Circle Readings

Im guessing this goes in divination. It’s the closest thing to it that I can think of.

I haven’t been here long enough to offer free Circle Readings yet. But thought I would share one or two that I have done.

So the way I do it is I close my eyes and ‘reach out’ to the one I’m trying to read. Once I find them and it doesn’t take long, then I study the outside of the circle. Usually, of the magicians circles I have read the circle will be made up flames. And I can tell a lot by a magicians flames. Unless, the magician is letting his guard down so to speak, to either invite a spirit in or some type of magick where it would be necessary the flames of an experienced magician will be very high.
The flames will be very high and very thick. And I have encountered double walls of flame.

Not all circles are made up of flames. But for the most part they are.

I will observe the circle, how high the flames are, what the thickness is like, then I will place my hand in the flames, are they hot, what does it feel like. How thick does it feel. I will also take in the color of the flames, I’ve seen almost every color I can think of. If I do readings for the same magician but say six months apart, most likely their flames will have changed and probably a lot about the rest of their circle will have changed because the magician has changed. And sometimes the current they were working with has changed to something else.

After I observe the outside of the circle I will walk through the flames, sometimes it is easy peasy, sometimes I have to force my way inside. Sometimes the flames are so strong and thick it feels like it will take my breath.
I make it through and here I can observe more about the magician. Generally , what I see is symbolic, so if I see a cauldron sitting on a fire , or may not literally mean the magician has a bubbling cauldron , but they are cooking something up. Maybe a project, or potions, or recipes it just depends. I will see other things too it really depends on the magician and the type of work they are doing or it can be indicative of something they should do, or a spirit that wants to work with them, or a spirit that is working with them.

I’ve seen so much stuff inside circles. And some circles will begin to spin and take off like a magick carpet ride somewhere and then there is an adventure plus the reading but even when that happens, everything I see and experience is connected to that magician.

So a circle reading could give clarity about your work, show who might want to work with you, or confirm that your work is taking fruit. It could also sound any warning bells about potential threats if I see any in the reading. It could help you make choice about which direction to take next.

So, I decided to read a friend’s circle and they know I do from time to time. This magician has a really fun circle. Reading it is always gonna lead somewhere.

So first I looked at his circle, burgundy red flames, with black mixed in. Lovely flames with some smoke. The flames are above what would feel like head high. Good. I place my hand in the flames and I can feel that they are hot. I know how his flames typically are so know I will feel like I’m losing my breath. But I take a step and then another until I’m inside his circle.
Cool, once inside I notice the floor of it. It looks like dirt. Like dark rich soil. Maybe, indicating fertile grounds or a nice grounding.

I see sigils start to form in the dirt. They look familiar and they appear to be certain ones from the goetia. Ok so he’s working with demons from the goetia. I see Azazel’s sigil and I know he is working with him. I can feel Azazel enter the circle. He’s wearing red which is most likely indicative of what the color red generally represents. Being it is Azazel, probably a battle or something baneful maybe. But Azazel, does have other talents. I can just straight up ask Azazel, I know him like that. But I figure that is between him and the magician.

This circle has a very alpha male feel to it. And it can be a little overwhelming. But it’s cool it’s their circle.

Next the circle begins to spin. Ok good. Most stronger magicians tend to have spinning circles. Not all of them but I see it often.

Then I have a vision of an airplane but it appears to have crashed and one wing has dug deep into the earth and the plane is up on its side. I take a look in the plane and it’s strange like the pilot and copilot seats are huge like freaking giants flew this plane. It’s turned on its side so it’s weird to try and make your way to the back. But once I reach the back I find a book it looks like a journal but it’s odd. It’s not written with words but numbers. Then whole book is like sentences made with numbers.

I think the plane that crashed with the huge seats was indicating maybe he was trying to be larger than life and things crashed. The book with numbers feels like something he will learn. And when the time is right he will know how to read it and apply it. Perhaps in his subconscious he already knows and just needs to believe in it.

I could read the numbers and then try to decipher it but it is a really thick book. And I don’t have that much time. Though, it might be interesting to write the number down and then just work on it as I can. But then this is his circle so I’m letting myself get caught up in his task.

He keeps the book and the circle spins is back to where we were before.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

His circle has changed much since my last reading. But it feels more steady and ready to do some serious work. If he keeps to the task.

Believe in it is what keeps coming through for me with this reading. Believe in the magick and the possibilities.


Your readings were always fun and interesting :blush:


Thank you :blush:


Of course!


Indeed, she’s always impressed me :slight_smile:


Aww you guys make me blush :relaxed:


Remember the one time I never answered them phone for mine… granted I was at work and forgot I scheduled it. But I love you’re readings. They are always so good.


Yes! I remember that! Anytime you get ready for one let me know.


I’ve heard highly of these over the past several years.


I used to do them frequently in the other place. I learned I could do it by shear luck!


This is really really interesting. Following!


This is a really fascinating and unique method of divination. I’m impressed!! Thank you for sharing
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Your welcome :sparkling_heart:


An example from the free readings topic. Im still not offering readings on the public forum other than on the designated free readings thread.

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This is @ReyCuervo 's circle reading. He gave me permission to post his entire reading!!


NOTE: I edited the post because the images loaded in the wrong order.

So, I stand but what’s said here. There are a few things to figure out, but it was a very nice reading that resonated greatly with me.

As it happened before, and this is the gold standard for any sort of divination, Arianna tapped into things about me that she couldn’t possibly know.


It’s ok it was giving me fits :rofl:

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Thank you for allowing me to post your complete reading.

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I would love one sometime when you have the time :grinning: