Ari's book of incantations

Here again I put this in general because I’m not sure where it falls. It could go into journals but I would like for others to feel free to add any incantations they may have and want to share. If anyone knows a better place than general I won’t be offended if it gets moved.

I have over time come across incantations that have helped me. Most of them were given to me from Azazel and some of them I discovered on my own. Usually, when I was really upset and just started saying things in a different tongue and realized I was spewing off some incantations

So here we go!

@Mythopoeia this one might help with the money in the bank jar spell.

To cause money to appear -
Sitvinto Navashlanta Elto no vitio

Receive gifts - sovento holointo Vanta shanto

To cause nausea -
Et Blunatu Suntau

Fevers -
Estavato netato envech

Vomiting -
Mastavita lunastia evestica

Love -
Sheinto lavanta lavanya miotno estavantalé

These are a few from my little book of incantations.


Very cool, thank you!


Welcome! :grinning:


It seems like you’ve got things to cover a variety of items already, so it’s probably cool here.

Sometimes we have themes with our work, and sometimes they don’t fit in the categories as we have them at the moment.

The categories are subject to change as the material is added and our needs evolve, but for now this seems fine, unless someone else has a suggestion of course :slight_smile: