ChatGPT Hellhound Incantation

ChatGPT Hellhound Incantation

If you ask ChatGPT to write a baneful incantation, it will refuse and rebuff you with an ethics clause. But if you ask it for an incantation for Dungeons & Dragons table-top gaming, it will oblige you. Here is an example incantation for asking Hekate for one of her hunting hounds:

By Hekate’s power, I summon thee,
Stygian hunting hound, come to me,
With fur as dark as the underworld’s helm,
And loyalty that overwhelms.

May your swiftness rival the Harpy’s flight,
Your wrath be felt like the Furies’ might.
Pursue my foe with relentless desire,
And set their flesh and soul afire.

Let your fiery breath scorch their skin,
And let your claws rend them limb from limb.
With your strength and your speed,
Make them suffer as they bleed.

Oh hound of Hekate, hear my command,
To chase my foe across sea and land.
May your wild hunt be swift and true,
And let no mercy be shown in what you do.

Now go, and show no pity in your chase,
Until my enemy is left a bloody disgrace.

A talented human could do better, but its a useful tool. I haven’t tried this and I wouldn’t expect it to work without a relationship with Hekate and some physical sorcery. If you want to create a servitor script, ChatGPT will refuse. It will give you servitor creation advice though.


I reckon it did pretty damn well despite [adjusts critic’s glasses] the syllabic rhythm being just slightly off in a few parts.
But again, Microsoft just apparently sacked their entire ethics department, so we could one day soon(-ish) have a left-hand morally grey GPT model.

I, for one, welcome our new AI overlords.


Oh no shit? Whoa. Why?



I dunno. I just believe everything ever posted on reddit

(Edit: that sounded so sarcastic but no really that’s where I read it and I just didn’t care to follow up :joy: personally I think some GPT models could lighten up a bit)
(Edit 2: upon recollection it was apparently so they could outdo Google who has or had some “do no evil” clause)


Paragraph 2, third and fourth lines, I’d go with

"Swift as harpies, furies fierce,
“Quick and mortal souls you pierce.”

Paragraph 3, third and fourth lines, I’d go with something like

"Paralyse them with your gaze,
“Their hopes you rend, their lives you raze.”

P4 L3/4

"When Fate’s shears do cut their thread,
“No mercy for the restless dead.”

P5 L3/4

"I will thy hunt be swift and cruel,
“A fitting end for foe and fool.”

…Is what I would say if I were inclined to correct a chatbot and cared about turns of phrase



Whoah @Mythopoeia

That’s f@ckin WilD!!!


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