Hekatean Evocation Incantation

Hekatean Evocation Incantation

This is a modification of an evocation used to compel spirits in Consorting with Spirits by Jason Miller. It is more friendly, and draws upon your own authority as well as Hekate’s. I only have used it with goetic spirits I already have good relationships with. I am not as experienced as @DarkGodofQlippa , and this method has not been tested nearly as much as his excellent evocation guide.

This is also just an incantation. It’s not a full-on evocation guide.


I, _____ , conjure and evoke you, o ____!
In the name of Hekate Cthonia, Queen of Spirits,
And by my own power,
To appear _____!

Whether you are in the Empyrean heavens,
Or Hades depths,
Or wandering any of the lonely planes of this Earth.

In the name of Ershkigal, Aktiophis, Neboutosoualeth,
And by the authority of my own name,
Come to my temple as an honoured guest!

I stir and summon you, ____ , to appear!

In the name of Brimo, Alexeatis, Enodia, Nekuia, Nyketeria, Tartarouchos,
And in my own name,
I evoke thee, honoured ____ !

I do not imagine Hekate has the same authority as, say, Lucifer, over the goetia, but she is a high authority and she has been called upon in tangent with them since ancient times. She is mentioned alongside Azazel in the PGM, for example. If you do use this, please share your results :+1:


I really like this, this is excellent work my friend.


Very nice invocation!


Thank you both :slight_smile: