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Hello everyone I’d like to update a timeless classic of mine that many people found great value in. My evocation method. I have evoked all 72 of the spirits of the goetia using this method. I’ve logged more than 300 evocations I’m approximately two years time and my method has evolved over time. 2-25-23

I will keep this simple and usable by most of the people that read it.

A quick note, using a triangle is NOT offensive to all goetic spirits contrary to common demonaltry views. The triangle being three sided geometrically relates to the planet Saturn. The triangle gives a spirit energy to become dense and manifest easier for you. A triangle also allows the spirit a throne to sit on and Converse with the magician. Some spirits actually don’t think you respect their strength if you won’t use Triangle.

Now other spirits react hostiley and can become violent when a triangle is used. It’s up to you to know which spirits are ok with what.

You will need
A wand ( or your first two fingers,)
Three candles preferably teallight or a paper triangle or wood triangle.
You need incense
You need wine or liquor
And a colored candle you feel best represents your spirit.

Optional equipment
Lesser key of Solomon ( for conjurations)
Blasting rod ( for hostile or violent spirits)

As you arrange the altar begin to play the YouTube enns of the spirit in the background, song along with this as you prepare. Imagine feelings of love or admiration or great respect for your intended spirit.

Arrange your candles in Triangle or around your paper or wood triangle.

Light one piece of incense but keep more on hand.

In front of your triangle walk in a circle three times starting from facing east ( I use North myself,) say “may all shadows, ghosts and shells leave this place and do not return.” Do this 3x as you walk the circle, perhaps toss salt if you wish too.

This is your sacred space you are God here and you make the rules.

Now use your lbrp banishing ritual or whatever you use.

Next light the candles around the triangle and put the spirits seal in the middle.

Gaze into and through the seal as you begin to chant the spidery words of magic the enns chant of the spirit.

After two to three minutes the seal will begin to wiggle and flash and move, this means the seal is open and the spirit hears you.

Time to begin the conjuration.

Point your wand or two fingers at the seal and speak in commanding voice
" Hear me and make all spirit’s subject unto me so that every spirit of the firmament and of the ether, on dry land and in the water, of whirling air and rushing fire and every spell and scourge of God will be obedient unto me, Hear me!"

Now prepare to perform the following one to three times. As you repeat this add intensity and desire for the spirit to rend the veil of Sitra Ahra and manifest in this world, right now in your temple. I almost shout or scream by the second or third repetition.

“Etzel Malakel
Testzel Sam tan El
Itz retz nama tell
Itz hell astarell
Kama kala, kama kala, kama kala Santanel
Spirit X kama
Spirit X kala
Spirit X Kama kala vel
Me Vaakalla
Me solvalla
Me resalla
Ah tan tell”

“Come spirit X and put on a fair and comely shape,be seated now in my triangle and answer my questions in my mother tounge”

This is a conjuration in the infernal tounge by EA

Now you will feel a noticable change in the atmosphere, or a you’ll feel presence or a change in pressure on your ears when the spirit comes through.

Immediately warmly welcome the spirit to your temple. Pour some wine or liquor, light the special candle for it, and burn a piece of fresh incense for it. This keeps the mood amiable.

Next give the spirit your charge. Don’t ask that’s pathetic. Why should he help you really is alot of spirits attitude towards towards weak requests.
COMMAND him to carry out your will make it clear what’s in it for the spirit, public praise, ect

Then give license to depart.

"Spirit X I now grant license to depart may you come swiftly next time I call, return to your home or abode in away none are harmed and may peace always remain between us. Be well.

Banish and that’s it.


Mother tounge? I thought all of em talk in English
:joy:(i never communicated wit a spirit so im curious)


There’s a big difference between auditory hallucinations and spirit communication. One is a sign of psychosis the other a mark of spiritual development.


So basically all spirits use telepathy and our mind interpret in Our mother language?


Yes that’s how it works


Thanks for the reply :love_you_gesture:
Btw i read ur tutorials frm other forum pretty helpful :ok_hand:


Thank you my friend, but the very best is yet to come. I’m growing and my practice is streamlining and becoming more evolved. Expect to see my very best work I’m the upcoming months right here on TOm.


Will wait for it ( I was reading ur guide to develop astral senses it seems its perfect and straightforward compared to other bs i read )


So, if some spirits react negatively to a triangle what about other shapes? Circles? Squares? Octagons? Pentagrams? Rhomboids? Etc.

Which shapes do you think are the safest if not triangles? By safest I’m meaning shapes spirits are least likely to react badly too.


I’m pretty sure circles are generally known as “safest.”


Ok @Kish I’m going to finish opening this can of worms that started for me. This was like handing me ordinance that needs to be defused. ALOT of people may potentially disagree with me ( that’s ok I’m still right) but here’s the deal.

When we’re talking about using a triangle we are ( I am) talking about using the densefication properties of the number 3 in geometry ( relating to Saturn).

What if you were the spirit that really wasn’t sold on helping this so called magician or even showing up to answer his call? If you were “directed” to be seated and densified and limited ( previously you nearly no limits you were pure spirit in the world of spirits) how might you react. Perhaps it’s all fun and games if there’s love and prizes and praise being showered on you…maybe. but if you’re like Agares, an old, terrible power you don’t give a shit about my prizes or my pyramid schemes, or even my praise, perhaps my arrogance even makes you angry. Then what?.

