And he tells me not to worry about it. That it is nothing to be worried about. So naturally, I am worried about it.

He looks at me with beautiful emerald green eyes which I had not noticed before when would meet.

Just keep your chin up he says to me. Everything is about to change , you will see.

I wasn’t feel low, but encouragement is always welcome.

I see a red robe , it’s made of velvet. It’s beautiful. I keep seeing it when I’m here. Andromalius, says it’s mine. Not sure what to do with it but it’s nice.

I feel restless. I want to explore more but , I not sure about it.

Andromalius, hands me a box, like a small tin box and inside are bones.


Yes from someone before us.

Before us?

Indeed. You may want to call him up and ask question?

Have you?

No, I haven’t but you should.

I run my fingers lightly across the bones barely touching them and they start to shake and move. Instantly, I know who it is.

I flash Andromalius, a quick glance. Surely, he knew whose bones these belonged too.

I saw a misty like substance swirl and take form of man.

I spoke to him and he spoke back. I asked himna question , how could I accomplish my big goal? He said to ask for it. There many already waiting to help.

I asked another question, by what authority do I do those things. He said by my own authority by my rights and place. By the right as the One.

I asked, how long will it take to accomplish?
He said that all depended on my and my pace. How soon it would done.

Then he fell back into the bones, and ended the session.

I thanked Andromalius for his help and guidance. I was ready to leave but I will return tomorrow for my final day with Andromalius.


:raising_hand_woman:t2: I‘m following this trend… cards are amazing and looking at them, they feel „charged“


That deck is so much fun. I’m glad seeing other people using it. What a fabulous educational and fun tool.


Day 7 with Andromalius.

I find him easily. Hes in our usual spot. We say our hello’s and he still has the box with the bones. I ask him i can keep it. Hes says yes. That they will be useful to have with my project.

Since he once used my demons to do his bidding, turnabout is fair play.

He has another box for me. Its ornate and silver. He opens it and again there are bones. I didnt need to touch them. I knew to whom they belonged.

But i do lightly glide my fingers across them. And watch as they respond to my touch.

I ask Andromalius, how he got them.

His reply was , is it not my job to discover hidden treasure?

Treasure come in all sorts. Not just fine jewels and gold.

I know he is right. This is a treasure. And i could get to the bottom of alot of things with some necromancy. It would be hard.

I look at Andromalius and tell him i would like to keep both boxes. And he is in agreement.

I have questions and these two may indeed have the answers.

I touch the bones again, and see an image appear. I tell him that i will be keeping his bones now. And i have many questions that i wish for him to answer.

He indicates that he understands.

I brush my fingers across the bones again and he returns. Andromalius, closes the box and hands both boxes to me.

I tell him thank you for all of his help. And that i look forward to reports about the progress of my new temple.

He assures me it is all going well. And we depart from one another.

That was day 7 Andromalius.
Tomorrow I will start with Forcas.

Its going to be interesting.


Today is my first day with Furcas

I saw him this morning before my work with him truthfully began.

I was sitting in a circle made up of my crystal skulls. But i was not in my home.
I was inside what felt like a very tall , high crystal palace. White or clear crystal.

I asked him where I was and he said I should remember the place. To give it time.
My skulls stayed forming a circle in this large main room.

I kept having this vision all day. It feels comfortable there. Even though the walls and floor are crystal and are hard and cool.

He seems very scholarly. And i cant help but to want to put a graduation cap on his head :mortar_board:

He wears a robe long and red like scholars from olden times.
Yet he is big and strong.

When i got home this afternoon i meditated with his enn.

And he chose myrrh for his incense.

He is waiting for me to return tomorrow.