[TUTORIAL] Basic evocation


Evocation is to call a spirit to your immediate area, outside you. Or what’s the same, to summon a spirit.

It is considered a gold standard in western occultism, along with the manifestation of actual results, and, I must say, it is NOT recommended to you if this is your first day (week, month, maybe year) practicing magick.

But if you’re hell bent on it, I’ll try to walk you through it.


Start with some good old preparatory immersion followed by getting the area ready. Mop the floor. Get everything clean and shiny. Then proceed to lay out whatever tools the frame you’re using demands. Now perform your usual banishment rite. Your working area should be in shape to proceed. If you’re not using ritual robes or similar, wear your best clothes.


This is a method I wrote myself to help you out, in case you’re not following instructions provided by any actual school of magick.

Fall into trance. Imagine someone coming. This person is walking to your house. Start three blocks away. As they walk, define a shape for them. Imagine the details. What does their body look like? What clothes do they wear? This is usually called structuring: to give shape to something.

Once they’re at your door, call upon them with whatever method you have.

Example one: the goetic demon Ipos.

Chant his enn, Desa an Ipos ayer, and have his sigil in the immediate area you’re working in. Keep doing it for a while. This is more or less like calling a person’s name over and over and over. They’ll answer sooner than later.

Example two: Aphrodite, goddess of passion, love and beauty (or sex, mostly).

Chant her hymn (or listen to a rendition on youtube) and if you need some visual stimuli get some artwork from the internet, like a picture of any of her many statues. For some other gods you can use symbols linked to them (Poseidon’s trident, Hermes’ caduceus).

Follow this LINK for her hymn, or google it.

If this is your first time working with them, introduce yourself, in your own words and with honesty.

I’m Cuervo, from the end of the world. I like so and so. I’m also a dick. I’m here, calling upon you [SPIRIT] with all my fucking heart.

Proceed to speak to them to tell them how awesome they are. Show respect.

Aphrodite, beautiful goddess, greatest shipper of all times, hear my call

Next explain why are you calling them and what do you expect from them. Throwing some inner alchemy, to communicate better, wouldn’t hurt. Do it with respect. It may be their job to rule over whatever office this particular spirit is associated with, but you’re not their boss.

Once it is done, give them the license to depart, banish, get out of trance and ground yourself by doing anything mundane, like some house chores.

At first, the person you imagine will be just that, imagination in action, but over time it will be more solid. One day you may even see them with your own eyes, the same way you see any person or object. One day.

Personally, I don’t do evocations. I’m quite comfortable with my visionary magick, I get my results all the same, but to each their own.


I would also like to add that calling the spirit and feeling it are different skills. If you’re just starting out and aren’t sensitive enough, then assume the spirit came. Pay upon delivery.

If you haven’t gotten what you asked for (in a about twice the amount of time you think you should wait), perform the ritual again.


If a person wanted to squash a beef with a demon, would this be an appropriate tutorial to start with, or is there a different approach I could take? Say to repair a relationship with Prince Ipos, Prince Orobas, King Belial, Duchess Bime, President Stolas, or Knight Furcas?
Would visionary magic or a petition ritual work instead? A Solomonic approach with them?

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This is just a communication method, so it would be as good as any, I think. I don’t know the specifics, but if your objective is to make peace, I would suggest you to start with something that shows that mean it, like starting with offerings as an apology or something of the sort.