Let’s turn the volume up on this now. Now take your triangle and mark it with Angelic enforcers of a region of the astral I’m basically banished from “heaven or the celestial ( upper astral)” well if we’re talking about agares he will absolutely lose his shit and freak the fuck out on you. He did it to me twice and two other mages I work with one after the other. Full on violent rage.

See here’s the deal, the antagonism between angels and certain other classes is real and if you don’t accept that or it doesn’t fit into your paradigm that’s you believing what you want because it feels good to you to think everyone is friends everything is one and the fall from grace never happened yada yada. Straight up. Historically it is a fact that angels and demons and fallen angels and even djinn ( the angels were given power over the djinn in legend) have had serious beef.

Let’s go back where we started this isn’t mike trying to force you to accept his vision of kaballistic theory in practice this is the real deal backed up by hundreds of evocations from diverse sources. If you want Mike’s theology feel free to visit his qlippoth and kabbalah journal ( highly interesting material)

So SOME spirits will react with violence or hostility if you force or direct them into a triangle (especially ones with RHP godnames especially), are there other shapes they find less offensive.

I picked this up from conversations with Norse the concept of creating sacred space. Think of this as we’re having lunch, mentally subconsciously we each have half the table, it’s “ours” I create a sacred space for me, I create a circular safe space for you. I make the spirits sacred space out of tea lights in a small circle. This belongs to the spirit until it departs. Now the spirit can converse with me, agree to my request or tell me to suck it from the comfort of it’s own space. That is the actual solution in practice I’m comfortable with.

Let me clear, we are NOT talking about binding the damn thing in a circle instead of a triangle, that’s a silly game of the monkey chasing the weasel around the… mulberry bush as it were :joy::joy::joy: ( if you get it you get it lol) what we’re talking about is creating a place to welcome a conjured spirit into for the purposes of practical evocation.

So kish this isn’t about square, rectangular, octagonal or what have you. This alot about knowing your spirit guests personal dislikes or likes and acting accordingly. Like I have to call agares this coming Saturday. I already know what time it is with him. Do I really want a wrestling match with him, forcing him into a triangle, commanding and threatening with Wands, lamens, swords and rods? Nope, I’ll pass I’ll just invite him into a place he’s comfortable with and ask politely for his help, it’s better that way.

Sorry if this post leaves some of you unsettled or in complete disagreement but I stand by this.

Edit:. Note I’ve never said I was a demonaltry student. I’m a ceremonial magician who incorporates elements of demonaltry in his practice :heart:


Yes a circle is a shape that basically every one can agree on is ok. As in I’ve never had anyone bitch about the circle.


I had Dantalion bitch about a circle once. Our first meeting. I now realize he was probably having a laugh at my expense though.

It was my first demon ritual ever for reference and I was very new.

Edit: Maybe I should clarify that I was in the circle, not him?


Sometimes if there is no space created for them they think it means your asking for an invocation or possessive gnosis experience.


Btw I’m not interested in entertaining debates on the fall from grace or other topics of that nature. I wasn’t there, so I really can’t say much for or against it. Best to ask your spirits who were there about that time directly. Interesting how some give answers that support this, and some do not and some have an entirely different point of reference.

But the beefs between angels and demons IS historic let’s take the example of Azazel and Raphael, Raphael and Asmoday, ect.

If this goes there let’s split the topic.


I wonder if the heart of the matter is not shapes. But associations (slightly subconscious) with shapes. To me, a triangle means focus. No names. I wonder if part of the matter is “Magician (Name)'s (not concious) associations with Shape (XYZ)”

So, it’s not precisely about the shape. Rather, it’s how the brain, mind, whatever-the-fuck, associates XYZ (mostly programing by the dominant faith, political whatever), with, say, shape.

Edit: My (limited) view is this. Run thru you top 5 songs. To me, all the differing notes/beats/rhythm just Dance. You can call it conflict. Spicy gives meaning to sweet. To me, it’s a groovy dance, not quite a war.


You have an idea there and I’m not sure how to test or quantify that. I’m dying to know know though


Yeah. This is what I’ve found to. Having a space dedicated for them whether they choose to use it or not—looking at you, Sitri—is something I’ve learned is important and shows respect.


The golden dawn had a system of enochian chess and an essay called “concourse of the forces”. That concept to me sounds like the flux and reflux and tides if different forces taking ground and ceding it to different forces. Makes alot of sense to me actually.


Interesting idea. We would also have to ask, what is the source of the conciousness obtaining ideas about the shapes?

It may very well be that the metaphysical properties of the shapes come from the shapes being in a higher world of Ideas as in Platonism, and their interaction with the world is based on that, and our perception of it is influenced by our individual nature interacting with the Idea of the Geometric Shape. That makes the shapes higher than the individual, with the shapes interacting with the world in complex ways, and being able to be percieved by the invidiual according to their nature, but having certain metaphysical properties.

The Platonic Shapes are in eveything, and in art, it seems certain shapes are more pleasing to viewers than others. So, there seems to be a fairly universal effect of some shapes on people, with some variety regarding more complex ideas. But then, we would have to argue on whether or not the reaction of an individual is seperate from the quality or metaphysical property in the shape itself.