Random idea

Ok so hear me out…

I have a very good friend I lost in some shitty circumstances a couple years ago. When they passed, it left a great big, 6ft5 Hungarian dude shaped hole in my heart. And I miss them terribly most days.

Idk if they found the peace they were searching for when they took their life. I hope they did because a person as beautiful as him deserves it. But is there a way I can know for sure? And if he is stuck here, can I help him move on? If he doesn’t want to move on, can I make that easier on him?

I know this is a lot of questions, but I was just talking about him to someone and I can feel him around as I write this. I just want to know he’s ok.

Anyhow, sorry for the rant. Was just a random thought and I wasn’t sure where to post it


I’ve dealt with this myself. I recommend you contact a reputable Necromancer, or a psychopomp spirit Like Amon or Murmur. You can petition straight up and ask if they are stuck to move them on, verify with divination after.


Is it possible a spirit doesn’t want to move on? Live is adamant to stay type thing


I’m actually experiencing this now. My daughter passed away in 2005. Every single day since then, for the past 18 years I’ve received a sign she is near, whether it’s her birthday or her name or presence. I was told she didn’t cross over because she’s waiting for me so we can do it together. I’ve tried talking to a psychopomp, Periodically I’ll try lighting a candle and talking to her to let her know it’s ok to cross over, I’ve tried communicating with my ancestors, and she just won’t budge. I just want her to be at peace.

I agree with talking to a psychopomp or doing divination.


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Yes and no.

Only a psychopomp can, and people can be psychopomps. But if you’re not one already, then you’re facing years upon years of work just to be able.

Good news: spirits are psychopomps. Some of them, at least. The demon Bime and the gods Hermes and Thoth are psychopomps and they’ll help if you ask them.

Anyway, most people crosses over without any issue, so chances are help is not needed.


I’ve done this for some people I served with in Iraq that died there or afterwards.

I’ve also helped a deceased mother stay around to watch over her children. She’s crossed and came back. I work with her frequently and will cast to help her children. She can move on and has in a sense, but chooses to stay here until then.

They can come back, even if they’ve “moved on”.

Hit me up in a PM, if you’re wanting help with it.


I’m sorry to read this. Let me know if I can be of any help.


I’m sorry for your loss. I’m looking at my son right now and I couldn’t imagine… I can’t say I understand how you feel, because I’ve not been in that position but I can imagine how a loss like that would leave a hole that can’t be filled.

When you feel her presence, how do you know? Is it the same as when you sense an infernal spirit? Or is it more subtle. I know I’ve felt Marty around once or twice with stuff like randomly finding a packet of the cigarettes he smoked or a Johnny Cash song popping up where it had no business being. But I rarely just feel him around, it’s usually after I’ve been thinking about him.

I’m still a noob, well, not a total noob, but I’d hardly say I’m as experienced as many of you fine folks. But what exactly is “psychopomp”? It’s a term I’ve heard a few times here and on the other site, but I’ve not seen a definition for it.


I just want to know he’s happy with whatever choice he made. He was honestly one of the best people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. He would give the shirt off his back for a friend and would burn the world down if someone hurt a friend.

My favourite story to tell about him is how we met. I used to play a game called ingress. Sorta like Pokemon go, but instead of catching creatures, you catch portals for your team and link them up to stop the other team from being able to do so. Met him in a cross faction group chat and the first thing the funny fucker said too me was “show me your tits” and I replied with “not til I see your moobs C***”. We laughed and discovered shared interests in Johnny cash, motorbikes and tattoos.

He helped me multiple times during one of the worst patches of my life. And I think I’m always going to feel guilty I couldn’t help him. I was apparently the last person he spoke to and it tears me up. Like, logically, I know there was nothing I could’ve done; he was the stoic type. But try telling your heart to be logical…


Yeah, I’m far from experienced enough for that. I’ve only been practicing full time for about a year. I’m good at what I can do, but I’m not an expert in anything. Even though dealing with the spirits of those who’ve passed is a family trait, it’s not one I seem to have acquired.

I’ve read somewhere I could also speak with Murmur, is this correct? I’ve worked with them once or twice already. Funnily enough, I keep finding their sigil in places it shouldn’t be and I swear of put it away with my others. My understanding is though that Murmur deals more with talking spirits to hell, not with moving on. Would you say that’s right, or am I misinterpreting what I’ve read?


Aaahh, this is where I saw Murmur mentioned… Noob question, but what exactly is a necromancer? My only experience with the term is from movies and such.


A Necromancer is someone who literally “speaks with dead”. It can also mean a black magician, but in our circles it means someone who specializes in working with the dead.


But they’re not specifically like a medium or anything like that?


Hi @Delilah_LeStrange, psychopomps are spirits that escort and guide deceased souls to the afterlife, in so many words.


Anyone that communicates with them could be considered one. Mediums do it a specific way. You could also do it via Ouija, dice, tarot, …

Necromancy used to be just speaking, in the strictest sense of the definition. These days, you’ll also find it used as someone that works with the dead or someone just working in the Death current in edgy books that want a dark mystique.

Similar with psychopomp. NavyBeans’ definition is it. You’ll see me call myself one sometimes and this means I’m working in a similar, helping vein. Very much alive and humanly flawed, so the title doesn’t exactly fit in my case.


Thank you for that. I’ve seen it used quite a few times but never really understood what it meant.


I believe so, yes. I don’t know about carrying souls to hell, but be aware that there is this idea of “fluffy demons” and people who want to go to hell, so take it with a pinch of salt. Personally, I don’t even know what hell is supposed to be, other than maybe (maybe) a nation of sorts, as all pantheons may be.


Hell is probably the wrong term for me to have used. I don’t really believe there’s a “hell” like as in the xtian definition of it. My limited experience with infernals shows me that it’s not possible. But how you’ve stated it as like a nation makes more sense. More like Hades or Sheol I guess?

But the reason I said it was because I got Murmur’s help removing a parasite that had latched onto my throat chakra. After an LBRP, Murmur took the parasite as payment and dragged it off me, taking it somewhere. Which is why I used the term hell as I couldn’t think of another way to put it.


UPG alert: yep, diplomacy is a thing, so they seem a bit like nations. But that’s only my own experience and should be taken with all the salt you can get in your town. And the next.

A human psychopomp I knew told me about seeing places that fit the Christian definition of hell, but not identified as infernal, as in, not ruled (or inhabited) by the spirits we usually call demons.