How to Perform a Cord Cutting?

I have no idea how to preform a cord cutting, and finding quality info is surprisingly difficult. Would anyone be willing to share their method, or even better, post a tutorial?


There’s an inner vision version in Igniting Intimacy. I tried it; it wasn’t effective, for me. Way too gentle.

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I second this. If anyone has a good tutorial I’d appreciate it as well.


Can I brew coffee first? :rofl:


If we could get it before the dark or new moon it would be perfect timing, but whenever works for you would be amazing :sparkles:

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I can do it within an hour lol :joy:

I was working on a servitor for neph, but I swear I was about to take a break anyways.


Thank you Ket :pray:


I’ve used Hekate for cord-cutting before (OP here):

Cord-cutting ritual with Hekate presiding tonight. Pretty simple. Lit a red candle and white sage incense. I took a small piece of paper and folded it precisely in half. On one half I wrote my name and DOB, on the other half I wrote the [other persons’] name and DOB. Meditated and called on Hekate until I felt her presence.

She watched as I tore the paper down the middle. Then I rolled each side [of the torn paper] into a scroll, tied each with three knots, but all connected with the same thread. I visualised the energetic connection between us represented by the thread. [First] I burned the thread [in the middle] to sever [the two sides], then I burned the scrolls and remnants of the thread together in my “cauldron”. I cut my fingernails and fed them into the fire. A small but personally meaningful sacrifice, serving to represent my willingness to cut away that which I have outgrown, and offer it to the flames. I did feel a bit lighter afterwards.

If I were to do it again today, probably the only thing I’d add would be to visualise Hekate using a waning crescent moon as a scythe to sever the energetic cord, before burning everything.

The slight drawback seems to be that it either takes a few weeks to come into full effect, or maybe it’s just if you think about the other person a lot. But this was in the case of an ex, so it could differ depending on who you are cutting a cord with.

I’ve also had some similar recent success with Metatron. I was very bonded to someone spiritually, to the point where I would spontaneously hear their thoughts in alpha state, or even sometimes when fully awake. I asked Metatron to reinforce the shield he put around me, then I asked him to place a shield around the other person. No harmful intent, just to literally isolate each of us from the other. Again, it seems the success of the method is dependent on how little or how much you think about the other person. It didn’t stop me from thinking about them, but it did stop me randomly overhearing their internal monologue.


Thank you @Veil :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Here you go, a couple of options.